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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dennis Okike wins Gulder Ultimate Search Season 10

Dennis, during the search for the 10th
symbol, outsmarted his fellow finalists
Edmund Umeabuani and Ifunanya Onike
in the waters of Usaka River, Akwa-
Ibom State where the final battle went
For his feat, Dennis will win N10
million and a brand new Mitsubishi
Pajero 3.0L GLS AT( full Option)
courtesy of CFAO Motors Nigeria, the
official automotive partners of Gulder
Ultimate Search 10. While the last
female contestant standing, Ifunanya
gets a guaranteed N1 million in
addition to her prize money.
Big congrats to them.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Man brutalized and locked inside a cage for stealing Chicken

Another jungle justice, you said. This
is a photo of a man that stole a
chicken at Relief Market Owerri Imo
State today, he received the beating of
his life and stripped of his cloth and
thrown into a the particular cage of
the chicken that he stole.
This is really heart piercing and really
sad for man to treat is fellow man like
animal in this 21 century, just because
he stole a chicken. According to
information from
those present at the scene, they said
the man was lucky because the mob
doesn't want gruesomely do away with
his live in broad day light.

Beverly Osu finally admits having sex on Big Brother Africa

When she first came out of the Big
Brother Africa reality show, Beverly
Osu stunned
many by denying that she ever had
intercourse with Angelo in the bath,
though almost everyone on the social
media have watch the video and saw
the act
clearly. Anyway, she is now singing a
new song. Below is what she said:
My life outside BBA has been
wonderful. It's nothing I cannot handle.
Well, I'm usually a very busy person,
but it's just that right now, I've been a
unstable person. Sometimes, I can't
even stay here in Lagos for a week
traveling here and there. I think that's
a good thing because good things are
coming out of it. And apparently,
there's always the negative side and
that is
mostly things that are not true that
you hear about yourself; how people
see you
and so on. Some people don't really
bother about perception, but if you're
somebody like me, you will think about
it and sometimes it will affect your
But I thank God that my life has been
Apparently, I don't feel sorry because I
was being myself. So, I can't say
sorry to
anyone who feels disappointed. They're
living their lives and I'm living mine.
only difference is that I was in a house
where I had to make the platform work
me; the platform everybody enjoyed
seeing me make. If you guys stuck to
television for 91 days only to see my
faults, then you should check yourself
because people have their faults and
it's only people with faults that quickly
that in other persons. I don't criticise
people and I don't think people should
critisice me... no matter how you look
at it, I'm still a youth .

Photo: Goodluck Jonathan kneeling down on Jesus Tomb in Jerusalem being prayed for by Pastors

This is the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan being prayed for by Pastors in Jesus while kneeling down on Jesus Tomb. I pray God answers his prayers to lead Nigeria well.

Picture: Senior Police Officer caught fondling Lady Boobs in his office

This picture is that of an unidentified
Nigerian Police officer (an Assistant
Commissioner of Police judging from
his uniform) in uniform taking picture
holding the boobs of a lady.
The picture which is gaining mention in
social media is seen by many as the
height of irresponsible on the part of
the randy police officer..We hope the
police authorities are keeping a tap on

Photo: Olamide and Governor Fashola

Olamide paid a visit to Governor
Fashola today.. He put up this picture
on his Instagram Page wth the
"His excellency #BestGovernor ...
Long live BRF .. Atewo ati ariwo "

Lesson for Ladies: How I was raped by a friend while trying to get a job - Lady shares her story

