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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Deeper Life Church Members blast Pastor Kumuyi over Son's Elaborate Wedding

It is no longer news that son of 'holiness
preacher' and the General Superintendent of
Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F
Kumuyi walked down the aisle with his
heartthrob over the week.
However, teeming followers of the respected
former university don have condemned the
classy wedding, which they tagged: Un-
A close look at the weeding pictures of the
couple posted online saw the bride donned in
accessories that had been anathema to the
She was clad in a transparent fitted stylish
short sleeves wedding gown, eyelashes,
earrings makeup and wedding flower, which
had never happened in the history of the
An angry follower of Kumuyi, after viewing
the pictures commented, "People have
refused to live their own life but rather attach
it to an apron of hypocritical philosophy and
man made doctrine. I exonerate the dynamic
Senior Kumuyi,I think it is the people that
have refused to change, I respect Kumuyi and
his teachings but the people he is teaching
are not learning, it is a pity, religion should
embrace freedom, that is what the bible said.
It only warned that you should not use your
liberty for evil, or take the grace for granted."
To another Emeka Jane, the development
would lead to something else. She voiced her
conviction thus, "I believe that with this,
Deeper Life will metamorphose into
something else. Those (some members) who
have been looking for an opportunity like this
to dress as they like, will cease this particular
"And who says the lady is not a believer?
Another John Edward querried, "Doing what
pleases her without being condemned by
God on a one in life time event, does that
make her an unbeliever. One hymn says, 'if
heart condemns you not, you will have a
glorious rest' and please don't indulge in sin
by judging others, most especially servants of
the most high, leave the judgment to God
who created all of us." He warned.

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