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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rihanna now ranks the world most paid Musician

It's been a rough year for the singer, but at least she
has her millions of dollars to ease the pain. 25-year-
old Rihanna has taken the No. 1 spot onPeople With
Money's top 10 highest-paid singers for 2013 with an
estimated $82 million in combined earnings.....
Rihanna tops annual list of highest-paid singers
In 2010 it looked like the singer's spectacular career
was winding down. Suddenly, she was back on
top.People With Money reports on Wednesday (May
29) that Rihanna is the highest-paid singer in the
world, pulling in an astonishing $82 million between
April 2012 and April 2013, a nearly $50 million lead
over her closest competition.
People With Money's factors
In compiling this yearly list, the magazine considers
factors such as upfront pay, profit participation,
residuals, endorsements and advertising work.
The Barbadian singer has an estimated net worth of
$245 million. She owes her fortune to smart stock
investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative
endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. She
also owns several restaurants (the "Fat Rihanna
Burger" chain) in Bridgetown, a Football Team (the
"Saint Michael Angels"), has launched her own brand
of Vodka (Pure Wonder Rihanna – Barbados), and is
tackling the juniors market with a top-selling
perfume (With Love from Rihanna) and a fashion line
called "Rihanna Seduction".
The ranking is significant for many Rihanna fans, who
have been waiting for her triumphant return to the
glory days for what seems like a lifetime

Big Brother Africa Female Housemate Pokello Sex Tapee leaks

One of the housemates representing
Zimbabwe in the ongoing BBA – The Chase,
Pokello Nare has been hit by a s*x tape
scandal a few days after she entered the BBA
According to
investigations, the said s*x tape was acted and
recorded by Pokello and her boyfriend
Desmond Chideme also known as Stunner who
is popular urban grooves artiste.
Stunner is famous for his role in a leaked s*x
tape in which he had s*x with his socialite
girlfriend Pokello Nare. In the video, he is seen
having s*x without protection with the girl
that he is not married to. The 'Godo' hit maker
also went public as he got circumcised in a bid
to promote education on HIV/AIDS and how to
prevent the Aids scourge.
Apparently the s*x tape was reportedly shot at
his Avondale home with his girlfriend Pokello
Nare. Desmond Chideme is his actual name
and he's a "Zimbabwean urban groover" –
probably why we can't find the tape because it
would be hosted on a foreign site and written
in another language – if popularity arises then
we will seek further for the tape.
Harare-born Pokello has a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Media and Communications and
owns a luxury shoe boutique. She enjoys
pasta, spaghetti bolognaise and prawn
She describes herself as "dynamic, captivating,
intelligent, beautiful & hilarious" and says that
the best thing about her is that she's head-
strong and a woman of real substance. "When I
speak, I speak with depth and confidence," she
says. She admires people who are selfless and
filled with humility and modesty, disliking
disloyalty and betrayal.
Asked what viewers can expect from her, she
says: "I am beautiful, intelligent, controlling
and entertaining. I am funny and witty and I
say the most humorous things.
Pokello says if she wins the USD 300 000,
she'll buy a big house for her son and herself,

Nollywood Actors and their lure for Porn Movies

The Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood is the world's
second largest, churning billions of naira in export.
Even at that, it seems that roles a lot of notable faces
play is not enticing enough thus the attraction to sóft
pórn. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM brings you some
movies and actors who star in these films as well as
reactions from Nollywood watchers.
It seems roles in the movie industry are no longer
interesting and fulfilling as Nigeria actors and
actresses are now displaying their talent in soft pórn
movies in Nigerian home videos which have attracted
widespread condemnation from a large number of
movie enthusiasts.
Nollywood stars are venturing into hard core
pórnographic roles with the help of "I no send"
producers and marketers whose aim is to make
The internet 'YouTube' is one avenue used by these
desperate, and 'must make money' producers to
ensure such movies reach as wide an audience as
The Movies And Reactions
Nollywood English movies like 'Room 027,' 'Bold 5
Babes' are more erotic, 'Bedroom Assassin' and
Taboo! 'Pastor fornicates in the office' are some of
such films. Pregnant Hawkers and 'Sinful Act 1&2' as
well as a Yoruba movie, Lesbian are others.
The issue has raised concern on what the Nigerian
Films and Video Censors Board (NFVCB). and other
agencies vested with the power to scrutinise movies
churned to the public.
It was an unending war of words on social media
when fans of controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh,
showed their disgust when they saw her in two
different sóft pórnography movies. But the actress
defended herself in an online interview, where she
said, "Only the ignorant and pretentious souls would
criticise this lovely movie. It is a film, it's a job that
has to be done. I accepted the script because when I
see a good film in the making, I appreciate it.
It's a movie most people can identify with: I love and
appreciate all the hype around this movie."
Also speaking with popular Nollywood actress and
activist, Dorothy Njemanze in an interview, she
stated that Parents should be held responsible for
allowing their children access to such movies
especially when the censors board have directed who
should watch a particular movies.
"Parents have no excuse for not training their kids
right. Any kid who has the guts to pick such and
watch definitely watch porn regularly. Adult movies
are okay for adult viewing. I have no sympathy for
any parent who cannot teach his/her child the right
thing to do whether or not they are there. Movies
have ratings. It is the duty of parents to ensure that
the first thing any kid does is to check for ratings
before watching. There is no excuse for brooding kids
without discipline. Kids that don't look out for ratings
will never obey written instructions anywhere," she
Also, American-based Nigerian actress, Judith Opara
Mazagwu, popularly known as AfroCandy, was
reported to have called for actors and actresses who
could fit into nude roles on April 19, 2012, when she
posted a message on her Facebook wall, which
read,"It takes a lot of guts to get naked in front of the
camera. In a couple of my concluded up-coming
movies, there's a lot of nudity in them.
"I also have scripts lined up for production and there
will also be nudity in most of them. So if you are an
aspiring actor/actress, you have the passion and you
will like to get naked, send in your info/contacts for
casting and I look forward to meeting and working
with you."
In an interview with an online blog,the Deputy
Director (Corporate Affairs), NFVCB, Yunusa Tanko
Abdulahi, said the agency was not aware of the
existence of such movies on the internet stressing
none of them was submitted to the board for
censorship and classification.
He said, "We are not aware of such because they
have not come to us. As far as they have not come to
us, we do not know about it. After production, a
movie has to come to us for censoring and
classification before it gets to the market, be it a
foreign or local film. Any movie that doesn't come to
us before going to the market is illegal."
The NFVCB official stated that some producers try to
play smart by sending edited copies of movies to the
agency instead of the master version.
"They ought to send the master copy but some send
an edited copy to us while sending what they want to
the market. When we see the edited copy, we tell
them to make corrections, but it doesn't matter as
they have done what they want to.
"Normally we get tip-offs or raid some markets and
when we find these people out, we get them arrested
and prosecuted," he said.
What baffles movie lovers is the sponsorship by
corporate organisations who would do everything in
making sure their product is known by sponsoring
such, paving the way for legibility of the product
(movies) itself.
According to Matthew Akande, a movie critic,
corporate organisations sponsoring any product is all
about expanding their market.
He also stated that people might consider it crazy
but they have to look for a larger outreach which
means sponsoring anything like movies, events,
competition that would show their product to the

2013 Big Brother Africa The Chase as Housemates engage in Kissing Spree

Barely few days into Africa's top reality show,
Big brother Africa Season 8, The Chase
housemates are already getting cozy kissing
one other and playing funny.
The first kiss of the season has been recorded in the
Rubies House. Is this a trick to win more votes or is it
for real?
A casual game of spin the bottle in the garden
resulted in Ghana's Selly reaching over to Angola's
Biguesas for a passionate kiss much to the
amusement and applause of her fellow housemates.
This was in between the housemates' first
nominations session in the game.
South Africa's Koketso could not match up to Selly's
antics when it was her turn to kiss Zambia's Sulu.
Koketso simply hugged the dreadlocked Zambian
and gave him a perk on the cheek.
However, it seemed to be Sulu's lucky day as the
green bottle pointed to Selly to give him a warm
smooch, almost to make up for Koketso's
After Koketso's 'cheating', one housemate was heard
suggesting that; "from now on it's either we French
kiss or we stop playing the game." From then on, it
was kissing galore on the lips.
Our eyes are wide open as we wait in anticipation of
what these kisses will turn into.
Just when the housemates were starting to get
acquainted, with some even starting to like each
other in a suspicious way, Nigeria's Beverley was the
first to nominate Housemates to be evicted.
The rest of the Housemates were left in deep thought
about their own nominations. Others, like Bassey,
carried on doing their own thing and tried not to
think a lot about what would be going down in the
Diary Room.
While most Chasers were not entirely confident with
their nominations, the likes of Pokello and LK4 kept
their choices simple and their reasons clear, showing
that they've given a lot of thought to the Nomination
The rest of Housemates' reasons were rather
personal and unacceptable to Biggie, in which case
Biggie asked them to give alternative and relevant
All Housemates, however, insisted that none of the
nominations were 'personal'.

Lists of Celebrities who are addicted to sex!!!

