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Friday, October 18, 2013

Landlord discovers $1Million under Tenant's bed in empty apartment

A Landlord in China has discovered
6 million yuan ($1 million) in cash
under the bed in a vacant
apartment.Owner, Ma Guangdi was
preparing to advertise for a new tenant
and was in the process of cleaning up
on October 14 when he discovered
the cash.
Mr Ma, whose apartment is part of a
complex in Chang'an County,
Dongguan, sought the assistance of
two security guards and a cleaner
when he noticed the floor and
furnishings had not been cared for.
As well as the guards, cleaner Le
Shengwang, 47, helped Mr Ma to
clear the apartment of electrical
appliances. When the bed and mattress
in the main bedroom were moved, four
large packages tightly wrapped in tape
were revealed.
Opening one of the packages, Mr Ma
discovered bundles of notes in various
denominations, from 5 to 50 yuan.
He decided to notify police.
Mr Ma told officers he had rented the
apartment to a person named Lu from
of Jieyang in Guangdong Province until
May this year. When Mr Ma went to
check on the apartment once rental
payments had ceased, he found Lu had
moved away.
Police have mounted an investigation
and seized the cash.

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