True Life Story:- How I Was Brutally
Raped By A Friend While Trying To Get
A Job
I had to shade off her name to protect
her identity, Well this one is true,
because after some people said the last
one wasn't real, I got another 'rape
mail', but told her to send a police
medical report or another evidence and
that was the last time i heard from her.
May be she wasn't bold enough, who
knows. In this girl's case, i didn't even
ask her before she sent them all in. The
police report, their conversations on
BBM and all. Funny enough the phone
number is still on, i called it severally
but no one picked up. Please find her
story after below.
I am a rape victim and I want to tell
my story to the world cos I want justice
on the man that defiled me. I met him
at airforce junction after I wrote a
dragnet test at stadium road PH. He
went on about how he was an aide to
the governor of rivers state and that his
name is (removed by me), a yoruba
man and that he could help me with a
job since I was from rivers state. we
discussed about the recent happenings in
the state. we exchanged pins and parted
ways. I went back to lagos for business.
A month later, he calls me up that his
oga wants to see me, smhow, his oga
found out about me and would want to
see me. I told him I wasn't around now
and that I will call him when I came
back to town (port-harcourt). I came
back to PH on the 15th of October
and called him, he said ok. On the
17th of October, he sent me a bbm
chat saying hope I dnt mind seeing the
oga this weekend, I replied that I don't,
since I was free and besides I was job
hunting so I saw this as a good
opportunity to get a good job. Didn't
hear from him that day. He sends me
anoda bbm msg that they went for a
function in abuja and he wl cal me
when dy get back. On the 21st of Oct
by 7:05pm, he sent me a msg that
the oga wants to see me tonight and I
shld get dressed b4 9pm. I tld him that
was impossible and how come his oga
wants to see me at night and he replied
that this is when he's free cos dy jst
came back frm a function. I replied that
I can't come out cos its late. he went
on about how the oga will be angry
with him, I was confused and wondered
why will the oga be angry at you
because he cldnt see me (me d one dat
needs a job) so why the emotions?.
I suspected nothing at all. On the 22nd
of Oct at 7:55:48am, he sent me an
sms( can you see oga by 9am.bcos
he's goin for a journey dis afternoon).
I called immediatly I got the sms, I
received no response and later he called
saying he was driving oga smwhr n dt
he wl cal me. later he sent me msgs
that I shld come quickly to elekahia so I
cld meet oga before he travels and that
my life will change cos he(oga) helps
people. I quickly got dressed told my
brothers I want to go and see sm1 that
wants to help me get a job. I boarded a
cab straight to elekahia and called him,
he asked me to stp after the anglican
church elekahia. when I alighted, he
came out to meet me some minutes
later that oga is in a meeting and that I
will go upstairs and wait for him. on
getting to the builidng, it was a hotel, I
asked him y here and he said this is
one of his lodge where he holds his
meetings and he is the one that
manages the places so I shldnt be
scared. we got to the reception and he
collected a key n we went upstairs, on
getting there, it was room 129, it was
like an office(never knew the next door
was a room) he asked me to order
something and I ordered for water.
Then he started saying he wanted to
discuss something with me so that I will
know how to answer oga's questions
when he comes. then he goes about
what if oga wants sex frm me, I replied
that I dnt knw cos that isn't the reason
am here. And he says he wants to tell
me how it goes, I replied that I wasn't
intrested and wanted to go home. He
asked me to stand up, I did n he said I
shld move to d room, I replied that I
wanted to leave n he forcefully pushed
me to the room. I sat on d bed there n
asked him"why are you doin this? I
trusted you that's why I came here and
now u wana force urslf on me. please
let me go I wl give you anithing you
want apart frm sex and he said 5m.
and piked up the glass cup and was like
if I dnt co-operate, he's goin to smash
ma face and he hits the glasscup on me
(it didn't break). then he threatnd that
he was goin to call his boys to come
and have turns with me and they will
make videos and pictures, he went on
bragging about all d videos he has done
with his phone. then he made a call and
asked dem to come upstairs. He is
above 6ft and well built and m jst
5"3. I was so scared, when he pulled
all his clothes and wore a condom and
that's when we startd struggling with
my clothes,den he held ma throat and
pulled my jeans he hit me so hard that I
started gasping for air and passed out,
woke up n he was still raping me
brutally. I cldnt breathe, I was crying
and begging him and he held me down
saying"I will kill you and nobdy will
question me" when he was done, he
pulled me up to the bathroom and
poured water on me,when he noticed I
was still gaspin for air, he gave me E.R
(mouth to mouth). I was in pains and I
was shaking, I cldnt utter a word n he
askd me to get dressed so he cld call a
cab for me. I managed to get dressed
and he held me so dt I wouldn't fall cos
I had difficulty walking. He put me in a
cab n dts when I asked for a police
station around and reported the case.
We went back to the hotel and he
wasn't dere animore and we gt reports
that I wasn't the first this is happening
to(the other lady destryd the door
handle of room 129 when she was
tryna escape) and that anoda lady was
also waiting for him. So now I knw m
nt his only victim and I want justice,I
want him punished and I also want other
ladies in port-harcourt to beware of dis
dude. I also munched our bbm
conversation as evidence.I want him
punished for what he did to me and
many other ladies suffering in silence