1) Kanye West
'Séx addict from a young age' ... Kanye with girlfriend
Kim Kardashian
The rapper has always spoken openly about
addiction, admitting he has battle with an overactive
libido since childhood.
During an interview with Details magazine in 2009,
Kim Kardashian's boyfriend revealed: "People ask me
a lot about my drive.
"I think it comes from, like, having a séxual addiction
at a really young age."
He later told The Sun in an interview: "I think I have a
séxual problem, a séxual addiction. I want to do it all
the time."
2) Russell Brand
Russ's love of the opposite séx is the worst-kept
secret in showbiz.
In 2007, he estimated he'd bedded more than 2,000
women, prompting friends to coax him into rehab to
treat his overwhelming séxual appetite.
The funnyman admits the experience was a sobering
one, revealing: "There aren't hot blondes ripping off
their clothes and saying, 'I'm gorgeous, and I just
can't get enough!' It's just sleazy men pleasuring
themselves in dark corners. Let's not shy away from
it: they're paedophiles and perverts."
It seemed to have the desired effect - in 2009 he was
tamed into marriage by Katy Perry.
But the relationship lasted just 14 months and
Russell admitted he bounced straight back to his old
ways - telling US shock jock Howard Stern: "I had a
bit of a reaction (after the divorce).
"Like if you've been on a diet of rice for a while and
then suddenly Willy Wonka said, 'I need you to run
my chocolate factory'."
3) David Duchovny
Break-up ... Duchovny's addiction ended his marriage
to Tea Leoni
The actor plays a womanising writer in US TV show
So it was a case of life imitating art in 2008 when
Duchovny checked into rehab to be treated for séx
Soon after his stint in the clinic it was announced
he'd split from actress wife Tea Leoni - amid rumours
he'd cheated on her with a string of women.
The couple later reconciled, only to split for good in
4) Tiger Woods
Web of lies ... Tiger's claimed to have bedded 121
The golfing superstar's séx addiction came to light in
2009 when his wife Elin Nordegren found saucy text
messages he'd sent to mistress Rachel Uchitel.
The resulting scandal lifted the lid on adultery on a
grand scale.
Women came forward in their droves claiming to
have romped with the millionaire while he was taking
part in tournaments across the US.
After months of remaining silent, Tiger issued a
statement, admitting he'd cheated and apologising
to his wiife.
He then revealed plans to check into rehab "for
issues", reported to be séx addiction therapy.
Although Tiger never confirmed the number of
women he cheated with during his marriage to Elin -
reports claim the number is as high as 121.
5) Jesse James
Therapy ... Jesse James admits he used séx to self
The TV mechanic's six-year marriage to Sandra
Bullock collapsed March 2010, after he was caught
cheating on her with a tattoo artist called Michelle
'Bombshell' McGee.
McGee exposed the affair by selling her story to a US
tabloid - forcing James to fess up to his Oscar-
winning wife of six-years.
With his marriage in tatters, James, 43, checked
himself into rehab in Arizona to be treated for séx
addiction - amid rumours he'd cheated on Bullock
with numerous other women.
In a later TV interview, he addressed his problems,
explaining: "I don't think I have a séx addiction
where I'm running around trying to have séx with
everyone and I can't stop... I think I do things to
sabotage my life, including having éxtramarital
affairs, texting, overworking myself, injuring myself,
doing stunts and stupid things."
6) Charlie Sheen
Prolific ... Charlie Sheen (with ex-wife Brooke Mueller)
has bedded more than 5,000 women
Back in 2006, the womanising movie star came
second in a Maxim magazine list of the top 10 living
séx legends.
It was alleged he'd romped with a mindblowing
5,000 women. And he's certainly added to the tally
since then.
A penchant for prostitutés and his well-publicized
relationship with porn star 'Goddesses' Bree Olsen
and Natalie Kenly both point towards séx addiction.
And he finally confessed that he's probably hooked
during a heart-to-heart with US TV doctor Mehmet Oz
in January
When asked if he's an addict, Charlie told Dr Oz:
"Sure. (But) I don't know the definition of it is."
7) Ulrika Jonsson
Self-discovery ... Ulrika (with husband Brian Monet)
confronted her addiction on a Channel 4
The TV presenter was stunned to discover she was a
séx addict herself, while studying the subject for a
Channel 4 documentary in 2007.
Ulrika visited therapists in the US to discover the true
nature of the disease and what defines it.
The 45-year-old - who has been married three times
and had a well-publicised affair with ex-England boss
Sven Goran Eriksson - learned an addict was
someone whose séxual behaviour damages their life.
And she came to the conclusion that she fits the
She said: "I suppose thousands of us, who believed
we were just unlucky or ill-used, might fit the bill (as
an addict)."
Ulrika went onto examine the roots and causes of her
After much soul searching she realised her troubled
childhood, living with an adulterous and porn-
addicted father, was largely responsible for her
attitudes towards séx.
8) John Mayer
'Séxual napalm' ... Mayer was hooked on séx with his
The showbiz swordsman has more séxual conquests
than he's had hit albums - with exes including Taylor
Swift, Jennifer Aniston and his current on-off squeeze
Katy Perry.
But it was one particular lover that left Mayer hooked
on séx.
In a cringeworthy confession, Mayer told a 2010 issue
of Playboy magazine that he was addicted to séx with
his ex Jessica Simpson.
Describing her as "séxual napalm", he said: "That
girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren't good for you
if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack
cocaine to me."
He went on to add: "There are people in the world
who have the power to change our values. Have you
ever been with a girl who made you want to quit the
rest of your life?
"Did you ever say, 'I want to quit my life and just
f***in' snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f**k
you, I would start selling all my s**t just to keep
f***ing you.'"
Simpson wasn't exactly flattered by his praise. She
later told Oprah Winfrey: "I'm a little bit angry. I don't
want people to know how I am in bed!"
9) Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan ... star admits she uses séx to
overcome loneliness
If all the rumours about all her séxual conquests are
true, the troubled starlet has hundreds of notches on
her bedpost.
Confirmed conquests include Calum Best, Harry
Morton, Brandon Davis, Aaron Carter, Wilmer
Valderrama and McFly drummer Harry Judd.
When asked in 2007 if one of her numerous stints in
rehab was related to an addiction to séx, she
admitted: "It was a lot of stuff know."
She added: "I enjoy having séx. Being an actress is
lonely. I hate sleeping alone."
10) Denise Welch
Maneater ... Denise Welch 'loves séx'
The Loose Woman star confessed her addiction last
year when she was chosen to be the subject of one of
Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
When challenged on allegations she'd bedded 1,000
men, Denise admitted she was obssession with séx.
The 55-year-old, who had only just split from hubby
Tim Healy, told Piers: "I like séx. What's the problem
with being a séxaholic? I just like s****ing."
Source: UK Sun

The secrets of how Hugh Hefner establish his Playboy Brand which worths Half a Billion Dollars

Hugh Hefner and his magazine Playboy single-
handedly transformed the adult entertainment
industry as the world knew it, and has since become
a multimillion dollar business endeavour that has
expanded to incorporate television, web ventures,
clubs, and more.
Read on to find out how Hugh Hefner built his half a
billion dollar empire, Playboy.
Hugh Hefner & The Creation Of Playboy
Hugh Hefner first showed his interest in publication
at an early age, founding his high school newspaper
while attending Steinmetz High School. Although he
had a high IQ of 152, Hefner was unenthusiastic
about school in general. After graduation, he served
two years in the United States Army, then went on to
attend classes at the Chicago Art Institute. After two
years at the Art Institute, Hefner attended the
University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, where he
obtained his bachelor's degree in the year 1950.
Fresh out of college, Hugh Hefner began working for
the Chicago office of Esquire magazine, which was
considered to be a rather racy publication for the
time. While at Esquire, Hefner work at entry level pay
and served as a promotional copywriter. He later
ended up leaving the company over a salary dispute.
After working at Esquire, Hefner decided that he
would like to start his own publication for men, with
similar features that Esquire offered, only "better", in
his opinion. To obtain start up costs for this business
endeavor, Hugh Hefner borrowed funds amounting to
$8,000 from forty five separate investors, one of
them being his own mother. Thus began the launch
of the famous Playboy magazine, with the first
edition actually having been produced in Hefner's
own home. This first edition made it's appearance on
Chicago newsstands in December of 1953. This rare
edition does not have a date on it, because of the
uncertainty at the time as to whether the magazine
would be successful enough to warrant the printing
of additional editions.
As a bit of a clever marketing tactic, the magazine
featured a full colored Unclad centerfold of a young
Marilyn Monroe. The magazine did well, selling over
50,000 copies, and was considered to be a success.
Since then, the popularity of Playboy has never
faltered, and the trademark Playboy logo of the
bunny wearing a bow tie, as well as the man himself,
have become legend. By the 1960′s, the
sophisticated image of Hugh Hefner smoking his pipe
while wearing a silk smoking jacket, had become
synonymous with Playboy.
As the magazine reached it's golden age in the
1960′s, the Playboy enterprise came to include
"private key" clubs, hotel resorts, modeling agencies,
feature films, books, a record company, and of
course, the iconic hostesses, the Playboy "bunnies".
By 1970, Hugh Hefner had gone from beginning an
entrepreneurial endeavor in his own home, to being
the founder of a major corporation. Circulation of the
magazine went public and copies were selling at
rates of seven million copies per month. The year
1972 earned Hefner a twelve million dollar profit.
Hugh Hefner is undoubtedly one of the most
successful men of our time. He is definitely a man
who knows how to go about obtaining success. Much
of his philosophy revolves around the idea of not
letting your life's dreams and goals slip away. Some
of his business advice includes his recommendation
of not always conforming to the pressures that life
presents, but rather to bring things to a conscious
level and to not allow society to squash your dreams
or steer you in another direction. Hefner suggests
truly taking stock of your life and then deciding what
you want to do with it. Hugh also suggests staying
focused on your goals and taking advantage of the
technology that is modernly available. For example, if
you want to begin publishing, perhaps start your own
website and take it from there.
Hugh Hefner also points out that he does not
necessarily consider himself to be a good
businessman even though he is a man who has been
very successful in business. He attributes this to
being a good entrepreneur with decent skills in the
marketing and editorial areas, who also happens to
be creative.
Hugh also admits to leaving the financial details
associated with running his corporation in the
capable hands of other people. To quote Hugh, "The
business end of business has never interested me.".
According to TMZ, this is how much money Hugh
Hefner makes per month:
Salary from Playboy: $116,667
Social Security: $1,896
Dividends and interest: $121,099
Rental property: $17,058
Income from HMH Productions: $15,808
Pensions and retirement: $413
Other miscellaneous income: $17,639
Total monthly income: $290,580
In addition, Hugh has the following assets:
$306,548 in cash
$36,802,558 in stocks and bonds (besides Playboy)
$6,122,990 in a joint account with an unnamed
Total assets (excluding Playboy stock and property):
Here is how Hugh Hefner spends his millions of
dollars per month:
Rent (including groceries, household supplies,
utilities, cell phone and email): $53,593
Food (approximate): $18,000
Entertainment: $25,000
College expenses for kids: $10,130
Health care: $3,215
Hugh Hefner's Quotes For Success
"The interesting thing is how one guy, through living
out his own fantasies, is living out the fantasies of so
many other people." – Hugh Hefner
"If you let society and your peers define who you are,
you're the less for it." – Hugh Hefner
"Life is too short to be living somebody else's
dream." – Hugh Hefner
"I have no plans to retire. It's the perfect combination
of work and play that keeps you young. If I quit work
it would be the beginning of the end for me." – Hugh
"There are many roads to Mecca". - Hugh Hefner
These quotes are all food for thought for anyone
thinking about pursuing a dream or achieving a
personal or business goal. Consider it good advice
coming from a man who started out as a young
college graduate, and who is now one of the most
successful business men in the world.
Although becoming the founder and owner of a
gigantic, multimillion dollar corporation or running a
hugely successful and popular gentlemen's
magazine may not be your own personal business
goal, the ideas and philosophies of Hugh Hefner as a
business man make a lot of sense for anyone trying
to find success in any type of business. He is a prime
example of how following through and staying
focused can help anyone obtain great success. He
decided what he wanted to do with his life, how he
wanted to go about doing it, and with the financial
backing of some family and close friends who
believed in his dream, brought it to fruition. Hugh
Hefner focused on his strong points in order to bring
his creative vision to life, which is something any of
us can do if we set our minds to it. Will we all be as
successful as the legendary Hugh Hefner? That is
doubtful, but not impossible, as long as you never
give up on your dream.

