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Sunday, June 30, 2013

D'banj DKM Deluxe Album Review (Featuring Kayswitch, J.Soul and Olamide)

D'banj's D-King's Men deluxe album is finally
out. The new 20-track album, with lyrics of
the songs inside, is selling for N2, 000. If you
have heard the album, what are your
thought? See the tracklist and review below.
Album – D'Kings Men
Artiste – Various Artistes (D'banj, Kayswitch,
J.Sol & Olamide)
Features – Snoop Lion, Kanye West, Big
Sean, Falli Ipupa, Nateo C, Durella &
Running Time – 01:17:14
Label – DB Records, Sony Music Africa, DKM
Year – 2013
After the countless antics D'banj and his
men finally pulled the curtain off their hotly
anticipatedcompilation album 'D'Kings Men',
which mark's D'banj's first major body of
work in this post-Mo'Hits era. Preceded by a
number of lead singles and leaks; 'D'banj
presents D'Kings Men featuring Kayswitch,
J.Sol & Olamide', houses 20 tracks revolving
around the genres of hip-hop, pop and of
course afrobeats. Plunging into the usual
subjects of partying, love, wealth, fame and
success, they manage to craft an
experimental LP with numerous emotional
layers (mostly pride, lust and anger),
however D'banj validates that he might not
endowed with the utmost musical gift yet his
musical proficiency is praiseworthy.
Here's our track-by-track analysis of the
year's most anticipated – and what will
undoubtedly be the most scrutinized album of
DKM Intro (Do U Feel): Banger Lee ushers you
into the 'Lee Temple' with a provocative intro,
dominated by strings, snares and
background vocal grunts. Christened 'Do U
Feel', Classic D'banj; as he asks listeners if
they feel the thrill as the musical journey kicks
off. The 'DKM Intro' might not rekindle any
stirring emotion, but you will feel entertained.
Don't Tell Me Nonsense: Tribal, Anthemic,
Celebratory are some of the words that can
be used to describe the second track on the
LP; D'banj wails 'Oya, oya, oya…',
supported by a powerful war-like chant on
the clapping instrumentation on the heavy
chorus. This song will not acquire D'banj any
new major fans, what with the subliminal
lyrics, empty spots here and there.
Nonetheless the stadium-sound was achieved
packing enough bass to get the party started.
Why You Love Me: We are very indifferent
about 'Why You Love Me'. It is one of those
album fillers that falls into the thumping
organic sound of the album; does not have
any major wowing feature nevertheless you
cannot write it off entirely.
Nous Les Meilleurs (We The Best) Ft Falli
Ipupa: D'banj plays the parasitic role in this
Don Jazzy produced Makossa number as he
feeds off Congolese superstar 'Falli Ipupa'
proclaiming 'We The Best'. Sung mostly in
French Falli Ipupa proves he can make you
rotate in seconds, meanwhile the host
(D'banj), struggles to keep up.
Obimo (My Heart) Ft Kayswitch: Kayswitch
flirts with the Igbo language and a
contemporary high-life sound (reminiscent of
an utterly talented D'Prince). By his side is
D'banj, who unleashes his renowned
Harmonica for 'Obimo'. 'My Heart' is
engineered to be the next wedding anthem
or a huge love anthem at the very least.
Finally: After a couple of weak performances,
'Banger Lee' finally bounces back with
'Finally'. Destined to be a mega hit; D'banj
carefully employs the features of a potential
chart topper on this song, from the amazing
beat to basic lyrics, to the catchy hook not-
forgetting the playful dance instructions. It is
safe to say that Dapo knew this number
would cause a frenzy, which is why he
infused the subliminal egotistic lyrics.
Blame It On The Money Ft Big Sean & Snoop
Lion: This song is a testimony that big names
aren't a guarantee for a 'big' song. Boasting
a banging hip-hop instrumentation and a
very catchy but cheesy chorus, 'Blame It on
the Money'; falls face flat, so flat not even Big
Sean and Snoop Lion's average verses could
save the day, let alone D'banj's.
Kayswitch – For Example: A popular hilarious
skit opens the banging street-hop 'For
Example'; Kayswitch continues his winning
streak with the FearDevee produced cut.
Ibadie (Bounce) Ft Kayswitch, Durella,
Olamide & J.Sol: Let that booty
bounce? Yeah! In approximately 6 minutes
D'banj, Kayswtich, Durella, J. Sol and
