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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fuji Artiste Obesere talks about his relationship with Naija Boobs Queen Cossy Orjiakor and how she came to limelight

If not for Obesere, we probably would never
have heard about boobs star, Cossy Orjiakor.
Fuji star and president of Fuji Musicians
Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), Abass
Akande Obesere in a recent interview with
Daily Times, talks about his relationship with
her and how both of them met.
See excerpts below:
"We are still friends. It's been long I saw her
but I hear she is doing fine," he says.
Now that she is a singer, would he do a
collabo with her?
"That is if she still wants it. I remember then
that when she came to Bayowa as a green
horn in those days, she came to Bayowa and
told him that she wanted to be a star. And
Bayowa told her that, 'you want to be a star?
Don't worry; I am doing one of Abbas' new
jobs. When we want to start shooting the
video, we will invite you. You have what
people need to notice and recognize you as a
star'. Today, the rest is history."
The impression in town is that Cossy is lose
and immoral. But Obesere was close to her
those days and knew her personally. How
would he describe her?
"All I would say is that Cossy is a good girl.
All those things she does on stage are strictly
showbiz. Off the stage she is a different
person. Only those close to her know this. She
could be very shy and reserved. But when
she is on stage she is a tigress and that's
what makes her a professional."

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