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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Khloe Kardashian sents Lamar Odom out of their home for cheating

According to a report by Star magazine,
Khloe Kardashian has kicked Lamar Odom
out of their home, after finding out about his
year-long affair with another woman.
Lamar has reportedly been cheating on Khloe
since at least January 2012, Star reveals in
an exclusive report. They claim Lamar met
gorgeous 29-year-old brunette Jennifer
Richardson at the Stadium Club strip club in
Washington, D.C., after playing a basketball
"Lamar and Jennifer ate dinner in an intimate
booth together that night, then he took off her
shoes and started rubbing her feet," a friend
of Jennifer's tells the mag. "The chemistry
between them was off the charts!"
Lamar soon left, but the night didn't end
there. Lamar allegedly called Jennifer at 3
am and invited her back to his hotel room.
"As soon as she got there, he took her phone
apart and put the pieces in different spots all
around the room," her friend reveals. "He
actually took the battery out and the back off.
She thought he was afraid that she would
take photos or record him."
With that out of the way, Lamar started
"grabbing her butt and kissing her sweetly on
the neck," the friend says. "She said he was
an amazing kisser."
Although the two did not have intercourse,
"they did everything else," says the source,.
"It was incredibly intimate."
And it wasn't just physical. "They talked all
through the night and he really opened up to
her," the source reveals. For Jennifer, it was
"very emotional and much more than a
random thing. She was instantly smitten with
It seems the feeing was mutual. Lamar gifted
Jennifer with $3,000 before saying goodbye
- and promising to see her again soon,
according to the mag.
With Lamar's busy work schedule - and a
change of teams to the Los Angeles Clippers
— it was 11 months before they would
reconnect, almost by fate.
When the Clippers were in North Carolina for
a game, Lamar ran into Jennifer in the lobby
of the Charlotte Ritz-Carlton.
"As soon as Lamar saw her, he ran up to her
and gave her a big hug," the friend says. "He
said, 'I've been looking for you. Are we
Apparently the answer was yes, because the
two Were Intimate that night, the report
claims. Says the friend, "Lamar couldn't get
enough. He was insatiable!'
That night was the beginning of an intense
affair that would last several months, the
mag says. Lamar invited Jennifer to travel
with him to Milwaukee and Detroit for his
next games, and also to a Dec. 23 game in
Arizona, where the couple had a time to
"Lamar had told Jennifer that he really
wanted to have a party," the source claims.
"She wanted to make him happy, so she
asked a pretty friend to join them in bed.
Lamar stayed an extra night in Phoenix, and
the three of them hooked up on the morning
of Christmas Eve!"
Just a few hours later, he played happy
husband with Khloe at the Kardashian
family's Christmas Eve party. But even there,
Jennifer was not far from his mind. Says the
source, "At the party, Lamar snuck off to a
private room, called Jennifer and had phone
intimacy with her!"
In January, all of the drama grew to be too
much, sources told Star, and Khloe kicked
Lamar out of the house.
Almost immediately, he flew Jennifer into
town and stayed with her for a week and a
half at the Luxe Hotel in L.A. Jennifer "said
Lamar seemed so sad and detached then …"
according to the friend. "It seemed obvious to
her he was unhappy with his wife."
But it wasn't just Khloe who was bothering
Lamar: He also told Jennifer that he had
issues with her family. "Whenever he would
leave to go to Khloe, he would say 'I have to
go be a Kardashian now.'"
Despite their problems, Khloe soon took
Lamar back, but his affair was far from over,
and Jennifer accompanied him frequently on
the road.
"They would meet up at a nightclub and go
back to the room a few minutes apart, using
separate keys," the source says. "She would
also use a separate driver. But everyone
knew they were together." Lamar even went
so far, the friend claims, as to kiss her in front
of his friends."
As Lamar headed into the playoffs and
filming for the next season of Keeping Up
With the Kardashians, however, the couple
drifted apart.
But when the Clippers were eliminated from
the playoffs on May 3, he reportedly went
running back to Jennifer. "She was angry,
since he'd been missing for a couple months,"
her friend explains. " … It was over."
The same could be said for Khloe and
Lamar's marriage, the magazine claims.
Sources told Star that Lamar moved out of
Khloe's home around June 8, and still isn't
Khloe's rep denies the affair ever happened,
however, and Lamar's rep did not respond to
Star's attempts to contact him.
A source tells Star, "Khloe is freaking out,
begging him to come back." But it may be
too late.

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