Real reasons Olamide rejected D'banj offer to join DB Records

For a while now, D'Banj and his management team
have been planning to sign in rapper Olamide to the
his label, however, Olamide turned down the Koko
master's offer, preffering to roll alone for now.
Olamide, who does not want to play the fool at this
phase of his career, politely told D'Banj that he was
not ready to surrender some of his powers, especially
having to be booked for shows only by D'Banj's
management outfit, pleaded for time to even think
about the offer as he still wants to work with his
present team and taking things as they come for
He believes that for now, there is nothing D'BANJ
could do for him that he can't do by himself.
In the future, I will consider his offer. If anybody
wants me, he should have unfettered access to me. I
am just starting out in the profession', he allegedly
told close friends.
"Apparently, he would have been blocked from
having direct access to his clients and that will
reduce his share from his appearance fees. He does
not like the bottle necks and some terms that will
make it difficult for him to be reached all because
D'Banj wants his value to rise. That may happen, but
what eventually gets to Olamide will be peanuts", A
source disclosed
He added that the success that Olamide is enjoying
now informed his decision to opt out of the deal
because there is nothing, apart from management
offer, that he stands to benefit from.
"Olamide can be easily reached by anybody and his
fees are still okay. The moment he signs the deal, he
will be getting fewer shows, though huge fees, but
will lose many of his grassroot fans to the elitist
crowd D'Banj belongs" he added.
Since D'Banj couldn't have the "Ode Lon Like"
crooner, he has reportedly reached out to
Source: Kemi Filani

Seriki, Kayefi, others quit 9ice Alapomeji Records

Award winning singer, 9ice, is surely not having
good times as prominent artistes under his
Alapomeji label quit.
Yoruba lingo rapper, Seriki; singer, Kayefi; and Wise
are said to have left the relatively successful record
label after series of problems which includes alleged
lack of support from the 9ice.
Efforts to reach any of the artistes or 9ice were
unsuccessful as calls placed to their lines were not

Confused Photo of the day: Boy grows breast or a Tomboy. Is this a Male or Female???

Please check this picture very well and lemme know what you think
about him/her because am not sure of the gender

House of Rep approves 14 years imprisonment for same sex marriage in Nigeria

The House of Representatives yesterday Thursday
May 29th approved 14 years imprisonment for
persons who contracted same sex marriage in the
This was sequel to a clause-by-clause consideration
of a Bill for an Act to prohibit marriage or union
entered between persons of same sex, at the
Committee of the Whole.
"Marriage or civil union entered between persons of
same gender shall not be solemnised in any place of
worship, either church or mosque or any place in
Nigeria," it said.
Introducing the bill, Rep. Albert Sam-Tsokwa ( PDP-
Taraba) said that it sought to achieve a far reaching
objective by outlawing same sex marriage and
provide punishment for offenders.
It also set out a 10-year sentence for "any person
who directly or indirectly makes public show of same-
sex amorous relationships''.
"Any persons or group of persons that administers,
witnesses, screen and shields the solemnisation of
same sex marriage in Nigeria on conviction, will be
liable to 10 years imprisonment.''
It would be recalled also that the British Prime
Minister, David Cameron, had warned that his
country would consider withholding aid from
countries that did not recognise gay rights.
In Nov. 2011, the senate approved the bill that would
make same-sex marriages punishable by up to 14
years for the couple and 10 for anyone abetting such
The bill is expected to be sent to the Senate for

D'banj Oliver Twist Song exceeds 20 Million views on Youtube

Within a year , Dbanj's iconic song , Oliver Twist has
gathered over 20 million views on Youtube and still
counting! No other Nigerian locally originated song
has attracted such huge viewship across the world as
this song. This is a special moment in the career of a
Nigerian song. According to Wikipedia and youtube
sources , the song was No 1 in most African
countries, No 2 in the U.K. R & B chart , No 9 in U.K.
national chart, No 1 in Romania, No 10 in Belgium,
No 12 in Scotland, No 24 in Slovakia and No 19 in
Armenian music chart.
Recent U.S. survey also listed the song in Top 5
workout songs in U.S.A. , according to U.S. morning
show, Live With Kelly and Michael. Dbanj's Oliver
Twist has confirmed itself as a classic.

True Confessions by a P0rn Addict woman

Confession: My name is Feminista Jones and I love
watching pórn. Pórn in this instance refers to séxually
explicit videos featuring men and women engaging
in various types of kínky, séxy activity. I'm not a fan
of magazines and still images, but I absolutely love
watching people get it on. I've opened up about my
voyéurism, and definitely admit that I'm highly
ároused by being able to get a sneak peek into the
séx lives of others. For most people, watching pórn is
about indulging in a fantasy or a séxy illusion that
árouses one's senses. Others just want something
fun to watch or seek to satisfy a língering curiosity.
The longstanding stereotype that pórn is just for men
is simply untrue. Women absolutely do watch X-ráted
movies, and not just the softcóre stuff either.
According to a study conducted by Dr. Gomathi
Sitharthan at the University of Sydney's Graduate
Program in Sexual Health, at least one in three
women watches pórn. She cites Internet accessibility
as one of the contributing factors to the increase in
viewing in recent years. This is true enough, as
anyone can now access hundreds of thousands of
videos via snippet sites that allow users to upload
video clips and share with others for free. And even
despite the ease with which people can now access
these videos, CNBC reports that the pórn industry is
still estimated to take in over $14 billion a year in
I became interested in the pórn-viewing habits
of women, especially women of color, because I often
see women and men talk about it with hesitation. I
did a quick survey of my Twitter followers and
received 206 responses to six questions about
viewing habits and preferences.
What Do Women Like to Watch and Why?
Think most heteroséxual women are checking out X-
rated movies primarily to see fit, well-built, séxy
men? Think again. Dr. Meredith Chivers found that
the gender of the participants in pórn didn't matter
much to the women watching. Women respond to
the level of activity before they respond to the
gender of the actors doing the activities, she found.
This might explain why 53% of the women report
enjoying lesbian scenes (at least two women, no men
present) as one of their top three genres. I also found
that 14.5% of the women enjoy wátching gáy scenes
(at least two men, no women present), and 30% of
the women enjoy watching group séx scenes (several
men and women) or gángbángs (one woman, several
The longstanding stereotype that pórn is just for men
is simply untrue. Women absolutely do watch X-rated
movies, and not just the softcóre stuff either.
Women also report enjoying "ethnic" scenes, or
scenes focused heavily on African-Americans and
Latino/a-Americans. This category had the biggest
response, with 68% of the women indicating it is in
their top three favorites. There's a level of cultural
affinity associated with the visual it seems, and if
women are focusing on the fantasy aspect of pórn, it
might be easier to connect to the actors who are of
the same race/ethnicity or women they're used to
seeing in their daily lives.
I also asked the women to choose their top two
reasons for watching these movies. The large
majority (82%) said they watch pórn to masturbaté,
which speaks to the árousing stimulation watching
people have séx provides. The survey revealed that
43.2% of women also thought of pórn as something
simply fun to watch, while 38.3 % of women said
they watch pórn to learn new tricks and techniques.
I'd recommend any woman looking for something
new and éxciting to try in the bédroom to check out
some of those steamy clíps and see what you can
reenact the next time.
What About the Stigma?
Many women feel that pórn degrades women, and
struggle with reconciling the árousal they experience
with the reality of the images depicted. About 32% of
the women surveyed say they avoid pórn that
degrades women, while 27% say they don't feel bad
watching pórn that features women being degraded
because they choose to make the videos. Even more
interesting is that 25% of women say they feel bad
about the women being degraded but are still
ároused, and 21% say they actually get off on the
images of women being séxually degraded.
Approximately 13 million women check out at
least one pórn site per month, according to Nielsen
ratings. "Pórn provides an alternative way for women
to satisfy their curiosity, learn more about séxuality,
and explore séxual desires and séxual positions in
the privacy of their home alone or with a partner,"
says TaMara Campbell. According to my own survey,
50% of women prefer to watch pórn alone, most
likely because they prefer to masturbaté while doing
Of those who do watch with someone else, 74% say
they are comfortable with their preferences and don't
mind sharing with a partner. Further analysis shows
that the remaining women who don't
feel comfortable sharing their preferences with a
partner tend to prefer scenes featuring BDSM/kínk,
gay male séx and taboo situátions (incest, rapé
fantasies, etc).
Women are increasingly taking ownership of
their séxuality and pleasure. They're no longer
waiting for séx to be done to them; they are making
it happen for them in ways that not only get them off
but empower them. Like with anything in excess,
some women can develop addictive habits around
watching pórn, and I caution anyone experiencing
this to reach out and get help. There are many
resources available for people with séxual addictions,
and pórn addiction is a very real issue in
That said, women shouldn't feel like they're alone in
their pórn watching or in their preferences. No matter
the scene or the kínk, there are other women out
there enjoying the view just the same and getting
off. Remember to be safe, be aware, and above all
feel free to explore the various cinematic fantasies
that might éxcite you.

