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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Don Jazzy might lose for breaking up with D'banj

According to Y'naija Magazine'
Okay, first let me sayI am firmly#TeamDonJazzy. Well, not really. I am#TeamMoHits. But if (perhaps, when?) D’banj and Don Jazzy do finally – officially – break up, I am unquestionably#TeamDonJazzy. So, understandably, now that he is being played as the underdog in the unfolding drama over a rumoured split, I find myself taking hisside.
But that’s just emotions. When it comes down to the cold, hard numbers – who stands to lose the most if the two partners split? I say Don Jazzy, and I havemy reasons below.
1. Dbanj has Kanye (at least as far as the eyes can see)
Going by the release of today’s Oliver Twist, we are at least certain that D’banj is still in cahoots with the almighty, Kanye West. Do you really think he can lose withthe mystique and power of Kanye behind him – will Kanye allow his latestAfrican experiment fail? I doubt it seriously.
2. D’banj is the performer
People always forget that the love that fans have for performers is strong even if the performers screw up – reference everyone from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. Check this out – 9ice allegedly cheated on his wife, betrayed the friend that discovered him and abandoned his producer, but do his fans love him less? Hell no. The day after the disastrous SaharaReporters interview, did D’banj have a sold out concert in New York no matter what anyone, including YNaija said? Hell yeah!Morale? As long as he continues to give the public the ‘Koko’, it is fine – and D’banj has it.
3. Don Jazzy’s losing it
Don Jazzy’s biggest power is his mystique. Over the past three months it has steadily gone. There is that weird interview with Genevieve magazine, there’s the even weirder interview with Hip Hop World Magazine, where he appeared to diss rappers and then ran to his website to givea watery apology. Then there was his limpy Jonathan repudiation and his When-I-speak-they-read-it-in-Aso-Rock nonsense. Then there’s the factthat he is attending too many events, andworse off: that forgettable live performance with Tiwa Savage. Don Jazzy, backing up Tiwa?! Without D’banj by his side in any of these – the superstar power from which he feeds off – Don Jazzy has only been diminished.
4. Dbanj is also an astute businessman
The big mistake we’ve made is to stereotype D’banj. We’ve always assumed he is the entertainer and Don Jazzy is the entrepreneur, but is that truly the case? No. Insiders will tell you that just the same way Don Jazzy has multitasked as Producer-and-Businessman, D’banj has also multitasked as Performer-and-Businessman. It’s a mistake people also make with Chocolate City and EME where they think MI and Banky don’t know the business. Not true. Those guys get the business – and D’banj is no pushover.
5. Was Don Jazzy really the boss?
So yes, in the public eye, every time D’banj wanted to saysomething, he had to first have Don Jazzy whisper into his ears, so he just had to be Don Jazzy’s boy, right? Oh please. Do you really think Don Jazzy was telling him anything they hadn’t already discussed andrehearsed at home? It’s show-business! It’s an act! D’banj wasn’t Don Jazzy’s boy – they were business partners. Just because he held the microphone to hiscrotch every chance he gets doesn’t makehim dumb.
6. Get off the stage!
I know I have mentioned this before – but still, whyis Don Jazzy diluting his brand by performing? And whywas he backing up Tiwa Savage? No one began to admire him because of his performance; we admired him exactly because he did not perform. He doesn’t dress well, doesn’t speak well, has a croaky voice and frankly isn’t easy on the eye. He needs to go back to the background fast. Seriously.
7. The ‘H’ word
So I always hear this funny story about how Don Jazzy is so humble. You know, because he used to give out credit on Twitter, he responds to fans on Twitter and whatever else. And so, people say, this humility will serve him well as opposed to D’banj’s insufferable arrogance. Dear Lord, save us from the dangers of image-making. In fact, for those who have actually worked with the man – or tried to book him for an interview – you knowthis is just too funny. I’ll just move on before I say more.

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