Olamide emancipate raunchy Afro-Hip-hop
number celebrating the females' behind. We
can struggle to appreciate with over-lengthy
albums like DKM for instance but this track
was a little too long, therefore becoming
exhausting after the first three minutes
elapse, still Olamide and Durella battle to
give a memorable performance.
Silver & Gold Ft Kayswitch & J.Sol: 'Diamonds
are forever, you're worth more than silver
and gold…' Jason Lopez sings boldly on the
pop-rock/dance driven 'Silver & Gold'.
Packed with consistent kicks, drums and
guitar riffs this cut is reminiscent of something
you will find in a Jason Derulo or Chris Brown
or Rihanna discography and has international
appeal written all over it, although Kayswitch
and D'banj try to sprinkle a little Afro in the
mix. 'Silver & Gold' is a solid love anthem
and one of the album's more precious gems
(maybe the diamond), but sadly it is one of
the two tracks in the LP that milks J.Sol's
immense talent.
Scape Goat (The Fix) Ft Kanye West: Yeezus
creator Kanye West joins D'banj for 'Scape
Goat (The Fix). The high-life cut is very similar
to past works of Daniel like 'Fall in Love' as
they are obviously cut from the same cloth.
Kanye rides comfortably on the rich Don
Jazzy produced instrumentation serving two
rap verses and compliments D'banj who sings
about being a 'scape goat' for
love; disregarding the lack of magic 'Igwe' or
'Fall in Love' posses, 'Scape Goat' luckily
stands out.
Kayswitch – Show My Logo: Kayswitch brags
about his 'logo' on this weak dismissible high-
life influenced number.
Oliver Twist: D'banj expresses his crave for
more women, relating to how the fictional
character Oliver Twist asked for
more gruel on this hypnotic afrobeats
number. 'Oliver Twist's' irresistible hip-
shaking melody and infectious hook shot it to
the top of the charts internationally; on that
note we doubt D'banj's craving is a problem
as we don't think women can resist the
brilliance of this song.
Ka Wo Soke (Hands Up) Ft Ikechukwu &
Olamide: Undoubtedly the album's weakest
link; listening to 'Ka Wo Soke' sheds light on
the agonizingly battle to create a club hit. The
trio lavish resources to serve up this junk
which sounds like an ugly distant relative of
Olamide's 'Duroske'.
Top Of The World: Months after its release,
'Top Of The World' brightest qualities have
become even more luminescent, and D'banj's
performance is still one at which to
marvel. Assisted by a more seasoned
background vocalist, a layer of percussion
and a guitar lick, D'banj allows his warm
personality, steady and impressive singing
voice carry the weighty message in the song,
fighting and winning with the aid of his
assistant belting out the lyrics with him.
If Banger Leecould perfect this song live,
the finale could become more enlightening.
Kayswitch & J.Sol – Money On My Mind: Soul
singer 'J.Sol' opens up this hustler's anthem
with his silky voice and Kayswitch quickly
takes the baton from him fearlessly attacking
the thumping beat, yet again Jason backs
him up with well executed vocal
runs momentarily? as he runs deeper
into 'Money' and declares the love for vanity.
Brilliant song and it is very inspirational!
Olamide – First Of All (Remix) Ft
D'Banj: Slightly re-produced, re-written and
re-composed (yet slightly weaker), to ensure
this massive remix hits home; indigenous
rapper Olamide recruits D'banj for
the solid remix of his hit single 'First of All'.
Cashflow Ft Kayswitch: Money is on the mind
of D'Kings Men resulting in excessive
'Cashflow', which is one of the album's lead
singles. D'banj and his younger brother rant
about the cash-flow on this synth hip-hop
Bachelor: Over tumbling and clapping drums,
tambourine D'banj is letting the world know
more about the cashflow and that he is still
single on 'Bachelor'. D'banj delivers a
commendable performance, experimenting
with hip-hop more.
Trance Ft Naeto C: Amidst an Arabian/
middle eastern inspired beat (sounding like a
left-over from 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted
Fantasy'), 'D'Kings Men' makes
a void dramatic closing with the Naeto C
assisted 'Trance'.
Reviewed by Ogaga Sakapide [ @Ogagus_ ]

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