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Sunday, September 22, 2013

List of Tecno Phones that Blackberry Messenger will be on

Yes, Tecno phones are
not left out. BBM would be
available on Tecno phones from
September 21st (tomorrow) via
Google Play. The BBM app would
be available for tecno phones that
run Android 4.0 and above. See
the list below;
Tecno Phantom A2
Tecno Phantom A+
Tecno Phantom A
Tecno D1
Tecno Q1
Tecno M3
Tecno L3
Tecno D5
Tecno N7

How to make Distinctions or First Class in Higher Institutions

Every serious student that gains
admission into tertiary institutions has
the aim of graduating with a first
class/distinction degree but the reality
shows that the number of first class
students in Nigeria's tertiary institutions
is on the decline. Nigeria Education
Portal ® gives steps which if diligently
followed will enable every student who
aspires to make a first class in school
to do so with ease.
1) Get serious from the first day
It is common for students to get
carried away with the euphoria of
gaining admission into higher institution
that they forget the major reason why
they are in school. It is essential to
start building your grade point from
the first day so as to avoid playing
catch up afterwards.
2) Attend Lectures
While attending lectures may not be so
important in your first year in school
as most courses are what you must
have already learnt previously in your
secondary school and the large number
of students in lecture rooms in your
first year may not make attending
lectures enticing however after your
first year, attending lectures must be a
priority, this is enable you mark
attendance in class which may be the
difference between an A or a B, pick
salient points which the lecturer may
mention in class and to pick
instructions and tips which lecturers
usually give in class.
3) Understand your Lecturer(s)
As all human beings differ in various
characteristics so do your lecturers
differ in the way they want things to
be done. While some may prefer you
to understand their notes only, others
may prefer you to research more on
your own after giving you notes,
others may depend solely on past
questions and so on. It is very
essential to understand each lecturer
who comes to lecture you. This might
be done by seeking advice from
students who have taken courses
taught by the lecturer.
4) Don't build serious relationships
with the opposite sex
It is very essential to keep only
platonic relationships with the opposite
sex while in school. This might be
very difficult especially if you are a
pretty lady or a handsome guy but the
truth is if you keep any serious
relationships, it will eat out of your
valuable time you would have spent
5) Learn to study
This usually is the most difficult part of
a student's life as different distractions
exist in the higher institution but
unfortunately this is the most important
step on your way to making a first
class in school. While most students
are fond of deceiving themselves by
either sleeping and waking in the
library without actually studying, it is
very essential to give at least 2 quality
hours studying every day.
6) Rub mind with others
No man is an island, no matter how
hard you study you can never know it
all, there will still be some few things
which you still would not know but
someone else's could help you with and
save you a lot of time trying to
decipher how to go about the problem.
7) Put God first
Always remember that God is the
owner of all knowledge and gives only
to those who he wishes to. Learn to
always put God first before every
lecture, test or exam. He is the only
one who can see you through.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Funke Akindele to launch Jenifa Perfume

Multi-award-winning actress Funke
Akindele has made so much fame and
fortune from the 'Jenifa' brand that she
is set to launch a new perfume called
'Jenifa perfume'.
She follows the trend of hollywood
stars such as Nicki, J.lo and Beyonce
who have their own luxury brands of

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nigerian Ladies decries scarcity of Men

