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Friday, July 12, 2013

2Face still owes and he doesn't want to pay - Blackface Speaks

Ex member of the defunct music trio
Plantashun Boiz , Blackface, has opened
another can of worms with his former group
mate 2face Idibia over his hit song African
Queen, which he still insists he wrote.
Blackface is allegedly yearning for some part
of revenue from the song even though 2face
has been taking credit for the song.
Though, why he waited 10 plus years to voice
out leaves many pundits asking the genuity of
his claims.
Shortly after the Plantashun Boiz broke up,
the relationship between the duo was still
intact, and it was believed that only Faze had
a strained relationship with the other
members of the group.
The strain in the relationship between
Blackface and 2Face became obvious during
the April 2013 wedding of the latter in Dubai,
which the former didn't attend. When asked
by a follower on Twitter why he was not at
2Face's wedding in Dubai, which was
attended by Face, Blackface simply replied
that he doesn't go to where he is not invited.
Blackface's response raised questions and
confirmed that the two erstwhile friends might
not be on speaking terms. Speaking with
Channels TV some days ago, Blackface stated
that he was yet to receive any money from
2Face despite his incessant cry on the matter.
"I still haven't (received any payment from
2Face) because they have to backdate it,
they have to check the revenues of the music,
what it has generated, what is due to the co-
writer and all that, all those things are just
still hanging, but I still have one or two things
that I am doing to find out what the issue
behind all these stuffs are" the singer

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