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Monday, May 7, 2012

Boko Harram threratens to bomb Lagos and Abuja within 72 hoours

Boko Haram Threaten To Bomb Lagos and Abuja In 72 Hours

The nation's Political and Commercial capitals - Abuja and Lagos - are in for some serious trouble as the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, has threatened to destroy the two cities with bombs in 72 hours.
In a phone call to Africa Independent Television on Friday, they threatened to unleash bomb attacks in Lagos and Abuja unless President Goodluck Jonathan appears on AIT for an open discussion with them.

The phone call was broadcast on the AIT news at 8pm last night. According to someone who watched the
news and posted his observations on , the sect made some demands and promised to unleashed terror if the Jonathan Government does not comply:
(1)  Goodluck Jonathan should act on the letter written to him by Boko Haram.
(2)  Former Governor of Borno (Ali Modu Sheriff), former Minister of Police Affairs
and some PDP stalwarts in the North should be arrested and tried for terrorism.
(3)  Government should create an open forum for dialogue at Abuja, open to the public.
They said they are ready to come to Abuja for dialogue provided it is an open one.

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