The recent alarm raised by the Catholic
Women Organisation that husbands
would become scarce in Nigeria in
2023 may just be right as
P.M.NEWS can confirm that many
Nigerian spinsters are currently
witnessing the no-husband syndrome.
Within the last few weeks, some of the
ladies who spoke with our
correspondent reported serious
apprehension, pressure and a total lack
of peace as the consequence of their
inability to get married.
One of the ladies, who preferred to be
simply called Titi said she had taken
the issue of marriage as a do-or-die
affair due to "internal pressure" but
that as much as she had tried,
frustration had often been the result.
At 37, the businesswoman who sells
clothes in Ikeja, the Lagos State capital
in western Nigeria, told P.M.NEWS
that she is not finding life easy.
"What is happiness without a man in a
woman's life?"she asked our
correspondent during a chat on Badoo,
a relationship site on the internet.
She had dated several men with some
promising marriage, but without
fulfilling the promise.
"You can't imagine that in the last
three years, I have dated about eight
men, but the relationship was often
short-lived simply because I ask for
their commitment.
"I am not getting any younger and I
cry every time I see my mates with
their husbands and children.
"If at 37 I don't have a child or a
permanent man, when would I have
them? Is it when my skin has
wrinkled? she asked our correspondent.
Chioma (surname withheld), 35, has
found herself patronising many of the
social interaction sites on the internet.
The banker told our correspondent that
she is on Eskimi, 2go, Badoo,
Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter as well
as 4clique, a site that was launched in
Nigeria days ago.
"We can't tell the particular broom in
the bunch that kills a fly," she told
P.M.NEWS on why she patronises such
number of social interaction sites.
"I always change my name in the
different sites but the ultimate goal is
to get a husband," she added.
Chioma told P.M.NEWS that she is
really worried about the situation,
adding that she lives comfortably (in a
mini-flat and has a car), "but who do
I have to enjoy this comfort with me?
"I have tried a hook up programme on
a Lagos-based radio station, but my
age is now a major factor hindering
my dream of being married," she
lamented pleading with our married
correspondent, who she considered a
bachelor, to "help dry my tears."
A married woman, who gave her name
as Mrs. Blessing Aguebor and resident
in Oshodi, confirmed that the issue of
lack of serious men for marriage is
giving many ladies sleepless nights.
She narrated the touching story of her
friend who was disappointed by her
boyfriend of five years when it was
time to "settle down".
"My friend was 29 when he met this
man in Benin and they dated for five
years. The man was always giving the
lady hope without her knowing the
man had other plans. The year he
fixed for their marriage was the year
he travelled abroad without even
informing my friend.
"It was later he called her and asked
her to find another man because he
still had many more years to hustle.
My friend almost went mad.
"She is 36 now without a man. I had
to convince her to relocate to Lagos
so that possibly out of the population
here, she would find someone. It is
pathetic," she said.
A 38-year old business woman in
Ketu, Mrs. Rita Adewunmi, narrated
how she lost her first husband to a
friend, Idayat, who was desperate for
a husband.
According to Mrs. Adewunmi who
remarried last year, Idayat was 36
and needed a husband but her search
was endless.
"I was always encouraging her and
made her a part of my family. She
would always help me take care of the
kids when I go to the market.
"With time, she took over my husband
without my knowledge until the day I
caught them red-handed and that was
the end of my marriage. Ladies are
like hunters these days," she said.
Asked why she was not married at
34, Blessing Osuoha, a nurse with a
private hospital in Abuja, retorted:
"that is why I'm on this social site.
Why are you asking? Is it a bad idea
if you propose to me?"
She explained that life was becoming
unbearable without a husband.
"My friends and family members are
aways asking when they would come
and 'chop' rice, and I keep hoping,"
she added.
A marriage counsellor in Lagos, Mrs.
Victoria Aliu, told P.M.NEWS that
scarcity of 'real men' is becoming a
terrible condition for women ready for
She blamed the problem partly on the
Nigerian economy, confusion among
the bachelors on their choices of the
women they want as wives and the
attitudes of the spinsters.
"Many women, whether consciously or
not, behave irritably sometimes,
forgetting that the man just beside
them at every point in time may just
have been nursing how to start a
conversation that could lead to
"Some other ladies are very choosy
and unserious at their early stages of
adulthood. They only open their eyes
to discover that their friends are all
married and that they are the only
ones left at the bus stop. Then it
becomes a terrible case for them," she