Wizkid to perform at Yahoo Wireless Music Festival alongside Jay Z, Trey Songs, Snoop etc

Wizkid will be performing on stage with the likes of
Justin Timberlake,Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz,
John Legend, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, Emeli Sande,
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Rita Ora at the 2013
Yahoo Wireless Festival.This year, it is taking place at
the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London across
Friday 12 July, Saturday 13 July and Sunday 14 July
and Our very own Nigerian "Superstar", Wizkid and
the "Azonto" pioneer, Fuse ODG will be performing
The music festival brings the biggest stars to one
colossal multi-day concert and has been sponsored in
the past by O2 and Barclay Card but this year, it's by
Wizkid will be Following the footsteps of D'Banj who
performed on the big stage last year.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Angry Mob strips woman naked because she dress provocatively

A group of men attacked a woman who was dressed
in a mini skirt.
The men attacked the woman claiming that she was
dressed inappropriately. The woman was spotted
walking on the street in Kitengela, a town in Kenya.
The angry mob claimed the dress was too short. They
argued with the woman to change into something
more appropriate. When the woman ignored their
request the men attacked her and undressed her.
The men then ripped her clothing apart so she could
not put them back on, claiming that "it was better for
her to go naked because her intentions were clear,"
according to press reports in Kenya.
According to a witness, the crowd gathered around
the woman and forcibly undressed her. Her clothes
were torn and thrown away ensuring that she had
nothing to cover her body as a punishment for
dressing provocatively.
"Most women in the town of Kitengela, dress
modestly, and everyone is expected to adhere to
their standards," Aminah Wangai, 62, from Kenya
Many people gathered to watch as the drama
The woman was left on the floor with nothing to
cover her body.
A Good Samaritan who witnessed the incident
offered the woman a long dress so she could go
The victim's mothers was warned not to let her
daughter leave the house without her approval,
according to press reports in Kenya.

South Africans chase 23 Nigerian Residents out of their Residence

No fewer than 23 Nigerians were forced out of
their homes and chased out of Port-Nolloth
community by some South Africans members of
the community, accusing them of dealing in
According to Diliora Ndubisi, the spokesman of
Nigerians, the leaders of the African National
Congress (ANC) Youth League in the area
instigated some community members to force
them out of their homes.
"All the members of the community had a
meeting on Friday on the need to curb the selling
and usage of drugs in the community. On
Saturday a teenager committed suicide in a
police custody and by Sunday some members of
the community led by the ANC Youth League
leader came to our houses asking us to leave the
"They said we are the ones selling drugs to their
children. They destroyed and looted our property
and one Nigerian was seriously beaten and is on
admission in a hospital in Johannesburg now,"
Ndubisi said.
He said that the attack, which targeted Nigerians
only, can be attributed to envy and jealousy
about the success of Nigerian businesses in the
community amidst poverty and unemployment
among South Africans living in the community.
Reacting to the attack, the Nigerian Consulate in
Johanneburg, South Africa today criticised what it
described as the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians
living in the country.
Mr. Okey Emuchay, the Consulate-General of
Nigeria in Johannesburg, said in Springbok, in the
Northern Province of South Africa, that labelling
all Nigerians in the country as drug dealers was
Emuchay said that it was the duty of the South
African police to provide safety for South Africans
and foreigners living in the country.
"We are not asking for too much from the South
African government, it is the duty of the South
African police to provide safety and security for
every one living in South Africa.
"The Nigerian government will not send the
Nigerian police to come and protect our nationals
just like the South African government will not
send her police to protect South Africans living
and working in Nigeria.
"In as much as we will not encourage our
nationals to engage in criminal activities, it is not
acceptable to us that some people should label
all Nigerians as drug dealers.
"If any Nigerian is caught dealing in drugs he/she
should be arrested and prosecuted. But a
situation where some people will act on rumours,
attacking and harassing Nigerians will be totally
resisted by us. If anybody has any information
about any Nigerian dealing in drugs, such
information should be given to the police to
investigate and arrest those involved. It is the
duty of the police to investigate, arrest and
prosecute, and not the duty of any individual or
group of persons to do the work of the police.
"In this case no arrest has been made, no
prosecution and no sentencing of anybody, only
some members of the community taking the laws
into their hands and forcing out Nigerians from
houses where they pay rent, sending them into
the streets in this winter period," Emuchay said.
The Consul-General said that the safety of the
displaced Nigerians was the responsibility of the
"This is coming barely three weeks after
President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria paid a
state visit to South Africa, after a similar one-day
official working visit by President Jacob Zuma to
"Nine MoU agreement were signed during the
state visit to promote trade and investments
between the two countries.
"If governments at the top level is working
together to strengthen relations between the two
countries, the people of the two countries should
be encouraged to take full advantage of the
bilateral cooperation in various ways, including
business culture and interpersonal relations.
Nigeria and South Africa have had a long history
of friendship and cordial relationship and
everything should be done in sustaining the
relationship," Emuchay said.
Ikechukwu Anyene, President of the Nigerian
Union in South Africa (NUSA), commended the
proactive step taken by the Consulate.
"I must on behalf of all Nigerians living in South
Africa thank the Consul-General for the proactive
steps he has taken so far in this xenophobia
attack on Nigerians living here.
Brig.-Gen. Francis Hender, South Africa Police
Service (SAPS), Cluster Commander, assured that
no individual or group would be allowed to
perform the duty of the police.
"I will go to Port-Nolloth personally to assess the
situation there, and a team of crime investigators
will be assigned to investigate the cause of the
attack on Nigerians and the lady mentioned
would be invited for questioning. She is not a
police officer and cannot be allowed to get away
with her actions," Hender said.
Lebogang Abrans, ANC Regional Secretary,
apologised to the Nigerian envoy on the attack
and said there was need to engage with the
community on how to allow the displaced
Nigerians return to their homes.

2013 MTN Project Fame 6: How to Register and the various Audition Venues

Africa's most productive musical reality TV show,
MTN Project Fame season six is set to hit the
airwaves soon as auditions for the show begin
Kicking-off in Monrovia, before moving on to Accra,
Freetown and then Nigeria, the audition train will
end up in Lagos, in June.
In addition, MTN, the leading telecommunications
network provider in the continent, has put in so
much effort to make sure each of the audition cities
has a taste of stardom as arrangements have been
made to hold an 'All-Stars Concert', prior to the
Remarkably, under six years, the musical talent
reality show has been the most productive,
especially to participants who made it to stardom.
The most recent were 'Kukere' crooner , Iyanya
Mbuk, Praiz who has re-invented the passion for
Rhythm and Blues in Africa as well as Chidinma,
who just won the KORA Award for Best Female
West Africa act and Kesse, who is doing so well in
This season, the entire West African sub-region will
have the opportunity to see these stars perform in
the most thrilling concerts that are expected to
inspire and entertain other aspiring talents and all
fun-seekers in the sub region.

MTN Project Fame Season 6 Registration/
Audition 2013
MTN Project Fame West Africa is a yearly competition
with 15 aspiring artistes selected from Nigeria,
Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
The aspiring artistes are then groomed for success in
a tough performance academy.
With MTN Project Fame West Africa, you are exposed
and taught on how to become a music superstar. The
selected contestants will also be given the
opportunity to meet with other established
Registration for MTN Project Fame West Africa
Season 6
Registration for this year MTN Project Fame West
Africa Season 6 has begun already.
To register for MTN Project Fame Season 6
Text your NAME & LOCATION to 35850 (MTN lines
only) to get a PIN.
Log on to to
complete the form.
Audition Venues for 2013 MTN Project Fame
Season 6
25, May 2013
British Council Hall, Tower Hill, Freetown
26, May 2013
Musicians Union Head Office, Nr Independence
Square, Accra, Ghana
2, June 2013
Samuel K Doe Sports Complex, Paynesville, Monrovia
2, June 2013
Constantial Hotel, 24/26 Airport Road, GRA, Benin
9, June 2013
Maian Hotel, Old Ikang Road, Off Marian Road,
9, June 2013
Tafo Arena, Poly Road, WAEC Office Junction, Eleyele,
16, June 2013
Port Harcourt
Krisdera Hotel, 12 Umu-Ewo Royal Avenue, Omoku,
22, June 2013
Ultima Studios, Funke Zainab Usman Street, (End of
Admiralty Way –behind This present House), Lekki
23, June 2013
Ultima Studios, Funke Zainab Usman Street, (End of
Admiralty Way –behind This present House), Lekki
23, June 2013
Kwara Hotel, 9A, Ahmadu Bello Way, GRA, Ilorin

Jose Mourinho signs Chelsea Deal

Jose Mourinho has signed a deal to become the new
Chelsea manager, according to a report in the Sun.
Mourinho and Chelsea have appeared destined to
reunite for some time, with the Portuguese
repeatedly tantalising the media with comments
about his future.
The already raging fire was fuelled when it was
confirmed Mourinho would be leaving Real Madrid,
since when he has gone somewhat quiet.
Mourinho was seen at Wembley watching the
Championship play-off final between Crystal Palace
and Watford on Monday and the Sun is claiming that
during his recent visit to London he signed a contract
to take charge of the Blues.
The report claims Mourinho has put his name to a
four-year contract worth £40 million, with 'a senior
Blues source' quoted as saying: "It's official Jose is a
Chelsea man again!

