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Friday, July 12, 2013

I don't owe Blackface anything - 2face Speaks

Going by recent indications, members of
the defunct music group, Plantashun Boiz,
2Face Idibia and Blackface might have a
few issues to sort out with each other. The
'bone-of-contention' is nothing new,
Blackface is still upset over not being given
his due on 2Face's breakaway hit song,
"African Queen."
Blackface insists that he also has a share
in the glory and therefore is entitled to
whatever revenue 2Face earns from the
The 2Face Idibia camp has reacted to the
claim by saying "2Face doesn't owe
Blackface anything". According to a rep
for the singer, "African Queen" was
produced under the Kennis Music imprint,
and as such 2Face cannot personally be
held responsible for paying his former
group member.
The strain in the relationship between
these two became more obvious after
2Face & Annie's fairytale wedding in
Dubai, which Blackface wasn't invited to.

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