Differences between Oniru Beach and Kuramo Beach in Lagos

It is the tale of two beaches from
Emmanuel Onyeche who visited Kuramo
and Oniru Private Beach. He writes
that though they are just metres apart,
their vision and mode of operation
place them in two different worlds
The echo of a loud shout from Oniru
Private Beach would be heard at
Kuramo Beach. These
two beaches, located along the shore
line of the Atlantic Ocean in high brow
Victoria Island, promise lots of fun and
entertainment to their visitors.
But that is where the comparison ends.
Oniru – very private and exclusive –
offers serenity and protection to its
upper class visitors while Kuramo –
chaotic, untidy and unsafe - continues
to wallow in the notoriety it created
for itself with its swarming presence of
cheap prostitutes and criminals.
To cross over to Oniru from Kuramo,
one would need to first scale the
hurdle of money and security. Oniru
collects a gate fee of a minimum of
N1000 per person. This amount could be
up to N4000 when a show is being hosted
there like the one popular musicians,
Tuface Idibia and MI the rapper
participated in last Christmas Eve. Quite
a number of security personnel and
bouncers at Oniru are also ready to
embarrass any intruder.
Even if the struggling average guy
manages to sneak into Oniru from
Kuramo, he would need to be careful
as the charges could burst his pocket.
Bottled beer is not allowed at Oniru
and each can beer costs N300.
To sit under a canopy with four chairs
and a table, one would need to pay
N1,500 exclusive of the drinks and food.
Also, the bottled spirits – wines,
whisky and champagne – are quite
expensive and they are even much
more so depending on the exclusivity
and popularity of the bar where you
drink them.
At G12 – a popular and highly
patronized bar – you would need as
much as N11,000 for a bottle of Moet
Chandon – a popular champagne.
VSOP brand of Hennesy costs N10,000
while the 'Ox' brand can go for as
much as N50,000. G12 is so popular that
it was declared the best youth hang
out in 2010 at Dynamix awards.
Dynamix organization publishes a youth
magazine. Mr. Daniel Ekaragha who
works at Oniru says a group at a table
in G12 can sometimes spend hundreds
of thousands of naira in a few hours.
Dagrin, a popular musician who is now
late is said to have cut his musical
teeth at G12
But it is a bar called D-Block, owned
by one of the princes of Oniru, that is
the most exclusive. Mr Ayo Alele who
also works at Oniru says you can have
your pockets bursting with money and
still be refused entry at D-Block. Other
notable bars are The Royale, Hi,
Arisco, Handyz, Tommy and Ekaabo.
Food at Oniru is also different from
what obtains at Kuramo where several
local restaurants offer local varieties
from N50 and above depending on
what one can afford. At Oniru, Lolac
restaurant, said to be owned by an
unnamed wife of a celebrity, handles
the popular local varieties like pounded
yam, 'fufu', 'amala' with assorted meat
and soup and you need a minimum of
N700 to eat there. Lolac is said to operate
a branch in the United Kingdom.
Different Babacue fish stands at the
different bars also cost between N1,300
and N3000. Shawama hot dog costs N800 for
the single and as much as N1,200 for
the double. The fish is exclusively
croaker and it is grilled and garnished.
There are also lots of summer huts
owned by the same people who own
the bars and they are rented out to
For all these, a clean and tidy beach
front awaits the visitor at Oniru which
is quite a big contrast to what happens
when Kuramo where cheap prostitutes
rent a space that is the size of a
dining table's top for N500 a day and
ask for as low as N300 for few minutes
of sex.
A source who did not want his name
mentioned says that many of these
prostitutes are under age girls who are
regularly made pregnant by men old
enough to be their daddies and uncles.
At Kuramo, the beach front is an
eyesore and it is nothing to be
shocked about to see people defecating
openly there. To lie down on the beach
sand at Kuramo is akin to a big risk.
Kuramo is also home to lots of
homeless Lagosians whose kids are
seen running over the entire beach and
getting enmeshed in the quagmire.
Kuramo is also said to be the hideout
of criminals who are always close to
where there are prostitutes.
Pastor Adamson Orioye who operates a
church said he had been at Kuramo
for over a year and his regular
members were not yet 10. He said his
possible converts at Kuramo preferred
a church where they could go and
worship and still have the freedom to
engage in their wrong doings.
He nevertheless said he would not
relent in his effort to win souls at
Kuramo as he had been called to do
Business goes on all day at Kuramo
but at Oniru, if you are not in by 12
pm, entry is restricted but once you
are in, you can leave when you like.
"The special thing about Oniru is that
you enjoy the regular services of a
night club but this time at the beach,"
says Ekaragha.
Women of easy virtue are also found
at Oniru but they are said to be the
ones in a special class that can pay
the gate fee and buy the expensive
items on their own while waiting to
catch the man of their dream.
At Kuramo and Oniru however,
smoking Indian hemp seemed to be a
common occurrence as it is done
openly with no one bothered about it.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pregnant Woman caught with another man in Hotel (Pictures Included)

