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Monday, October 29, 2012

K-Solo's wife delivers baby boy, as K-Solo rejects paternity

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We got from good authorities that the wife of popular music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi otherwise known as K-Solo, Kikelomo, was delivered of a baby boy yesterday morning. Kike, who has reportedly been in the news for some time now due to an alleged assault on her by her husband, put to bed at about 5am on Friday, October 26, 2012.

She was delivered of the baby at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos. Sources confirmed to us that she is in good condition with the baby.

Meanwhile, K-Solo has reportedly denied the paternity of the child due to some reasons sources close to him referred to as an earlier controversial text message from Kike on the paternity of the baby.

The text message was exclusively made available to us purportedly written by Kike on May 1, 2012, claiming K-Solo should never think he is the father of the child.

According to what the source revealed to us, the (the source), has access to K-Solo's phone number, which serves as his business number posted online on the singer's Facebook page.

The unedited purported message allegedly sent to K-Solo by Kike reads, "Sorry we neva ad any baby together. Moreover, am sure Bimbo shud b able to give u d one she was unable to giv u for 7yrs. And less i forget, ur eyes and dat of ur family wud not behold nor carry my child cuz u already denied d pregnancy. Ds pregnancy does not know Oyeniyi family and can neva be an Oyeniyi member. God forbid ! So go bak and tell ur people. If u know wat is gud for u, stay off me, my baby and my family. I regret knowin u and ur family and i cause d day i met u. Good riddance to bad rubbish."

The source later told us that base on the above SMS, K-Solo is in doubt of the child's paternity. The source even disclosed to us that K-Solo does not know where the child was born because Kike has reportedly packed out of her matrimonial home and threw away baby things her husband bought.

We promise to speak with K-Solo or his manager soon on this latest saga and get you an exclusive interview on this fresh trouble from their marriage. This is a promise we vow to fulfil in some hours.