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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanye West defends his bringing Jesus lookalike on Stage

Kanye offended quite a number of
people when he brought a Jesus
lookalike on stage during the first stop
of his Yeezy tour in Seattle on
Saturday. Kanye now explains the
method to his madness...
Kanye tells Wild 94.9 in San Fransico
"I had a friend of mine that is a
pastor and we were discussing how
we were going to deliver it. My girl
even asked afterwards "isn't that
weird if Jesus comes on stage or
something like that?" No we do plays
all the time where people play Jesus.
What's awesome about Christianity is
that we are allowed to portray God.
We'e allowed to draw an image of
Him. We're allowed to make movies
about Him. Other religions you can't
do that. Michelangelo did it…It's a
painting, it's a sculpture, it's a
moving opera, it's a play, it's a
message. I'm not even going to do
any comparisons with that. God
knows where my heart is at."

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