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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check out World's most expensive Bra, costs $10 Million

After seeing this
bra worth $10 million – which is
protected by two bodyguards, that
sweaty sports bra just won't cut it.
Wednesday marked the big reveal for
Victoria's Secret, when the lingerie
giant unveiled its 2013 Fantasy Bra
as well as the Victoria's Secret model
wearing it, who will be Candice
Swanepoel. Swanepoel, the 23-year-
old South African model, will don the
"Royal Fantasy Bra," worth $10
million, for the 2013 holiday catalog
as well as the annual Victoria's Secret
Fashion Show, set to air Dec. 10.
"I've never worn anything this pricey,
and we have to put gloves on when
we put it on," Swanepoel told People.
"It's kind of a big ordeal. The bra
comes with two bodyguards and we
have to handle it with a lot of care!"
This year, the Fantasy Bra and
matching belt were designed by jeweler
Mouawad. The ensemble is adorned
with more than 4,200 gems from
around the world including rubies,
diamonds and yellow sapphires. The
bra also is hand-set in 18-carat gold
with a 52-carat ruby in the center,
according to a press release.
Swanepoel also added that the designer
had to make a mold of her body to
craft the bra. This is Swanepoel's first
time wearing the bra, which has been
worn by legendary models like Tyra
Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum,
Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and
Claudia Schiffer. Last year, Alessandra
Ambrosio donned the million-dollar bra,
which was worth a fraction of this
year's design, at $2.5 million. Still,
though, this year's is not the most
expensive; The priciest bra ever, the
"Red Hot Fantasy Bra," was worn by
Bundchen in 2000 and cost a
whopping $15 million. The bra,
which is marketed as the ultimate
holiday gift by Victoria's Secret parent
company, Limited Brands Inc., has
never sold since 1996, when the
concept was first introduced, according
to the Wall Street Journal. The 1996
Fantasy bra was worn by Claudia
Schiffer and cost $1 million, the
cheapest one ever. It emerged for the
first time on the runway during the
annual show in 2001, when Heidi
Klum wore the "Heavenly Star Bra."

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