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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boeing 777 Plane crashes at San Francisco International Airport

A Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines
crashed while landing Saturday at San
Francisco International Airport, an FAA
spokesman told CNN.
Flight 214 left Seoul's Incheon International
Airport earlier Saturday and flew 10 hours
and 23 minutes to California, according to
FlightAware, a website that offers tracking
services for private and commercial air traffic.
Anthony Castorani, who witnessed the flight
land from a nearby hotel, said he saw the
plane touch the ground then noticed a larger
plume of white smoke.
"You heard a pop and you immediately saw
a large, brief fireball that came from
underneath the aircraft," he told CNN. "It
began to cartwheel."
Video taken soon after the crash and posted
on YouTube showed dark gray smoke rising
from the plane, which appeared to be
upright. That smoke later became white, even
as fire crews continued to douse the plane.
The top of the aircraft was charred and, in
spots, gone entirely, according to video from
CNN affiliate KTVU. The plane was on its
belly, with no landing gear evident and the
rear tail of the plane gone.

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