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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stop threatening Tonto Dikeh on Marijuana Smoking - HURIWA tells NDLEA

Human Rights Writers Association Of Nigeria
(HURIWA) has
come to the defence of Miss Tonto Dike
following NDLEA's
threat of arresting the movie star
In a media statement issued by the National
Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko
National media Director, Miss Zainab Yussuf,
said NDLEA is chasing shadows by
threatening to
arrest a Nigerian citizen whose alleged
photograph' does not constitute hard core
judicial evidence but
rather a social media contraption that may
never stand credibility
test in the competent court of law.
The group urged the anti drug agency to not
waste its time on
baseless pursuit and shine their light on the
high profile drug
barons in the country.
HURIWA asked NDLEA to also concentrate on
how to repair its
public image damaged by the costly mistake
it made during the
arrest, detention and investigation of the
popular Yoruba
comedian Baba Suwe (the popular expensive
gamble by the NDLEA).
HURIWA stated thus; "We are shocked that
the NDLEA has
deviated from their time tested mandate of
going after big drug
barons who have brought international
opprobrium to the image
of Nigeria and are now engaged in 'media
circus show' of
attempting to arrest an innocent Nigerian
lady Miss.
Tonto Dike over an allegation that falls flat on
its face as an
irredeemably unsubstantiated contraption
that will inevitably fail
any good test of credibility in the competent
court of law. Law
enforcement is not done by emotion or
sentiment but on hard
core evidence, empirically tested to be
credible. Now that Miss.
Tonto Dike has denied ever appearing in that
allegedly forged
photograph on the social media, NDLEA
should leave this lady
alone and go after big barons".
NDLEA spokesman Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju had
stated thus; "Our
attention has been drawn to the post quite
frankly and I can tell
you that action will be taken on it. The law is
clear and NDLEA
has been very clear on the issue. No one is
permitted to sell, use,
cultivate or encourage the use of Indian hemp
in Nigeria. The
substance is one of the banned narcotics in
the country."
But HURIWA faulted the move saying that the
allegation against
Miss. Tonto Dike at best amounted to 'tissue
of speculative
contraption' which should not attract the
attention of any
serious-minded law enforcement agency
except if it has run out
of idea on how to pursue and arrest high
profile drug barons
who have flooded major streets of state
capitals with hard drugs
leading to serial addictions by the Nigerian
The Rights group said; "NDLEA is being clever
by half by stating
that it will arrest and jail Miss. Tonto Dike
based on mere
untenable evidence of marijuana photograph
on the social media.
Why did the NDLEA fail to seek public
clarification from the Borno
state governor who was reported in a section
of the media to
have alleged that drug addicts are in his
cabinet? Why is NDLEA
after this lady? Is it because she is a woman
whereas it has not
bothered to look the way of the Borno state
governor that alleged
the presence of drug addicts in the state
cabinet nor has the
agency gone after the international musicians
who appear
regularly in the Nigerian media puffing what
looks like

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