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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Glo Ambassador Odunlade beats and detain MAPOLY students over generator trouble??? has exclusively gathered
from good authorities that Yoruba 'thuggery'
actor and Glo brand ambassador, Odunlade
Adekola, as he acted in 'Sunday Dagboru',
recently threw caution into the air when he
and his thugs allegedly beat up and
eventually detained some students of
Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY),
Abeokuta, Ogun State.
We scooped that the incident, which
happened on Sunday, April 21, 2013, at
about 8pm, around Adigbe area of the city,
psychologically destroyed the affected
students who were before then preparing for
their exams on Monday.
Investigation by indicates
that not only four students were mercilessly
beaten by the popular actor, a civil defence
officer was also pounced on by Odun and his
thugs who he ordered to ruthlessly deal with.
He also ordered the beating of the students
for daring to talk when he was talking.
Trouble reportedly started on Sunday when
the students protested that Odun and his
crew; Fausat Balogun, Ebun Oloyede known
as Olaiya Igwe and some others, to put-off a
'noisy' generator because it was disturbing
their reading for an exam the next day.
Odun then reportedly told the students,
whose building was next to where Odun and
his crew were using for a movie shoot, to
dare talk again and get a bitter reward for
that. He also allegedly threatened to deal
with anyone who violates his order.
Not intimidated by Odun's order, the students
insisted the generator must be put-off
because it was constituting a nuisance to
them. But rather than be a gentleman, Odun
allegedly ordered his thugs to beat life out of
the 'defiant' students.
Even a civil defence officer, who reportedly
tried to restore peace, was not left out of
Odun's 'largesse' as he was beaten black
and blue by Odun.
At about 10pm on Sunday, some police from
Adigbe Police Station allegedly arrested the
students after Odun had begged them to
teach the students a lesson for dis-obeying
the 'orders of a popular movie star'.
They were later released after landlords
association of the area intervened.
As we now hear, Odun and the students have
been summoned for a meeting by the
landlords body on Saturday.
Effort by to get Odun to
react to the allegations were frustrated by
him as he didn't pick our calls or reply to our
text message sent to him on the matter.
Some of the students in the area confirmed
the story to They said it
was not the first time Odun was involving in
such a shameful act.
"He keeps saying none of us can attain the
heights he has reached," one of the
aggrieved students told
Source: NigeriaFilms
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