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Friday, June 7, 2013

Funny but Weird Facts you must read

1. hugging a girl with small
breast causes
chest pain.
2. Guys with bald head are
very stubborn
3. Its impossible to see an
albino smiling in
the afternoon under sun
4. Majority of Girls that
don't own a car, have
Car charger.
5. Research has proven that
ugly girls are very
6. Majority of people that
2moro" or "Stressful work"
are jobless.
7. Only Nigerians can
change their accent in
less than 5hrs.
8. Farting continuously
helps strengthen your
anal muscles.
9. Mosquitoes don't just bite
you.They also
urinate on you after sucking
your blood if you
10. Men automatically turn
single when they
see a girl they Like.
11. Men that fight women
are scared of
fighting their fellow men.
12. 90% of pple reading dis
re lazy, cos dey'll
find it difficult to share dis

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