Wonders they say shall never end, is
this story of a pregnant wife who still
goes about having intimate intercourse
with her lover.
Here is the full story.
The woman in question happens to
have been seeing the man for a while.
They been having extra marital affairs
for a very long time. The husband of
the woman in question has been
hearing rumors of his wife misconduct,
but he never believed.
On that fateful day as usual his wife
and her lover, went to their normal
rendezvous which was a particular
hotel (Name withheld) to have intimate
intercourse. The husband who is
already alert, got a call from his
informant, he bursted into the hotel
and caught in pregnant married wife
with another in the very act.
The husband took pictures and
recorded some videos which he started
posting on social media.
Why do married women cheat? Same
for married men

Friday, October 25, 2013

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yahoo Alhaja Banker arrested for stealing N12Million

The Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) on Wednesday
October 23, 2013 arraigned a
banker, Yagana Ibrahim Bukar before
Justice Fatu Riman of the Federal High
Court Kano on 10-count charge
bordering on money laundering and
The accused is said to have abused
her position as account officer at Sky
Bank Plc and stole N12, 626, 250
of depositors' fund. She allegedly
perpetrated the scam by posting the
sum into three Sky Bank accounts
belonging to her family members- Hajja
Fanna, her sister; Grema Ibrahim
Bukar, her brother and her child,
Ummu Kulthum.
In order to conceal the illicit origin of
the money, the accused allegedly used
part of the money to open a provision
store in the Kawo area of Kano
One of the charges read; "that you
Yagana Ibrahim Bukar on or about
15th August 2011 in Kano within
the jurisdiction of the Federal High
Court converted the sum N1, 166,
920 (One Million One Hundred and
Sixty Six Thousand Nine Hundred and
Twenty Naira Only) derived directly
from participation in theft by depositing
the said amount into the Sky Bank
account of Hajja Fanna with the aim of
concealing the illicit origin of the
resources and thereby committed an
offence punishable under section
15(1)(a)(ii) of the Money Laundering
(Prohibition) Act, 2011.
The accused pleaded not guilty to the
In view of the plea of the accused, the
prosecution counsel, Nasiru Salele told
the court to proceed with the trial,
adding that his witnesses were ready to
But the defense counsel, Ma'aruf
Yakasai pleaded with the court to admit
his client to bail.
Justice Riman adjourned the case to
October 25, 2013 for ruling on bail
application and fixed Monday October
28, 2013 for continuation of
Wilson Uwujaren
Head, Media and Publicity
24th October, 2013

Iceprince unveils Album Cover and Tracklists for FIRE OF ZAMANI

Can't wait for Oct 28 as it's a date
that is going to have positive effects
on Nigerian Music Industry.Iceprince
Sophomore album FOZ which has 18
joints and also features top class
Musicians and Producers would be
hitting the Stores Worldwide.In a Grand
Style,Choc City Rapper has finally
unveiled the album tracklist and
Featured Acts.For the Benefit of Those
who can't see clearly,here are the
listed tracks below:
1.Stars and Light Feat. Ruby Gyang.
2.Skit by Mc Longs.
4.My Life.
5.Mercy feat. Chip.
6.Whiskey feat. Sunny Neji.
7.N Word.
8.Tipsy feat. Wale and Morell.
10.No Die Tomorrow.
11.Gimme Dat Feat. BurnaBoy,Yung
12.Komotion Feat. Wizkid.
13.I Swear Feat. French Montana.
14.Person Wey Sabi.
15.Kpako Feat. MI,Jesse Jags.
16.Pray Feat. SoundSultan.
18.On My Knees Feat. Jeremiah

Nigerian Yahoo boys hired by US Govt to run OBAMACARE Website

On Monday night, October 21st, US
Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz
Nigerians in a bid to mock Obamacare.
He told a rally of his fellow activists in
Houston that Nigerian email scammers
have been hired to run the Obamacare
Senator Cruz said:
"You may have noticed that all the
Nigerian email scammers have become
a lot
less active lately. They all have been
hired to run the Obamacare website."
How can a senator talk so recklessly?
And he even laughed. Not funny!