Nollywood Actress Liz Da Silva not sure which of her 3 lovers impregnated her

If gist reaching First Weekly Magazine is anything to
by, then the short drama witnessed during the Bisi
Ibidapo Obe/Dino Melaye saga might repeat itself
again. But this time, it will shift to another Yoruba
actress named Liz Da Silva.
Tale-bearers within the Yoruba film industry alleged
that the upcoming sexy actress, Liz Da Silva, who
recently held her baby shower in May in Lagos in the
presence of few friends, is not sure, who is
responsible for her pregnancy out of her three lovers.
According to speculations within the Yoruba movie
industry circle, Lizzy, as she is fondly called by her
friends, has allegedly taken her pregnancy to three
different men, none of whom has accepted
responsibility for the unborn baby.
Digs done by First Weekly Magazine showed that Liz
Da Silva first went to MC Oluomo, who allegedly slept
with her on the night of Oshodi Day, which held in
December 2012, but MC Oluomo reportedly denied
responsibility for the pregnancy.
Rumour-mongers told First Weekly that shortly after
this, Liz turned to one Akeem, who shuttles between
Nigeria and the UK, who she dated while she was
shooting her movie, which she premiered in October
2012 at White House, Ikeja, Lagos, but that he also
rejected the pregnancy.
Not done yet, the actress reportedly turned to one
Khalid Soleye, who she met at Shoprite, Ikeja, Lagos
in October 2012. Khalid, as we were told by the tale-
bearers, works in an oil company.
We were further told that this rich guy stays in Warri,
Delta State, but visits Lagos regularly. The gossips,
who claimed to be in the know, also told First Weekly
that in late 2012, after they started rubbing bodies
together, Liz allegedly told Khalid that he should stop
using condoms on her whenever they had any
'match' to play at the 'stadium'.
Khalid was said to have obliged the lady. But in
February 2013, when the light-skinned actress
allegedly informed Khalid of the pregnancy, he was
said to have told her that he would only accept
responsibility if a DNA test confirms that he is the
father of the baby.
The industry tale-bearers also said that Liz was in the
early stage of the pregnancy as at October 2012. We
heard that even as at December 2012, when she
went out with MC Oluomo, she had already taken in,
but this was known to only few people.
The rumour monger said Lizzy might put to bed in
June, all things being equal.

Nine man gang attacks Fuji Star Pasuma and Snatches Car from Him

A nine-man gang attacked music artiste, Wasiu Alabi,
aka Pasuma, in Ahmadiyya end of Lagos-Abeokuta
Expressway on Monday night.
The robbers snatched Pasuma's Range Rover Sports
Utility Vehicle with number plate Lagos, MUS 830AP,
and dispossessed him of other valuables.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the singer, in company with
a friend, was on his way to a show when he was
attacked by the culprits.
It was learnt that some of the culprits forced their
way into Pasuma's vehicle and drove him around for
over three hours before dumping him into a bush
near Ota, Ogun State, and made away with the
An associate of the singer, who spoke with our
correspondent on the telephone, said the incident
occurred at about 9pm.
The source Pasuma was not identified by the robbers
because he hid his face.
He said, "On Monday night, Pasuma was on his way
to perform at a party but on getting to Ahmadiyya,
he was attacked and the culprits took all his money
and his mobile phones. His friend, who was in the car
with him, was robbed as well.
"The robbers then took control and drove Pasuma
around for about three hours. While he was in their
custody, Pasuma hid his face from them so the
robbers did not know he was the one. When it was
about 12 midnight, they dumped him and his friend
in a bush at Itele area of Ogun State."
Our correspondent learnt that some sympathisers
were able to help the victims to get transportation
back home
The matter was said to have been reported at the
Lagos State Police Command headquarters while
efforts were being made to recover the vehicle.
When contacted on the telephone, the Police Public
Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said the police had
commenced investigations into the robbery.
She said, "The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tunde
Sobulo, was informed and he sent signal to the
control room. Efforts are on to recover the vehicle
and apprehend the robbers."

Wizkid get signed by MTN as a Brand Ambassador

Wizkid Ayo Balogun is not a small boy anymore
when it comes to Nigerian music industry, they say
it is easier to get up than staying up but not for
Wizkid, this boy is sure confortable staying on top of
the game in Nigeria .
Wizkid just got signed to MTN as their ambassador
(huge), Pepsi also renewed his contract for 2 years ,
now thats where he gets the real money, we all know
pepsi is full of SUGAR.

Lies told by various Nigerian Celebrities

Yes they are celebs and that is what makes a little lie
a big deal to people because they are in the public
light and their life is really no longer their business
but 'everyone's business'. Here are the top 5 celebs
and the little lies they have told over time:
Tiwa savage
So many times Tiwa Savage and her manager, Tee
Billz were found kissing an
+d caressing each other. Even the social media was
rife with pictures suggesting some romantic
dalliances between the duo. Yet the 'kele kele'
crooner vehemently denied any relationship between
the two of them insisting they had nothing beyond
work relationship.
"I am not engaged and I am not dating Tee Billz. He
is just my manager. The story that I am having an
affair with him is mere rumor; we are not dating'.
These were the exact words of Tiwa when she was
confronted with questions about her romance with
Tee Billz.
Having grudgingly swallowed this lie and denial,
Nigerians were recently dumbfounded when videos
of their engagement began trending online. Today,
most people are not upset because they were lied to
after the love birds recently got engaged, they are
upset because from now on they will find it hard to
believe the pretty star.
D Banj
In 2012, when the Koko master premiered his first
reality show, Koko Mansion, he made series of
promises which till today has remained unfulfilled.
His promise to feature the adjudged winner, which
turned out to be Bolanle Okhiria, in the official video
of "Fall in Love" is one of those unfulfilled promises.
The Koko master was either lying to all or
deliberately reneged on the promise as he ended up
featuring Nollywood beauty, Genevieve Nnaji, in the
Tuface Idibia
It may have been that Tu Baba had one woman in
mind when he wrote and sang African Queen, but for
long he has been entangled in a love triangle
involving not less than three African beauties; who
have given him children.
He did find this situation funny, hence in his earlier
interview with Entertainment Express, the
international star stated thus: "the truth is that
marriage is not in my plans. I will never marry. Let
me put it bluntly. I don't want to marry. I am angry."
Today, as you read this, Tuface is not only married
but had a large society wedding outside the country
precisely in Dubai. So, the truth is, either Tu Baba
lied about his decision never to marry or he simply
had a rethink.
Funke Akindele
So many white lies has escaped the lips of our dear
Funke Akindele a.k.a Jenifa, especially about her
wedding to long time lover, Kehinde Adeola Oloyede
popularly known as Kehinde Almaroof. She lied in
print about the venue of the much talked about
While the ceremony was scheduled to hold at The
Havens Events Centre, Oba Akinjobi Road, GRA,
Ikeja, she circulated an invitation card which read, All
Seasons Plaza, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja,
Lagos as the venue.
Apart from the media, she also misled other invitees,
especially those from distant places clad in Aso Ebi
who expressed their regrets and disappointment on
finding out the truth. When confronted, Akindele,
who spoke through her media aide, blatantly denied
knowledge of the card with the fake address.
Yvonne Nelson
Her recent outburst calculated at tarnishing the
image of Kukere crooner, Iyanya came as a rude
shock to many people.
When, the going was good, the star actress not only
savoured good moments of the romance with the "Ur
Waist" master; she also denied having an affair with
Iyanya. But when the relationship crashed and
became an open secret, all she could do was to bow
in shame. Suddenly the lie about not dating the
artiste turned out to be the truth about her reported
Source: Happen9ja

