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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Are sex toys safe???

Sex toys seem to be everywhere these days.
But the question is: are they advisable and
healthy? Is there any harm in using sex toys?
My husband would only enjoy sex get a good
orgasm only when he had used a hard
banana on me lubricated with menthol during
foreplay before he starts off the actual
thrusting in and out. I do not mind initially but
now it has become a habit. He says it is
homemade sex toys that he likes
experimenting with because of their textures.
He says that without them, he cannot get
sexually connected to me. Do sex toys really
promote sexual harmony? How many times
per day can we use them and how long can
someone become addicted to sex toys?
Are there bad and good sex toys? Are there
any side effects from their use? Is there any
harm if I use a carrot instead of a dildo/
vibrator? My friends introduced me to some
form of natural methods like the use of
running warm water to arouse myself before
my husband comes in (because it takes me
ages to get aroused) than the use of sex toys.
Which one do you think is appropriate? I was
shopping online for sex toys and came across
a site that seems very knowledgeabl. There,
they say the only safe kind of sex toy to use is
silicone. They claim that most sex toys have
cancer-causing ingredients. Are there dangers
of getting cancer from using sex toys?
These and many more are the questions
many clients have asked me over the years
as regard the object of sex toys.
A sex toy or adult toy is an object or device
that is primarily used to facilitate human
sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator,
rings etc. Many popular sex toys are
designed to resemble human genitals and
are vibrating or non-vibrating, colourful or just
natural and intended to stimulate the body.
They come in a range of shapes, sizes, for
internal or external use. Some researchers
says that 41 percent of couples have used
some form of sex toys during foreplay, and
up to 29 per cent of couples have used one
during intercourse. People who made love
regularly use sex toys more than those who
aren't, and between 20-30 per cent of
people have used sex toys at least once in
their lives. The sex toys industry makes a lot
of money due to popular demand all over the
This means people who use sex toys are not
faceless as everyone and anyone you can
imagine is the kind of person who can or may
use sex toys. Many couples want to know if
using sex toys can transform their sex lives
from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Sex
toys are not the best teachers or a cure-all for
sex between couples. They are additional
aids to sexual satisfaction. Many couples who
have experimented with these devices see
sex toys as a great way of adding stimulation
and excitement to their sex lives. Some even
claim these toys boost the chances of them
having good orgasms through intercourse. So
sex toys are not only for people who have a
bad sex life, or no sex life; sex toys are just
for added stimulation, excitement and
pleasure. As much as there may not be
anything harmful about the usage (as long as
they're used in a mature way and properly
within the marriage union), sex toys can
become addictive. It is well known that
addiction implies harm, when solidly relied
upon. Of course, prolonged use of sex toys
makes sex less natural.
Some couples who for one reason or the other
have a long distance relationship want to
know if sex toys can actually replace their
spouses for the main time or for life. For the
main time, yes (if this is inevitable and the
only reasonable option). This is still better
than adultery or unfaithfulness in marriage.
But for a lifetime, no sex toy should not be a
replacement for your partner. A sex toy won't
make you breakfast, have urges or cuddle
you. It won't tell you how much it loves you.
Many spouses are struggling to get their
position back with their partners. Some have
become confused and believe that the most
important thing about them is what's
between their legs.
Some sex toys do pose obvious risks of
damage or harm to the genitalia. A study on
HIV-positive users of sex toys in the United
States says such partners easily infect their
spouses. Studies also show that some of these
devices could be toxic. The composition of
some sex toys makes them allergic in nature
and can cause irritation and skin infection.
When users are exposed to very large doses,
such toxic items can cause damage to the
liver, lungs, kidneys, testes. They can also
cause hormonal disruption, upset the body's
ability to regulate hormone production,
damage reproduction, can also possibly
cause cancer.

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