Apple Inc. unveils iPad Air

Apple trotted out its fifth-generation
iPad today in San Francisco at the
company's annual unveiling event. This
model, which is now called the iPad
Air, is "thinner, lighter, and more
powerful than ever before," Apple's
Phil Schiller said.
In this model, the 9.7-inch tablet with
Retina Display weighs just a pound
(down from 1.9 in the fourth-
generation iPad. It weighs an extremely
thin 7.5 millimeters, down from
9.4mm -- that's a 20 percent
slimmer build, if you're keeping count.
The bezel is also much narrower, too;
43 percent so, in fact.
A new A7 chip inside makes it 8
times faster than before. For reference,
this is the same 64-bit chip populating
the iPhone 5S, and also comes with
its M7 motion co-processor. M7
promises graphics that render at twice
the rate as the previous iPad.
Graphics-wise, that means that this
iPad Air is 72 times faster than the
original iPad in GPU performance. In
terms of Wi-Fi, there's MIMO wireless
technology onboard, but the Air is
using 802.11n standard, not the the
more current 'ac' Wi-Fi designation

Couple jailed for selling their baby for an iPad

A young Chinese couple are facing
many years in jail after allegedly selling
their baby daughter to raise money for
an iPhone and other luxury goods.
The couple, identified only as Miss
Zhang and Mr Teng, are said to have
placed anonymous advertisements in
newspapers suggesting they would be
willing to part with their baby –
unborn at that stage – in exchange for
50,000 yuan (about £5,000).
Police in Shanghai have charged the
couple with human trafficking after
accepting money for the baby, who
was born at home and still only
weeks, or months old, when sold.
Having received the money, which was
deposited in their bank account, the
couple went out on a spending spree,
using part of the proceeds to buy an
iPhone and trainers, Daily Mail reports.
The unemployed couple, who have two
other children, were also accused of
using the money to purchase a number
of luxury goods.
In an attempt to hide that they were
behind the sale of a child, the couple
tried to conceal the fact that Miss
Zhang was pregnant and she had even
gone to the length of giving birth at
They are said to have told neighbours
that the baby bump during Miss
Zhang's pregnancy was a tumour.
They are understood to have told
prosecutors that they were acting in
their daughter's best interests, claiming
they had hoped to find a home for her
with a financially stable family who
would be able to provide her with an
eduction. But prosecutors said they
believed the couple's bank records
show they had hatched a 'sinister
conspiracy' to profit from the sale of
the baby.

Fela never wore pants on stage as Burna Boy did - Seun Kuti

Afrobeat Legend FELA!'s son Seun Kuti
has reacted to Burna Boy's infamous
underwear performance at the
Felabration 2013. Seun Kuti made his
comment via his Blackberry messenger
status as people thought he was the
one on stage, "Nna na wa o. I am
bald for christ sake and fela never
wore pants on stage. Tell burna
He confirms the fact that Fela never
wore his underwear on stage.
Pop Sensation Burna Boy must have
had seen Fela! in his dreams or had
one blunt too many as he stripped to
his underwear while performing at the
Afrikan Shrine for the close of
Felabration 2013. Another famous
attempt of 'Fela in pants' is the dude
who came for an audition at an earlier
West African Idols and got chewed by
Dede who is Fela!'s protege.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Davido, Wizkid and Olamide gets Guiness Endorsement Deal

Guess who is smiling to the bank
today, or should I say are? Davido,
Wizkid and Olamide! 2013 is sure
a great year for Nigerian artistes
with titans like Iyanya, Omawumi
and M.I signs endorsement deals
left, right and centre.
Rapper Olamide, Wizkid and Davido
have just been signed as the brand
ambassadors for Guinness Nigeria;
we do not know the exact figures
but the deal is worth millions.
The excited artistes took their
Instagram pages some minutes ago
to share the good news while
industry icon Tola Odunsi posted a
picture of Wizkid, Godwin and
himself breaking the news with the
caption "New deal #Guinnessthinz".