Gospel Act Tope Alabi and her Spiritual Father Ireti Ajanaku part ways

A dog that is bound for destruction they say will not
hearken to the instruction of the hunter. This much
can be said about one of the most successful Yoruba
gospel musicians, Tope Alabi as she seems to have
fallen out of her spiritual godfather's grace because
she cannot stay off sin and has been falling from one
crisis to the other since the separation last year.
Born Toyin Obayomi, she was rechristened Tope by
her spiritual godfather Prophet Elijah Ireti Ajanaku of
Christ Revival Victory Chapel International, who had
a vision that the reason she had been having many
failed relationships before she met him had to do
with her name. Her situation changed after the
rechristening as she has since been married to Soji
Alabi for years. It would be noted that she had her
18-year-old daughter for a man popularly known as
Sankara before falling out with him after which she
had another relationship with a Yoruba movie
marketer popularly known as Olaoye Films. She had
two daughters for him but one died and just like her
relationship with the first, this also hit the rock
before she later met her current husband, Soji, whom
she is older than.
Tope Alabi, who was initially into the movie industry
before she delved into music has never for once
minced words in attributing her success story to the
fact that she was fortunate to meet the man of God.
However, sometime last year after she was said to
have been dilly-dallying into things that are sinful,
the man of God was said to have invited her and her
husband to worship in his church twice a month. This
we gathered was to checkmate her excesses as she
was alleged to have by that time been sleeping
around, warranting her to state in an interview last
year that pastors were pestering her for sex, whereas
she was alleged to have been caught pants down
with a supposed firebrand pastor with tribal mark
whose nickname has to do with a feared wild animal
generally seen as the king of the wild animals. She
was also alleged to have been having an amorous
affair with a popular hospitality business owner
whose name has almost the same spelling with
Yoruba word for patience and many other men. But
rather than hearken to the words of the man she
sings his praise, she decided to stay away from the
church and this informed the decision of the man of
God to leave her to her own.
The decision became obvious last year during the
church-organized praise concert tagged Praise the
Almighty, which was organized in the church
auditorium in November, as the pastor did not allow
her to perform. Though her picture and that of
Ebenezer Obey were used on the posters and flyers
of the concert, she was blocked from singing even
when artistes that are not as popular as her were
given time to sing. She was said to have made moves
to reconcile with the pastor after the November event
but her moves were rebuffed by the pastor who
wants her to confess her sins to her husband before
anything. And for failing to do this, she has further
been distanced from the man of God as he has
stopped talking about her and this we gathered may
have informed all sorts of things that have been
happening to her. She was said to have lost her
Toyota Sienna car that she bought about a month
earlier to armed robbers on December 25; her studio
and office which was somewhere around Abule Egba
area of Lagos State has also been under lock and
keys since December when the electricity generating
set there developed fault, thereby affecting the
equipment in the studio.
Sources confirmed the whole thing may also have to
do with the way she has been treating her husband.
It was revealed that she is fond of leaving home in
the morning, switching off her phone and not
informing anybody of her whereabouts. She is also
said to have shown no concern to the plight of her
husband's family whose mother, it was gathered,
operates a grinding machine somewhere around Oke-
Ira area of Lagos State while her own mother is living
fine in her Oshodi, Lagos home.
Apart from all these, she was also alleged of
threatening a new music artiste in the church that is
now doing what she has been doing. The lady in
question called Ifemide has been receiving calls from
different people both within and outside the country
telling her that Tope Alabi reported her to them and
that she has threatened to deal with the girl if she
did not leave the church and the pastor. She was also
alleged to be responsible for the decision of Paul Play
not to attend the church because she sees him as a
threat to her plan to hold on to the man of God as
she's not in the process of allowing anybody else to
compete with her for the attention of the pastor, and
it was because of artistes like Paul Play who was
healed of his kidney disease by the Pastor. She was
said to have also been blocking even her friends from
seeing the pastor even when it is obvious they
seriously need prayers.
Though her behavior slighted her Spiritual godfather,
members were of the opinion that despite the man
not pronouncing any negative things on her, the fact
that he has stopped praying for her and the fact that
she refused to leave her sinful ways will give way to
evil to befall her. A close source, however, revealed
that she's making moves to reconcile with the pastor
as it was alleged that she had approached the most
influential Nigerian pastor in the person of the
general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church
of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye to help her beg
her spiritual godfather. It is only a matter of time
before the result is known and this is because of her

Female Student get raped by Boys who touched her with Magical Ring

"There is a boy who was not my boy friend. He was a
student in that school about two years ago. His name
is Biola. He had wanted to date me several times
which I politely turned down. Just last Wednesday,
when I closed from school, Biola came to me in
company of two unidentified boys and said his mum
wanted to see me. I asked him what led to the
invitation by his mum.
"I then told him I would not go. Then, one of the two
other guys who had a ring on his hand hit me on the
chest and I was unconscious. They took me to the
residence of one of the boys and rapéd me...
"Before ráping me, they gave me alcoholic drink and
after the crime had been committed, they gave me
'covenant water' threatening me that I would die if I
told anybody of the act," the girl revealed.
As you read this, two young men have been
remanded in Agodi Prison by an Ibadan Magistrate
Court for using a magical ring to abduct and gang-
rapé a 19-year-old student in Ibadan.
The two suspects, according to a police officer, were
charged with conspiracy, rapé and stealing of a
Blackberry phone belonging to the victim.
A police officer, who confirmed the story, said: "On
May 15 at 0815 hours, one Adekola living on Akanbi
Street, Molade area of Ibadan reported that his
younger sister and a secondary school student went
to school and did not return home. All efforts to trace
her proved abortive.
"Then about 23:00hours, an unánimous caller called
through the victim's GSM number and identified
himself as kidnapper and demanded N6,000. The
DCO led other policemen and the victim was
"She was unconscious and was rushed to a nearby
hospital. She later narrated how she was kidnapped
and gang-rapéd by three persons. Two arrests have
been made while the third suspect is still at large.
The two suspects have been charged to court."

Brymo's Exit from Chocolate City Music, Management insists He must pay them Money

The sensational 'porting' of Brymo, the ARA crooner,
from Chocolate City is set to be the latest
controversy in the entertainment in Nigeria. The guy
said he's moving on but the record label said no way!
Brymo even confirmed his exit from Chocolate city on
Twitter but an inside source told OluFamous.Com the
singer can't go anywhere. He must deliver the money
that was spent on him...
My source said Brymo must deliver two solid albums
in the next three years for Chocolate City otherwise
he will be slammed with a heavy law suit with would
cost a lot as a 'struggling' artiste.
The reason for their quarrel leading to his decision to
dump the record label is still been kept under the
raps but My source said it has to do with money. He
wanted more money but he has not justified it.

Man living in Australia claims He is Jesus Christ

Matthew 24 - Watch out that no one deceives you for
many will claim I am the Christ and fool many.
At long last, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene have
returned. Or at least that's what one Australian
couple wants you to think.
Cult watchers are keeping a close eye on the pair,
actually named Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne
Luck, who under the title "Divine Truth" claim to be
the second coming of the biblical figures.
"Just a little over 2000 years ago, we arrived on the
Earth for the first time," Miller says on his website.
"Because of my personal desire and passion for God,
as I grew, I recognized not only that I was the
Messiah that was foretold by ancient prophets, but
also that I was in a process designed by God that all
humans could follow, if they so desired."
Miller, 47, and Luck, 32, have drawn in between 30
and 40 disciples since moving to the Wilkesdale
region of Queensland in 2007, the Courier Mail
"I don't want to be Jesus. Who wants to be Jesus?"
Miller told his followers. "But I love the divine truth."
Australia's Cult Awareness and Information Centre
and the Anglican and Catholic churches are
concerned that the couple, relying on supporter
donations to sustain themselves, appeals to the
"The moment someone becomes God or God's voice
on Earth, it gives them another level of authority to
enforce submission to them," Cult Awareness and
Information Centre spokeswoman Helen Pomery told
the Courier.
Divine reincarnation or not, the holy couple has
worked wonders for local real estate. Miller and
Luck's move to Wilkesdale reportedly sparked an
"unlikely property boom," as their followers
aggressively purchased much of the surrounding
In 2009, followers pooled together $400,000 to
purchase roughly one square mile of land, where
they currently hold weekly meetings and plan to
build an international visitors center

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boko Haram claims victory over Nigerian Army

The leader of Islamist extremist group Boko
Haram claims in a video obtained by AFP on
Tuesday that Nigerian soldiers have retreated
during an ongoing military offensive and
insurgents have sustained little damage.
The video marks the first public comments from
Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau since the
start of a sweeping offensive by the Nigerian
army on May 15 and also includes a call for
foreign Islamists to join the fight in Nigeria.
A video grab made on March 21, 2013 from a
video distributed to reporters by purported
intermediaries of the Islamist group linked to Al-
Qaeda, Boko Haram, shows the suspected leader
of the Nigerian Islamist group linked to Al-Qaeda,
Boko Haram, Imam Abu Muhammad Ibn
Muhammad Abubakar Ash Shekawi, also known
as Abubakar Shekau, at an undisclosed location
in Nigeria. AFP
A video grab made on March 21, 2013 from a
video distributed to reporters by purported
intermediaries of the Islamist group linked to Al-
Qaeda, Boko Haram, shows the suspected leader
of the Nigerian Islamist group linked to Al-Qaeda,
Boko Haram, Imam Abu Muhammad Ibn
Muhammad Abubakar Ash Shekawi, also known
as Abubakar Shekau, at an undisclosed location
in Nigeria. AFP
Shekau's whereabouts cannot be determined in
the video, in which he is shown seated while
dressed in camouflage with a turban, an AK-47 at
his side.
His comments contradict statements from the
military, which has claimed major successes
during the offensive, including the destruction of
Boko Haram camps and dozens of arrests.
It has been impossible to verify the claims of
either side independently, with the military
having cut mobile phone service in much of the
country's northeast and access to remote
locations restricted.
"Since we started this ongoing war which they
call state of emergency … in some instances
soldiers who faced us turned and ran," Shekau
said in the hour-long video.
He claimed Nigerian forces "threw down their
arms in flight."
He called on like-minded Islamists in countries
including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to join
the fight to create an Islamic state in Nigeria.
"We call to us our brethren in these countries I
mentioned. Oh! Our brethren, come to us," he
said in the video, which alternates between
Arabic and the Hausa language spoken across
northern Nigeria.
The video later purports to show vehicles and
weapons seized from Nigerian soldiers.
Shekau, designated a global terrorist by the
United States last year, repeats earlier
statements that Boko Haram "will not stop the
kidnap of your women and children until you set
free our women and children, and our brethren."
He also says Boko Haram's goal is either the
creation of an Islamic state or "martyrdom".
The video was delivered to AFP though an
intermediary in a manner similar to previous
Boko Haram messages. The images of Shekau in
the video are consistent with those previously
Nigeria launched the offensive against Boko
Haram after President Goodluck Jonathan
declared a state of emergency in three states in
the country's northeast, the Islamist insurgents'
Several thousand troops were deployed and
fighter jets hit alleged Boko Haram camps.
On May 20, the military said it had re-established
control in five remote areas of the northeast
where Islamist insurgents had seized territory.
It had also claimed the arrests of 120 suspected
The military's latest statement says 25
insurgents were arrested and three killed during
operations at the weekend, including one
identified as "Abba" included on a most-wanted
list. One soldier was also killed, it said.
"Troops of the special forces have intercepted
messages sent to fleeing insurgents urging them
not to give up but fight to the end," the
statement said.
"The attempt by some of them to heed the call
was foiled during the weekend as they were
trailed to some settlements and towns towards
the border where they plan to regroup."
Last week, the military also said it had freed
three women and six children abducted by Boko
Nigeria's government has also pledged to release
certain suspects held in connection with the
insurgency as a peace gesture, including all
women and children.
Boko Haram has waged its insurgency since
2009, with an estimated 3,600 people left dead,
including killings by the security forces.
The group has pushed for the creation of an
Islamic state in Africa's most populous nation and
largest oil producer, though its demands have
repeatedly shifted.
It is believed to include various factions with
differing aims.
Nigeria's military has come under heavy criticism
over its response to Boko Haram, including
allegations of extra-judicial killings, arbitrary
arrests and unlawful detentions.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 People dead, Policeman injured in bid to eject a King in Ondo State

