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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chris Brown removes collabo with Rihanna from his upcoming Album titled X

Chris and Rihanna are one of Hollywood's
hottest on-again, off-again couples, but they
are DEFINITELY off right now. A source close
to the R&B singer explains to EXCLUSIVELY that while
the strong feelings will never fully die down,
the former couple is currently not even on
speaking terms.
The couple who has only had breaks — not
breakups — seem to have finally called it
quits for good this time. A source close to
Chris Brown tells
exclusively that he and Rihanna will always
have love and respect for each other, but a
romantic love is out of the question right now.
Chris Brown & Rihanna Are 'Done'
"He's not featuring Rihanna these days," the
source reveals, and the way he describes
Chris and RiRi's status seems to really put a
nail in the coffin: "They don't talk. They're
done. Nada. Nothing."
Rihanna and Chris had recently seemed to be
communicating with each other — though
only on social networks — by exchanging
disses back and forth. And while that sort of
fighting can get nasty, nothing is more serious
than dead silence. Fighting means exes still
have feelings for each other; silence suggests
they're moving on.
The insider close to Chris admits that "the
respect is always going to be there, the love
too," but it stops there. "They're not on that
level right now. He's not thinking about her in
any capacity." Chris is obviously making that
clear by leaving her off his speed dial — and
off his album!
Chris Brown Leaves Rihanna Off His Album
The former couple recorded a collaboration
that was set to appear on Chris' upcoming
album, X, but no longer, another source tells exclusively:
Just saw the working track list for X
yesterday — Rihanna is not on there.
Record execs wanted that song on there,
but Chris said he would rather not and
wouldn't allow the record to be released
unless they took it off.

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