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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5 things Women hate to hear

Communication is very important in every
relationship...particularly, there are words,
phrases and sentences that either partner
does not like to hear. Generally, here are five
things women hate to hear:
1. You are really getting fat: A woman knows
when she is adding weight. I mean, she
checks the mirror everyday, so she knows
when her cheeks are getting too puffy or
when her waistline is disappearing. Simply
put, you don't have to rub it in again...only
encourage her to lose the weight. Don't forget
to tell her that she is always beautiful too...!
2. "Is it that time of the month?": Okay, so
the fact that scientists have proven that
women get edgy when they are on their
periods does not mean that you should
attribute every of her actions to "that time of
the month. Everytime you do that, you only
make her seem irrational.
3. Cheesy pick-up lines: You know what I
mean...doesn't make any woman feel special
in any way...
4. Hey [gorgeous, baby, mama, boo, etc...]:
Most women do not respond well to strangers
who start off by calling them baby, gorgeous,
beautiful, sexy, babe, dear, or any other
condescending and objectifying term.
5. "My ex used to love it when I...": Well, you
should get over your ex before going into
another relationship. Comparing a woman to
your ex is one thing you definitely can do to
spoil her day!
Never forget, words hurt...and are
memorable too. So try as much as possible to
treat your woman in a special way with your

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