Zag your dress in Kano and go to jail or pay N10,000 fine

Some people in Nigeria's second city
have been picked up for sporting hair
styles inspired by prominent
international football players, said
Mohammed Yusuf Yola, spokesman
for Kano's sharia police, or Hisbah.
Others were thrown in jail and fined
for wearing their trousers too low on
their waists, mimicking a style that
became prominent in the 1990s,
partly through the influence of some
American hip hop artists. The arrests
have followed an order by Kano state
Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to
cleanse the city of immoral practices
and the trend is set to continue in
the weeks ahead, said Hisbah
Director-General Abba Sufi.The Hisbah
is a state police force funded by state
govt and is not part of the federal
police."We have arrested 150 men
and women in the past week,
including prostitutes and their
boyfriends, transvestites, alcoholics
and those engaged in indecent
dressing in contravention of the sharia
legal code," Yola told AFP.
Religion has repeatedly been used as a
political issue in Kano and the
governor, seen as a moderate, has
been accused by rivals of lacking
commitment to sharia's guidelines.Yola
insisted the operation was launched to
reverse disturbing trends in the city of
some five million people and is
targeting people of various
faiths."Those arrested include Muslims
and non-Muslims and we treat them
equally because this is about morality,"
he said.
Kano, like the rest of northern Nigeria,
is majority Muslim, but the city has a
sizeable Christian minority.
Some of those arrested have been
released after paying fines ranging from
10,000 naira ($63, 46 euros) to
15,000 naira, Yola said.
"Those who could not afford the fine
are being kept in prison," he added,
but he would not specify the number
of people currently being held.

Brymo can't work on his own till 2016 - Chocolate City

his former record label Chocolate City
through their law firm, L & A legal
Consultants on Monday October 21st
got an injunction against him,
'restraining him from recording,
releasing, distributing any composition,
song, musical works or carrying out
any activity as a recording or
performing artist through or for the
benefit of any person or organisation
other than Chocolate City pending the
determination of the suit against him.
Chocolate City says Brymo's contract
remains valid until 2016. Really felt sorry for this guy....

Kanye West defends his bringing Jesus lookalike on Stage

Kanye offended quite a number of
people when he brought a Jesus
lookalike on stage during the first stop
of his Yeezy tour in Seattle on
Saturday. Kanye now explains the
method to his madness...
Kanye tells Wild 94.9 in San Fransico
"I had a friend of mine that is a
pastor and we were discussing how
we were going to deliver it. My girl
even asked afterwards "isn't that
weird if Jesus comes on stage or
something like that?" No we do plays
all the time where people play Jesus.
What's awesome about Christianity is
that we are allowed to portray God.
We'e allowed to draw an image of
Him. We're allowed to make movies
about Him. Other religions you can't
do that. Michelangelo did it…It's a
painting, it's a sculpture, it's a
moving opera, it's a play, it's a
message. I'm not even going to do
any comparisons with that. God
knows where my heart is at."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wizkid reply critics of his neaarly empty hall performance in Abuja

Hmmmmmm, click this picture for the message in it.

Davido in trouble over Reshoot of Skelewu Video as Fans lambast him

Pop singer, David 'Davido' Adeleke has
come under harsh criticisms for his
new music video entitled 'Skelewu'. The
popular singer had rubbished the first
video shot by an ace in the game,
Sesan, who shot many music videos
for the defunct Mohits crew. When the
music video was first released last
week, it got negative critical reviews
from fans, but Davido claimed it was a
leaked version and opted to shoot
another one shortly after.
Last week also, he travelled to the
United Kingdom for a re-shoot of
'Skelewu' with another man behind-the-
lens, Moe Musa, but going by the
reactions from Nigerians on the new
version, Davido has been lambasted for
reckless spending.
They argued that even if they will
have to choose between Sean and
Musa's version, they would opt for the
"The guy (Davido) has shown that he's
a reckless spender," one fan said. "To
me, the second version of 'Skelewu" is
nonsense," another said.
"Let him shoot the video 10 times, it
will still not make any sense to me," a
furious fan declared, while another
added a comic side to the whole thing
when he said, "the new video is just
like its titled. When you put an
'ewu' (goat in Igbo language) on a
scale, you have 'scale-ewu'"

Shocking!!! Robber takes car to Pastor for blessing and was arrested in the Church

