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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Church Minister arrested for having sex with underage girl during private prayer session

Church Minister Arrested For Having Sex With
Underage Girls During "Private Prayer
A church minister has been accused of having
sex with underage girls.
According to reports, the minister, Larry
Durant, would tell the girls that the sex acts
he performed on them would prevent them
from getting pregnant and becoming
homosexuals. He also allegedly tells them
that being sexual with him would
preventthem from contracting sexually-
related diseases.
The grandmother of one of the alleged victims
talks about their obliviousness to the shocking
act going on;
"We thought he was really talking to the
children, but find out that wasn't the case,"
she said. "All I want is justice done, that's all.
Justice done,"
Police reports revealed that this criminal act
began in 2011

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