AKURE — AT least three persons have reportedly
died in Ile Oluji area of Ondo State following move
to forcefully eject the traditional ruler of the town,
Oba Suulade Adedugbe, from the palace by the
Four others who sustained gun shot injuries are
said to be on admission in private hospitals in Ondo
Vanguard learnt that the youths in their hundreds,
Monday morning, assembled at a roundabout close
to the palace in continuation of their protest to
eject the Oba from the palace.
A source said the youths met policemen at the
palace and while they were surging to over run the
palace, the police fired tear gas at them but the
youths were resolute.
The police, according to a source, fired sporadically
to scare the angry youths and in the process an
unconfirmed number were hit and they died.
Irked by this development, some of the youths also
fired at policemen and about five were injured in
the crossfire.
According to the source, the youths assembled at
the police station as early as 8 a.m yesterday
demanding the release of arrested colleagues.
The protesters were said to have attacked some of
the Police officers met at the station and in the
process there was a shoot-out which resulted in the
The development caused pandemonium in the
town as commercial activities were paralysed while
banks and other commercial centres abruptly
closed for the day.
The angry youths barricaded most junctions within
the town just as confusion reigned in the town.
Contacted, the Police image maker, Wole Ogodo,
denied the number of casualty but confirmed that
the youths attacked policemen who were deployed
to restore peace.
An unconfirmed source, however, said the monarch
had relocated and is currently in police protective

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I need a boyfriend urgently - Karen Igho confesses

Karen, with all her popularity has not yet found the
'one',and she hopes he will come by someday. I once
thought she had something with former BBA
housemate, Otono. She is currently in London for
chris Attoh's birthday and also wants to school there.
read her plea,
How long can you stay with out sex???
Let's be realistic here.
Does it really matter who calls or text who first. Does
it really matter if you had sex the first time you met.
What will be will be.
I just want the right guy and am scared of getting
hurt cos when I love I love with all my body and soul.
It's so difficult with fame to find a guy dat will love
you and trust you. not all women in the industry are
Guys and girls dat have more than one gf\bf, do you
really love them all?
I can't double date. one guy is enough for me
I will die for true love and I will give my all for true
love.You don't have to be cool to be my man and you
don't have to be rich to rule my world. All I want is
your extra time and your kiss.

Really??? My name has brought goodluck to Nigeria - President Goodluck Jonathan says

President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday Saturday
May 25th that his first name has brought some good
luck to Nigeria. While granting an interview
yesterday, the president said:
"Traditional societies attach some values to names.
That is why people select good names for their
children. In the scriptures sometimes, when God
sends you on some special assignment, He could
even direct, 'change the name of this child from this
to that. But the name in itself does not make much
difference because even from my village, there is one
of my peers that also answers Goodluck. Another one
that is a little older than me answers Lucky from my
small village and I didn't see the good luck and lucky
in them.
"In terms of bringing my name to bear in Nigerian
affairs, within this period, we have our challenges. Of
course, you are aware that we have our security
challenges. But in spite of the security challenges,
the country is moving on. I will say yes, it (his name)
brought some good luck to the country."

23 Girls die after taking herbal abortion medicine

23 young ladies who wanted their unwanted
pregnancies terminated, have reportedly died after
they drank some herbal concoction from a native
home in Delta State
Leadership Nigeria reports Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, the
state police commissioner, who confirmed the
discovering of the illegal home, said no fewer than 23
females whose unwanted pregnancies were
terminated, died after drinking the concoction.
He explained that the detectives arrested the
operators who were mainly native doctors and quack
nurses and upon interrogation, confessed to the
The home is located around Ugborikoko in Uvwie
local government area.
The suspects claimed they were trained in traditional
medicine, especially in the use of concoction to
terminate unwanted pregnancies.
One of their victims, a 22-year-old house-help in the
area, identified as Endurance, recently died as a
result of abortion she had performed at the home.
It was learnt that the victim took ill and was rushed
back to the quack home where she died as a result of
complications from the abortion she allegedly carried
out in the abortion centre.
A test conducted on her death by medical experts
showed that she was pregnant and attempted to
abort it at the hands of the native doctors and quack
nurses in the home.
One of the suspects, the police boss disclosed,
identified as Ufuoma had made useful statements,
adding that the police recovered different bottles
with concoction and charms tied around sticks
including locally made guns.

Wizkid Baby Mama Sola Ogudugu finds love at last

The mother of singer Wizkid's little son Boluwatife,
Oluwanishola Ogudugu, a graduate of Houdegbe
North American university in Cotonou, Benin
Republic has moved on months after being dumped
by the singer.
We learnt Shola met Wizkid few years back after a
concert he staged at her school.
One thing led to another, she got pregnant before
things finally fell apart.
The dark skinned beauty who resides with her
parents in Magodo is now rounding off her NYSC
program somewhere in Lagos. Shola is the same age
with wizkid (23)
She gave birth to Boluwatife over a year ago. Though
Wizkid denied the paternity of the child but DNA test
proved him wrong.
Shola has since moved on with a new guy who works
with an ISP in Lagos.
Wizkid on the other hand has found love in the hand
of Omotani, a girl from a wealthy US-based family.

Shocking!!! Bus Preacher badly beaten after Condoms fell out from his Bible

A bus preacher was almost lynched on Saturday
morning at Toyota Bus stop, in front of the popular
Ladipo Spare parts market, when some condoms
allegedly fell out of his bible as he preached the
'Word of God'.
DailyPost gathered that the self acclaimed Man of
God was dragged out of the commercial bus and
beaten into a pulp before he was rescued by some
According to information made available to DailyPost,
the Pastor had embarked on his journey from Apapa
and proceeded to preach to the people on the bus,
using very strong words like "If you wear trouser
you'll go to hell! The Devil invented Make up! Weave-
on is from Marine Kingdom! If you have pre-marital
sex you will burn in hell and your skin will peel!"
It was learnt that the people in the bus were so
moved and some started falling under the anointing.
According to an eye witness, Mr. John Mbakogu, who
was on his way to his shop at Ladipo, "People were
just falling as he was laying hands. One man almost
fell out of the bus under the influence of the Spirit. It
was amazing until he raised his hands to cast the
demons out of one girl, and 2 Durex condoms fell
"The angry men in the bus who had been having
pangs of guilt due to the pastor's preaching about
sex suddenly got really angry and pounced on him,
who all of a sudden started shouting, I also preach
safe sex! Safe sex is good!"
However, Policemen had to be called to the scene to
save the pastors life. So far 2 arrests have been
made, and the Condoms have been kept as evidence.

M.I. couldn't have spent N10m on Chairman Musical Video to diss Olamide - Publicists says

MI Abaga's publicist Oma Areh of Wild Flower PR, has
strongly denied the rumours making the rounds, that
MI recorded the Chairman song and shot the video,
to get back at wave making rapper, Olamide.
According to some reports, trouble started after
Olamide, reportedly mentioned a certain 'chairman'
in his song, 'Owotabua', asking him to calm down. As
a form of retaliation, MI is said to have done his
'Chairman' song. However, his publicist has now
debunked those rumours.
"MI spent about N10m on the video," she said. "He
shot it in Los Angeles and they used two mansions, a
private jet and various fancy cars. It took them three
days to shoot the video. It is impossible for MI to diss
Olamide, who said that? That is too cheap and
impossible. It is not remotely possible."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lyrics of One of a Kind by Davido