Robber takes car to pastor for
blessing, police nab him in church
By TheHerald Admin on October 21,
A man, Yinka Oyeniran, who was
nabbed after he kept a Toyota Camry
snatched by his gang members in a
church has been remanded in prison
custody after his case was charged to
court last Friday.
Forty-five-year old Oyeniran was
arraigned in Magistrates' Court 2,
Iyaganku, on a two-count charge of
conspiracy and robbery. He was
accused of conspiring with others at
large to dispossess a woman of her
Toyota Camry car with registration
number LSR 292 AT in Ibadan, along
with other valuables.
Oyo State Police Public Relations
Officer, Olabisi Okuwobi-Ilobanafor, had
told journalists recently that Oyeniran
was arrested in his church in Gbongan,
Osun State through the collaborative
efforts of policemen from Oyo and
Osun States who laid ambush for him
after they traced a car that was
snatched in Ibadan, Oyo State, to the
church premises.
Though Oyeniran attended church
regularly and deceived members of his
church at Akinlalu junction in Gbongan,
that he was a fervent and devout
Christian, God proved to him that He
cannot be mocked as his criminal acts
became exposed through the car he
kept in the church premises.
Oyeniran, an indigene of Gbongan but
who farms in Modakeke town, also in
Osun State, had told his pastor and
members of the congregation to rejoice
with him over the purchase of a
Tokunbo Toyota Camry car. Unknown
to the pastor, however, Oyeniran and
his four-member gang had snatched the
car from a woman in Ibadan.
Crime Reports gathered that the four-
man gang which operated with the use
of motorcycles, trailed their victim from
a fellowship centre to her residence at
Kute Wofun area of the city with an
unregistered red Honda motorcycle on
August 10 at 9p.m., and robbed her
of the car valued at N1.3million.
Not only that, the armed robbers
reportedly collected the woman's
handsets, handbag, Blackberry valued
N67,000, jewellery valued at
N100,000 and a sum of
N120,000 cash. Unfortunately for
the armed robbers, the car was
tracked to Oyeniran's church where he
hid it. Crime Reports learnt that
Oyeniran was forced to push the car
into the church premises when it
stopped working after it was
In an interview with Crime Reports
when the accused was paraded by the
Oyo State Police Command, he
mentioned his gang members as Taiye
Victor, Tunde, an okada rider and
another man whose name he claimed
he did not know.
The accused also revealed that he had
gone for robbery on two or three
occasions but denied ever using a gun,
saying that the guns they were using
belonged to other members.
Describing how the operation was
carried out, Oyeniran had said that it
was Taiye who held the gun while he
held a pipe they used in threatening
their victim. He also said he was the
one who collected their victim's money,
handsets as well as car key while Taiye
demanded for the original documents of
the car and removed its number plates.
He however said he tore the
documents into shreds and threw them
into the bush on the way to Gbongan
so as to avoid the scrutiny of
policemen on the highway.
Before Oyeniran confessed his deeds,
he had initially denied snatching the
car, telling the police that he bought
the vehicle for N1million from Taiye
who purchased it from Cotonou in
Republic of Benin. The accused said he
paid N200,000 upfront and gave an
additional N300,000 when the car
was brought, claiming that he was still
owing Taiye a balance of N500,000.
Other items recovered from the
suspect, according to the PPRO,
included one unregistered red Honda
motorcycle, one red Nissan Sunny car
with registration number AP 406
SGB, a bunch of keys and a rectum
cable wire
The sitting magistrate in Court 2, Mrs
Oyediran, ordered that the accused be
remanded in prison custody and
adjourned the case till November 19,

