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Monday, July 1, 2013

Man arrested for having s€x with a Teddy Bear

Some people have weird fetishes. Most
people keep their bizarre attraction to
One man however publicly showed his love
for his teddy bear.
Charles Marshall, a 28-year-old man from
Cincinnati, Ohio, was arrested after he was
allegedly caught having sèx with a teddy
bear in a public place more than one time.
This is the fourth time that Marshall has been
arrested for the same charge. A worker at the
Elm Street Health Clinic spotted him
masturbating with a teddy bear in an alley
and called police. When officers arrived, he
was still masturbating with the bear,
according to Cincinnati police.
Officers said that this is the fourth time
Marshall had been arrested for similar
charges. The first time, he was ordered to
pay a fine and he was ordered to stay away
from all public libraries in
Hamilton County, Ohio, after he was seen
masturbating with a stuffed animal in a
public restroom. He was arrested again two
more times after witnesses called police to
report a man publicly masturbating with a
stuffed animal.
Once again Marshall was arrested and
charged with engaging in public indecency
and disorderly conduct. Hopefully this time
the judge will order him to have a psychiatric

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