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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kelly Hansome explodes!!! Kenny Ogungbe ruined my career and cheated on me

He seems not to be tired of controversies. He has virtually fought everyone in the entertainment industry.

The young man, Kelechi Orji better known as Kelly Hansome might rightly be called the most controversial Nigerian artiste of this generation.

Kelly Hansome became a household name when he released 'Maga Don Pay' single. He was the shows organisers' favourites for performance.

His relationship with his then record label, Kennis Music was phenomenal until things fell apart when the centre could not hold anymore.

Four years after, Kelly Hansome has alleged Kenny Ogungbe; Kennis Music boss, of being the brain behind
his dwindling music career.

According to controversial artiste that recently humiliated a 'journalist' publicly, "I trusted Kenny Ogungbe with my career but instead of showing me love as a father, he cheated, scandalised and enslaved me, God forgive him."

Getting to know why he made this allegation against the entertainment guru,, gathered that Kelly Hansome is bitter because he feels Kennis Music wants him to pay a 6.5million naira debt he owned the label.

The debt, according to what we were informed, was due to some losses incurred by Kennis Music while it shot one of his music videos when he was under the label.

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