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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Research says Tobacco Smoking leads to low sperm count

Dr Joseph Natsah of General Hospital Kachia in
Kaduna State, has advised youths against tobacco
smoking, saying it leads to impotence.
Natsah said in an interview on Tuesday in Kaduna
that tobacco smoking results in low spêrm count,
weak erêction and impotence.He warned girls
involved in smoking to desist from the habit as it
would also prevent them from either conceiving or
having still birth.
Natsah said tobacco smoke generally has adverse
effect on every organ of the body, including the
immune system.
The medical practitioner listed some of the
conditions generated by smoking to include coronary
and heart disease, as well as breathlessness and
influenza,He also said that smoking causes cancer,
such as leukaemia, cancer of the bladder, throat and
Also, a laboratory technician, Miss Mercy Onu said
smoking was contributing to higher percentage of
deformed spêrms and impotency.She also said it
contributed to "painful ulcers along the digestive
tract and build up fatty deposit on the artery walls",
thereby leading to low blood flow and heart attack.
A police sergeant, Dalhatu Konkiyel, who said he was
a "retired chronic smoker", said that he experienced
various health challenges while smoking.Some of the
challenges, he said, were poor vision, high blood
pressure, common cold , tooth decay, gum disease,
sleeping and blood circulation problems.
He advised the youths not to indulge in the habit, to
avoid early death and psychological trauma. Konkiyel
called on the Federal Government to ban the
manufacture, distribution, sale and smoking of
tobacco in the country.

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