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Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Brother Africa Female Housemate Pokello Sex Tapee leaks

One of the housemates representing
Zimbabwe in the ongoing BBA – The Chase,
Pokello Nare has been hit by a s*x tape
scandal a few days after she entered the BBA
According to
investigations, the said s*x tape was acted and
recorded by Pokello and her boyfriend
Desmond Chideme also known as Stunner who
is popular urban grooves artiste.
Stunner is famous for his role in a leaked s*x
tape in which he had s*x with his socialite
girlfriend Pokello Nare. In the video, he is seen
having s*x without protection with the girl
that he is not married to. The 'Godo' hit maker
also went public as he got circumcised in a bid
to promote education on HIV/AIDS and how to
prevent the Aids scourge.
Apparently the s*x tape was reportedly shot at
his Avondale home with his girlfriend Pokello
Nare. Desmond Chideme is his actual name
and he's a "Zimbabwean urban groover" –
probably why we can't find the tape because it
would be hosted on a foreign site and written
in another language – if popularity arises then
we will seek further for the tape.
Harare-born Pokello has a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Media and Communications and
owns a luxury shoe boutique. She enjoys
pasta, spaghetti bolognaise and prawn
She describes herself as "dynamic, captivating,
intelligent, beautiful & hilarious" and says that
the best thing about her is that she's head-
strong and a woman of real substance. "When I
speak, I speak with depth and confidence," she
says. She admires people who are selfless and
filled with humility and modesty, disliking
disloyalty and betrayal.
Asked what viewers can expect from her, she
says: "I am beautiful, intelligent, controlling
and entertaining. I am funny and witty and I
say the most humorous things.
Pokello says if she wins the USD 300 000,
she'll buy a big house for her son and herself,

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