UniAbuja Lady attempts suicide over ASUU Strike

The ongoing strike of the Academic
Staff Union of Universities, ASUU took
a different turn on Saturday at the
Dutse-Alhaji area of Abuja when a
female student of the University of
Abuja made to hang herself in protest
of the nearly four months old
strike.The female student identified as
Jane Okoro had already hanged
herself, but fell off the ceiling while
struggling, apparently because the rope
she used was not strong enough. Jane
had sent her two younger brothers on
an errand, just a way of sending them
out of the house to be able to carry
out the abominable act, but one of
the brothers returned after 15 minutes
and saw her on the floor with a rope
tied round her neck while another rope
dangled from the ceiling fan. The 15
year old boy raised the alarm, thinking
that his sister was dead, attracting
neighbours and other onlookers into
their compound. However, it was
discovered by those who got there
first, that Jane was alive as it was
only a suicide attempt. The boy, who
was identified as Andrew had told our
correspondent that the sister was
behaving so strange throughout that
morning. He said, " She was to go to
the market with my mum, but said
she was not feeling too well. While we
were at home with her, she refused to
talk. She was always on her
Blackberry. Shortly after she had her
bath, she sent us to First-Gate
(market), but I left some money I
wanted to use to buy my personal
stuff at home, so upon return, I saw
her on the floor of our parlour. I even
thought she was dead, so I shouted."
Meanwhile, the mother who returned
from the market immediately after the
news got to her had told our
correspondent in tears that, her
daughter must have attempted to
commit suicide because of the ongoing
ASUU strike. She said, I will ask her
questions on why she wanted to do
this to us. She has been complaining
to me about this ASUU strike. She
said, at her age, she should have
been done with school, and begin to
take care of the children and I. Her
father is late. I know that only this
week, she had complained to me up
to 6 times on how frustrating this
strike has been. I know other things
may have contributed, but ASUU strike
may have contributed the most; but
for whatever reason, it was devilish
for my daughter to have attempted
suicide." She said. Asked what she
was going to do about the situation,
she said " I will take her to my Pastor
this evening. She needs prayers. We
need somebody to talk to her. God
will do the miracle for me. I didn't do
anything to anybody. I must not suffer
for nothing. She is already in her third
year in school. What would I have
done if this had happened?" Attempt
to speak with Jane failed as she could
not respond to questions from our
correspondent. The only statement she
muttered was " It was a better
option". The mother had later asked
our correspondent to leave her to
rest. She said " she will talk to you
after we see our Pastor. She will give
the testimony herself." However, a
female friend of Jane who had pleaded
not to be mentioned showed our
correspondent her recent conversation
with Jane on her Blackberry. She said
" my last chat with her was on this
very ASUU strike. See what she
posted, " I tire for these ASUU
peopleoooo" She showed our
correspondent the chat.

Check out World's most expensive Bra, costs $10 Million

After seeing this
bra worth $10 million – which is
protected by two bodyguards, that
sweaty sports bra just won't cut it.
Wednesday marked the big reveal for
Victoria's Secret, when the lingerie
giant unveiled its 2013 Fantasy Bra
as well as the Victoria's Secret model
wearing it, who will be Candice
Swanepoel. Swanepoel, the 23-year-
old South African model, will don the
"Royal Fantasy Bra," worth $10
million, for the 2013 holiday catalog
as well as the annual Victoria's Secret
Fashion Show, set to air Dec. 10.
"I've never worn anything this pricey,
and we have to put gloves on when
we put it on," Swanepoel told People.
"It's kind of a big ordeal. The bra
comes with two bodyguards and we
have to handle it with a lot of care!"
This year, the Fantasy Bra and
matching belt were designed by jeweler
Mouawad. The ensemble is adorned
with more than 4,200 gems from
around the world including rubies,
diamonds and yellow sapphires. The
bra also is hand-set in 18-carat gold
with a 52-carat ruby in the center,
according to a press release.
Swanepoel also added that the designer
had to make a mold of her body to
craft the bra. This is Swanepoel's first
time wearing the bra, which has been
worn by legendary models like Tyra
Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum,
Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and
Claudia Schiffer. Last year, Alessandra
Ambrosio donned the million-dollar bra,
which was worth a fraction of this
year's design, at $2.5 million. Still,
though, this year's is not the most
expensive; The priciest bra ever, the
"Red Hot Fantasy Bra," was worn by
Bundchen in 2000 and cost a
whopping $15 million. The bra,
which is marketed as the ultimate
holiday gift by Victoria's Secret parent
company, Limited Brands Inc., has
never sold since 1996, when the
concept was first introduced, according
to the Wall Street Journal. The 1996
Fantasy bra was worn by Claudia
Schiffer and cost $1 million, the
cheapest one ever. It emerged for the
first time on the runway during the
annual show in 2001, when Heidi
Klum wore the "Heavenly Star Bra."

Photo: Check out Dbanj N1 Million Suit he wore for an Event

A lot of
people are criticizing both the outfit
and its price. What's your take?
D'Banj showed off his swag in this
uniquely designed sequined two-piece
jacket said to be worth over a
whooping one million naira! He wore it
the 2013 Hennessy Finale which took
place on Saturday 19th October
2013 at the Federal Palace Hotel,
Victoria Island, Lagos.