Friday, September 6, 2013

NANS threaten to shut down private Universities over ASUU Strike

NANS threatens to shut down
private varsities over ASUU
The National Association of
Nigerian Students (NANS)
yesterday, protested in Ado Ekiti,
Ekiti State capital, and threatened
to shut down activities in the
private universities in the country if
the Federal Government failed to
comply with the demands of the
Academic Staff Union of
Universities (ASUU) and the strike
The students who displayed several
placards with various inscriptions,
lambasted the Federal Government
for its failure to honour the
agreement it entered into with
ASUU since 2009.
Speaking on behalf of his
colleagues, Asafon Sunday,
Director of Action and Mobilisation
NANS, South–West, claimed
between 2000 and 2011 the
Nigerian government earned about
N48.48 trillion from the sale of
oil alone, against N3.10 trillion
earned between 1979 and 1999
He said the Federal Inland Revenue
Service, FIRS, in 2012 financial
year alone generated N5.12
trillion from tax paid by the
According to him: "With this
tremendous upswing in the revenue
at the disposal of the Nigerian
government, one would have
expected such to translate to
commensurate improvement in the
quality of Nigeria's public education
as well as other social services."
He condemned the refusal of
Federal Government to budget a
reasonable amount of money to
education sector as recommended
by UNESCO which is 26 per cent
of the country's total budget.
Sunday noted that some countries
with smaller Gross Domestic
Product, GDP, like Ghana, Cote
d'Ivoire, Kenya, Morocco and
Botswana had budgetary allocations
to education sector as follow, 31
per cent,20 per cent,23 per
cent ,17.7 per cent and 19 per
cent respectively to 8.5 per cent
that Nigeria government had
budgeted for education in 2013.
Also speaking, Steven Adara ,a
student leader from Ekiti State
University, EKSU , lamented that
government officials and prominent
Nigerians were not bothered about
the crisis in the public universities
because their children were in
private schools overseas.
According to him: "We will
mobilise and disrupt academic
activities in the private universities
because it is the sons and
daughters of the rich that are in
these schools

Popular Celebrity Blogger @CelebrityGist_1 Oluwatosin Emmanuel To Wed Beautiful Oluwafisayomi M. Ojukaja

Coming Saturday, 5th Of October,
2013, the people of Iyin-Ekiti and it
environs will take a bow as the union
between Oluwatosin Emmanuel and
Oluwafisayomi Mary Ojukaja is set to
Oluwatosin Emmanuel Adeoti, of
Celebrity Gist who hail from Agbamu,
kwara State (@CelebrityGist_1), is set
to join hands in Holy matrimony with
ECWA school of nursing graduate
Oluwafisayomi Mary Ojukaja.
His Toast:
Emmanuel (@CelebrityGist_1) Says –
"just like the shooting star which is
said to make all your wishes come
true, you have made every dream of
mine yours and made every dream
come true. I had never known true
love and with you I realized the bliss
and joy that it can bring. You are the
reason why I can pull through each
day with a smile on my face, you are
the only one who could make me feel
this way. So I make it a point to tell
you each and every single day, that I
love you beyond compare and you are
my everything."
The voice of joy and the voice of
happiness, the voice of the bride
groom and the voice of the bride, the
voice of them that shall say, praise the
lord of Host; for the lord is good; for
His mercy endures forever.
Venue: C.A.C Oke Aanu District,
Headquarters, Iyin-ekiti.
Time:-10am prompt.
Color Code:- Cream & Chocolate
Guest Artiste: Gabriel Afolayan (G
Fresh), Ayeni Seun(R'truth),
Ajetunmobi Adebayo (23rd Music
CEO), Adeyemi Kudus Adebisi
(kaystYar) and Olaegbe Seun (Fresh

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pastor molests woman during spiritual bath

A 46-year-old Pastor, Olamide
Sobowale, of Glory Church of
Christ Aladura, Oke-Itoku,
Abeokuta, Ogun State, has been
ordered to be remanded in prison
for allegedly Molesting a woman
while bathing in his church
Pastor Sobowale, who was
arraigned before a Magistrate Court
sitting in Isabo, Abeokuta,
yesterday, was accused of
Molesting one Dupe Makinde, 30,
who lives in Isaje, Abeokuta, while
taking a spiritual bath allegedly
recommended by the pastor.
The prosecuting counsel, Paul
Etusi, told the court that the
accused grabbed the complainant
while she was in a bathroom
within the church premises and
Molested her.
Etusi said the complainant had
already put the soap on her face
as she began bathing when the
pastor suddenly entered the
bathroom, grabbed and Molested
her with soap on her face.
According to Etusi, the accused
had told Mrs. Makinde that he had
a vision about her and asked her
to come for deliverance in his
He said: "He asked the woman to
come to the church to take a
spiritual bath for her deliverance,
but, while the complainant was
taking her bath, the accused
barged into the bathroom, grabbed
the woman and Molested her.
"The accused has committed an
offence contrary to section 357
and punishable under section 358
of criminal code of law of Ogun
State, Nigeria, 2006."
Magistrate A. Araba after listening
to the prosecuting counsel, ordered
that the accused be remanded in
prison till he gets advice from the
Director of Public Prosecution and
adjourned the case till September

