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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beyonce buys Hubby Jay Z a $3 Million wrist watch on his birthday

Beyonce Buys Jay Z Wrist Watch Worth
$3 Million on His Birthday
Word has it that Beyonce dropped $3
million on a watch for her hubby JayZ
on his birthday. The watch is a Hublot
Big Bang watch and it has about 1,282
Is it not the same Hublot watch that
almost everyone owns down here in
Naija? My bestie even owns one *rolls
eyes* :-)
Anyhoo according to the Examiner.......
Being one half of showbiz's most
powerful celebrity couple means
Beyonce can afford to splash out $3
million on a designer watch for her
husband Jay-Z's birthday.
The 'Single Ladies' songstress gave
Jay-Z the best present of all in January
when she gave birth to their first child
Blue Ivy, but Beyonce still made the
effort to make sure the birthday was
made to feel special, presenting him
with a $3 million Hublot watch.
According to the Daily Star, Beyonce
splashed out on the extravagant
timepiece, named Big Bang, which is
lined with 1,282 diamonds.
"Beyoncé will always buy Jay the best
gifts money can buy. Money is no
object to her," a source told the
"She knew he would love the Hublot
Big Bang watch. It's the ultimate
timepiece, a mixture of extravagance,
luxury and bling."
"Jay Z is a huge watch collector and
was very excited when he was given
the gift. He can't wait to start flashing
it around. It is absolutely stunning. In
Beyoncé's defence, what do you buy
the man who already has everything?
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