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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pastor Kumuyi's late wife spotted in Heaven?

The former wife of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi in
the Kingdom of God
And we left hell fire and the Lord took me to
I saw a lady in heaven, very beautiful, she
came out from a very big house and only her
own the house, she came to me with smiling
face and her thought was, she thought I have
make heaven, but I wonder who she could be
because the glory of God has change her
earthly beauty, and the Lord told me "SHE IS
SERVANT". And I was so happy because she
was full of the glory of God. Heaven is so
beautiful; the entire place was full of the glory
of God.
The Lord show me the river of blood, very cool
and look like swimming pool, whenever we sin
against God and ask Jesus to wash us, then he
will wash us in the river of the blood. And the
Lord shows me the trumpet that will be use for
rapture and he told me ""MY COMING IS
VERY NEAR". The trumpet was so shining and
it was made with wonderful gold. And he shows
the preparation for rapture.
The Lord took me to a very big hall and I saw
many saint in pure white garment, they were
singing, praising God, shouting unto the Lord
and the glory of God was in their midst.
Heaven is very beautiful and every where was
shining because the light there was the glory
of God.

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