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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apple Inc. unveils iPad Air

Apple trotted out its fifth-generation
iPad today in San Francisco at the
company's annual unveiling event. This
model, which is now called the iPad
Air, is "thinner, lighter, and more
powerful than ever before," Apple's
Phil Schiller said.
In this model, the 9.7-inch tablet with
Retina Display weighs just a pound
(down from 1.9 in the fourth-
generation iPad. It weighs an extremely
thin 7.5 millimeters, down from
9.4mm -- that's a 20 percent
slimmer build, if you're keeping count.
The bezel is also much narrower, too;
43 percent so, in fact.
A new A7 chip inside makes it 8
times faster than before. For reference,
this is the same 64-bit chip populating
the iPhone 5S, and also comes with
its M7 motion co-processor. M7
promises graphics that render at twice
the rate as the previous iPad.
Graphics-wise, that means that this
iPad Air is 72 times faster than the
original iPad in GPU performance. In
terms of Wi-Fi, there's MIMO wireless
technology onboard, but the Air is
using 802.11n standard, not the the
more current 'ac' Wi-Fi designation

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