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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kemi Olunloyo Exposes Married Man who request sex from her on Facebook

Some months back, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
began posting photos of herself in her
underwear on her Facebook page. According
to her, she posted these photos to prove that
she had a great body at 48 and to announce
that she'd be floating an underwear line
As usual, many Nigerians chastised her for
postings these photos calling her a loose and
immoral woman. According to KOO, this man
who appears in her Facebook inbox
conversation below was among those who
criticized her for posting 'almost-nude' pics of
This same man, according to the evidence she
provided below turned round and inboxed his
desire to have sex with her using the grossest
chyking moves I've ever read. And guess
what? The man is married!
I have shared the man's inbox convo with her,
as well as some of the readers reactions to
the convo. Please read them and drop your
thoughts about it. Did the man deserve to be
disgracefully exposed like that or did KOO go
too far?
Click below to read more…
KOO attached this warning when she posted
a screenshot of her convo with the man…
"Pls #REFRAIN from sending me #sexual
requests. I #EDUCATE about safe sex and
clean lifestyles. I will make such messages
public. I have too many married men sending
me phone numbers. Your wives need to be
reading these. Infidelity is a NO NO on Her

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