Rapist faints after hearing of victim's HIV Status

A Molester who was put behind
bars today faces an agonising wait
to find out if he has caught HIV
from his victim.
Richard Thomas, 27, collapsed
when police informed him about
the woman's medical status and is
still waiting to hear if he has
contracted the incurable virus.
Thomas, of Leigh in Greater
Manchester, knew the woman and
was aware that she has another
illness but had not known about
the HIV. The court heard he was
shocked when he was told and
asked to be taken to hospital,
Liverpool Crown Court heard.
Torment: A Molester recently jailed
at Liverpool Crown Court will have
to wait until Friday to find out if
he has caught HIV from his victim
He had let himself into her home
in the middle of the night and she
awoke to find him Molesting her.
'She froze and no words were
exchanged. He pulled up his shorts
and left,' said Harry Pepper,
'He was arrested and interviewed
and said he had been drinking
heavily, taken cocaine and ecstasy
and could not recall the incident,'
he added.
His barrister, Virginia Hayton, said
that he still cannot recall the attack
but when told about it he said that
the woman 'would not lie, she tells
the truth. If she says I have done
it, I have done it'.
Jailing Thomas for five years and
four months Judge Mark Brown
said that he had committed 'this
dreadful offence' while she lay
asleep, having taken a sleeping
tablet, and it had left her
distressed and anxious.
He also ordered him to sign the
Sex Offenders Register for life.
Thomas pleaded guilty to Molesting
the woman on July 20 this year.
Miss Hayton said that Thomas,
who has previous convictions but
none for intimate offences, is
'remorseful' and 'cannot understand
why he did it and it is troubling
She said that he started using
cannabis at the age of nine,
drinking heavily at the age of 11,
became addicted to ecstasy and
cocaine at 13 and was put in
care the following year.
He has been trying to contact his
family but they want nothing to do
with him and he will now be away
from his partner and their young
daughter and his two other older
daughters from previous
Miss Hayton told the court that
Thomas will not find out the result
of his HIV test until Friday and has
had the worry of the outcome
hanging over him.
'It is his own fault, if he had not
committed this offence he would
not have placed himself in this

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Monday, September 2, 2013

ASUP may resume Strike - Asup President

Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics
(ASUP) has threatened to resume a
strike action it suspended July 17 due
to what it called government's use of
"divide and rule" tactics in running
tertiary institutions in the country.
ASUP President Comrade Chibuzo
Asomugha in a press statement said
the union's suspension of its strike was
predicated on the understanding that
government was to meet certain
obligations which it has refused to fulfil
till now.
While stressing that the union had
"generously" granted government one
month, as against the two weeks it
demanded, he said two weeks after the
expiration of the deadline, the only
obligation which government has met in
part is the harmonization of the
modalities for the migration of the
lower cadres of staff, stressing that
government has not been able to
definitely indicate where the attendant
arrears will come from.
Asomugha said other matters which are
yet to be settled are completion of the
appointment of governing councils in all
polytechnics, release of the White
Paper on the Visitation to Federal
polytechnics, the review of the Federal
Polytechnics Act, the commencement
of the renegotiation of the FGN/ASUP
Agreement due since July 2012, and
a Needs Assessment of Nigeria's
polytechnics and proper funding of
The union lamented the "unfortunate
stance of government in adopting a
divide and rule approach to
repositioning higher education in the
country. Lately, government's whole
attention has been focused on the
university sector to the total
abandonment of the polytechnics and
the colleges of education."
He disclosed that ASUP may be forced
to resume its strike if government
refuses to fulfil its obligations