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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nigerian 23 year old virgin becomes world purity queen

A 23-year-
old graduate of Geography
and Physical Planning, from Abia State
University, Uturu, former Miss
Nwanyieze Nnebuife Onyendi, has
emerged as the World Purity Queen. Miss
Nwanyieze, who instantly
transformed into Mrs. Nwanyieze Purity
(Nee Onyendi as a result of her
marriage to her husband, Mr. Purity,
was confirmed a virgin by a team of
female medical experts, who examined her and
found her worthy of the crown
at the age of 23. For this reason, she
went home with a brand new Nissan
car. In her emotion laden speech during the
ceremony which took place in Aba, Mrs.
Purity said thus: "But for your grace, I
would not be kept, but for your grace, I
would miss this glory, I am for ever
grateful that you have been faithful to me
Lord, for your amazing grace. "I appreciate
God Almighty for this
historic and unique event divinely
orchestrated to leave humanity with
memories that will positively affect our
morals. I feel greatly honoured today to
be crowned World Purity Queen, it is a very
big privilege for me indeed and a
rare favour bestowed on me by God. I really
can't comprehend the fact that
God chose me for this great impactful
and outstanding office out of billions of
ladies on earth. Being a symbol of purity,
dignity and
chastity in this generation is a mighty
honour, an election of grace and not by
my works." Narrating her story to TS
Weekend, Purity stated that only the grace of
God saw her through all the
years. "As a growing child, I was raised by
Godly moral standards in a Christian
home, I wasn't born with a silver
spoon, so to say, but God supplied what
ever good thing I needed per time. My
father and mother worked hard to make sure
that we did not beg. Being the first child in the
family, I
learnt responsibility very early in life
because I started taking care of siblings
and the home whenever dad was not
present. As a teenager then, I learnt what God
said about youthful lusts, sex before
marriage, prostitutions and their grave
consequences and I decided never to be
part of it. I discovered that I had the passion
tell younger ones the dangers of
promiscuity and immorality; little did I
know that it was going to be the
ministry I was created to serve God and
humanity in. "In my first year in university, I
had a relationship God
delivered me from, after I sought
counsel from my pastor to know if it is
safe to enjoy romance without sex. Pastor
Franklin rebuked my unholy
thought and prayed my relationship to
an end. I then vowed never to get
involved in any other relationship until
I was through with school and very
ready to marry. God helped me and I joyfully
served God all through school. It could only be
God that kept me;
secondly, I wasn't even harassed by
any cult member or lecturer. God saw
the zeal in me to keep my virginity till
marriage and helped me to achieve it,
no wonder he connected me to my ordained
husband, his servant to preach
and celebrate purity. "I boldly say to any one,
the youths and
teenagers in particular that you are not
free to romance, kiss or Be Intimate with
any one you are not completely
married to. God is against it. Whatever
you cannot do before your biological or
spiritual parents is evil. By the grace of God, I
will work in my
office as the world purity queen to
restore the dignity of humanity. I will
proudly honour any girl that keeps her
virginity till marriage with precious
gifts like cars in all the states and nations
where the purity team is
welcomed for its purity campaign. I will take
this purity campaign to all
nooks and crannies of the society. To
really show that God is really with us in
this purity campaign, we already have
an ambassador of purity, a Ladywho
also kept her virginity till marriage as was
confirmed by me in company of
our team of female medical
practitioners. She will be celebrated on
World Purity Day 2014 with others that
we expect to register this year."

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