Somebody tell me
Somebody tell me
It's Davido nah nah
Somebody tell me eh… Shizzi
Your bottom big like trailer
My money big like whale o
It's very long like vuvuzela o
It's very strong to cure your pain o
Hello my name is Davido
Where are you from i want to know
Is it the east or west side
Anywhere you talk i want to go
Anything you want i will give you o
Even if it's still around the globe
Cause i have been around the world
And i have seen a lot of girls
Tanzania, Morocco, Liberia, and Ghana
South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Mozambique
hoo girl you want to party
Like the people out in Malawi
Dancing makossa in Congo
Or in Ghana dancing Azonto
Hello my name is Davido
Where are you from i want to know
Is it the east or west side
Anywhere you talk i want to go
Anything you want i will give you o
Even if it's still around the globe
Cause i have been around the world
And i have seen a lot of girls
Tanzania, Morocco, Liberia, and Ghana
South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Mozambique
call me your daddy
call me your daddy
Come me your daddy
O baby oya call me your daddy
o girl you are one of a kind (call me your daddy)
I take you so far and wide
Take you to sunny side
Oh girl you are one of a kind
I love your style, you looking so
Baby i take you to carnival
With your body so so nice
Na my paddy
He say he wanna take you to Malawi
Tell me girl shey you want to take care of daddy
Hey, let me show you my bank
Listen call me your daddy eh eh
Call me your daddy
Loving you taking money money
Take you so far and wide eh
Call me your daddy (i'll take you so far and wide)
Baby girl call me your daddy
I take you so far and wide
I take you to sunny side…eh baby
Hello my name is Davido
Where are you from i want to know
Is it the east or west side
Anywhere you talk i want to go
Anything you want i will give you o
Even if it's still around the globe
Cause i have been around the world
And i have seen a lot of girls
Source: Freenaijalyrics

Lyrics of Sweet Love by Seriki ft Vector and May D

Verse 1 (Seriki)
Mo mo pe o ma like sugar cane mi
First class ni e ninu plane mi…eh
Gbara duro
Mo ni action
Mi o n shey arugbo
Bo ba femi
Mo ma wa grateful
At the same time mo ma wa faithful
Wo mi
Mi o ni alebu
Ji mi loru ti n ba gbagbe sun
To ba n travel
Ma fun e ni lift
Shey eni ni birthday e
Ma fun e ni gift
Emi no ebun ti mo fe bun e
Soij ara e
Won ni fi eto e dun e
Bo shey n shey mi
Lo shey n shey e
Omo salaye bawo lo shey maje
Seriki baba
Ma fun e ni wrapper
I gat the keys
Ni sho ni yara
Chorus (May D)
Would you be my sweet love (love)
Make we dey go (go)
Ma ronu mo girl
My sweet love
Make we dey go (go)
Ma binu mo o girl
Verse 2 (Vector)
Hey sexy nurse
I no well
You make me merry like noel
You sexy bad
And I'm checking you out like twelve noon at the
I'm heavy weight
Bere lowo seriki
I get heavier than seriki
This no be bo bo
On the low low
Emi gan lopo
Wa gun opo bi NEPA
And make me shoot that tank
Space in between your legs
Bet on me boo to fill that blank
I'm Arsenal in the first round
Put two shots at your bacca
It's YSG and Alapomeji
Two shot
Chorus (May D)
Would you be my sweet love (love)
Make we dey go (go)
Ma ronu mo girl
My sweet love
Make we dey go (go)
Ma binu mo o girl
Verse 3 (Seriki)
Omo…consider your health
O need lati play hard to get
Come close
Gimme a hug
Je n ba e wora
Pelu robb
O ti pe ti mo ti n wa e
Aim mi ni lati la e
To ba broke ma yo owo si e
To ba ku awa mejeji ma yo oko si e
Awon neighbours ma gbo bi o shey n scream
Lori bed
Mo ma yi e bi rim
Iro lo n pa
Mi o n shey pimp
Emi ati e ma wa act film
A le jo shey rush hour
Na you be my sunflower
Kiss you for like one hour
To ba re mi
Ma mu horse power
Chorus (May D)
Would you be my sweet love (love)
Make we dey go (go)
Ma ronu mo girl
My sweet love
Make we dey go (go)
Ma binu mo o girl
my sweet love (love)
Make we dey go (go)
Ma ronu mo girl
My sweet love
Make we dey go (go)
Ma binu mo o girl
Outro (May D)
Baby no vex
Baby no vex
No vex for me girl
Ah its Mr May D
You gotta love it

Lyrics of Your Eyes by May D ft Davido

Chorus (May D)
When i look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see….wetin i dey see
As i dey look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see…wetin i dey see…baby
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see wetin
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see
Verse 1 (May D)
As i dey see you everyday pass my way
So many things that i wanna say
Many many things, so many things
So many boys dem are dey your case today
Girl make you know say me no play
gobe gobe gobe eyba
Come be my lady
Baby come be my lady
Come be my lady
Come be my lady, baby come be my lady
Chorus (May D)
When i look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see….wetin i dey see
As i dey look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see…wetin i dey see…baby
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see wetin
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see
Verse 2 (Davido)
I just want to marry and i just want to carry you
Baby I'm loving that attitude
Spending late night in Malibu yeah
Wetin, o girl no debating
I cannot leave you lonely
Even if I'm high on poli
May D ti gbe de ati Omo Baba Olowo
Girl I can go far and wide
Commit sucide
Bo jo n ro, bo run ran
I am yours
Chorus (May D)
When i look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see….wetin i dey see
As i dey look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see…wetin i dey see…baby
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see wetin
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see
Verse 3
You know say me no lie say me be champion
When i sing them are pay me in a million
You know say me no lie say me be champion
Very soon it's gonna turn into a billion
You know say me i get a lot of millions
Who God has bless no man can curse
Go down go down, show up your stuffs
I'll be waiting waiting your love
Come be my lady
Baby come be my lady
Come be my lady
Come be my lady, baby come be my lady
Chorus (May D)
When i look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see….wetin i dey see
As i dey look into your eyes
I no know wetin i dey see…wetin i dey see…baby
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see wetin
Wetin (5x)
Wetin i dey see
Fliptyce on the beats
Mr May D, it's Davido
Source: Freenaijalyrics

Lyrics of Kigbe by May D ft Kayswitch and Olamide

Intro (May D)
Awon aro meta
Yeah huh
May D ti gbe de
As a sure boy
Kay Switchy…switchy
Olamide (oh na na)
You gotta love this one
this one..this one
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe
Ki ki kigbe
O je n kigbe
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe
Ki ki kigbe
O je n kigbe
Verse 1 (May D)
See the way that you dance is touching me (touching
E dey do me like cold is catching me
E dey do me like say
What you say
What do you really really have to say
Do me like say
What you say
What do you really really have to say
E Do me like say
What you say
What do you really really have to say
Really have to say
Really really have to say
Do me like say
Verse 2 (KaySwitch)
Sixteen what's up
We love them girls..dem love us
Me I forget about the age
Come and join us on the stage
Hot sixteen bobos..that means sixteen blokos
My money sure no maybe
And the girls go crazy
Kay Switch on top
She is wining non stop
She is lookin like she knows what's up
But I know she donno what's up
That's why I tell her what's up
Kayswitch on top
She is wining non stop (yeba)
All night she grinning non stop
But I know she donno what's up
That's why I show her what's up
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe (yeba) …kigbe
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe (yeba) …kigbe
Verse 3 (Olamide)
O tun ti gbe eru yen de ibi
Shey na only you
Mo ri e l'ojo sunday
Ti o n scatter Oniru
I just dey form Stephen Wonder…like I no see you
Lale yi if you no kill me go kill you
Ki lo se e toh kan redi bi Nikki Minaj
Tori mo wo skinny jean…o ni mo jo D'banj
Omo gbagbe oshi
Mo ti mu were yo
Tele mi lo sinu moto..wa lo fun fere yo
Ye ma fowo boju…o n shey lagbaja
So fun boyfriend e ko ye gbo bi aja
Bend your back over….I give it to you koba
Ma make e happy
O ni wa sober
Awon aye fe je ise e…bi barbeque
Won ri e to n re idi
Won wa n queue
I like girls girls YQ
Girl I like the way you give it to me
thank you
O je n kigbe…kigbe
O je n kigbe
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe…kigbe
O je n kigbe
Verse 4 (May D)
E'kaale le o jomo
E jowo a n bere kudi
Kudi elewo niyen
Kudi alagolo la be
To loyun le omo ogunjo
To n yan ale le omo osu kan
Kudi alagolo la be
To n yan ale le omo osu kan
To n loyun le omo ogunjo
To gbengbeje
O tun be
Ehn o tun be ti be le
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe
Ki ki kigbe
O je n kigbe
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe
Ki ki kigbe
O je n kigbe
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe
Ki ki kigbe
O je n kigbe
The way she dance to the beat
O je n kigbe
Ki ki kigbe
O je n kigbe
Oh na na
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Lil Wayne signs Paris Hilton to YCMB Records

Lil Wayne confirmed yesterday that he has signed the 32-year-old heiress to his label, Young Money Entertainment. Paris will release new music this summer under the label.

Paris has been rolling with the Cash Money crew for a while now. She released a song with Wayne in

MTN signs Iyanya, Praiz, Chidinma, Mike Ayansodo and renews Davido Contract

Telecoms giant MTN has signed Iyanya, Praiz, Chidinma (MTN Project Fame), and Mike Anyasodo as the new celebrity faces of MTN and also renewed Davido's contract.

I gathered exclusively that the stars have finished negotiations with MTN for a one year endorsement deal which will see some of them earning as much as N15m a year. Naija artistes are really balling. Congrats to them.
Source: Lindaikeji

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Durella get signed to DB records

D'banj's quest for dominance in the Nigerian
music scene won't stop now; he might have
lost out on signing Olamide and Davido – but
he has nicked another artiste, this time a
familiar friend-foe.
The self-proclaimed 'African Michael Jacskon',
we've learnt has signed his friend-turned-foe-
turned-friend Oluwadamilare Okulaja better known
to the public as Durella.
The move might however not come as a surprise to
everyone, considering that Banger Lee (that's
D'banj's new nickname by the way) and the 'King
of the Zanga' Durella recently settled their
differences. Some weeks back, D'banj and his DB
Records crew released a single 'Ibadi e' off their