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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lesson for Ladies: How I was raped by a friend while trying to get a job - Lady shares her story

True Life Story:- How I Was Brutally
Raped By A Friend While Trying To Get
A Job
I had to shade off her name to protect
her identity, Well this one is true,
because after some people said the last
one wasn't real, I got another 'rape
mail', but told her to send a police
medical report or another evidence and
that was the last time i heard from her.
May be she wasn't bold enough, who
knows. In this girl's case, i didn't even
ask her before she sent them all in. The
police report, their conversations on
BBM and all. Funny enough the phone
number is still on, i called it severally
but no one picked up. Please find her
story after below.
I am a rape victim and I want to tell
my story to the world cos I want justice
on the man that defiled me. I met him
at airforce junction after I wrote a
dragnet test at stadium road PH. He
went on about how he was an aide to
the governor of rivers state and that his
name is (removed by me), a yoruba
man and that he could help me with a
job since I was from rivers state. we
discussed about the recent happenings in
the state. we exchanged pins and parted
ways. I went back to lagos for business.
A month later, he calls me up that his
oga wants to see me, smhow, his oga
found out about me and would want to
see me. I told him I wasn't around now
and that I will call him when I came
back to town (port-harcourt). I came
back to PH on the 15th of October
and called him, he said ok. On the
17th of October, he sent me a bbm
chat saying hope I dnt mind seeing the
oga this weekend, I replied that I don't,
since I was free and besides I was job
hunting so I saw this as a good
opportunity to get a good job. Didn't
hear from him that day. He sends me
anoda bbm msg that they went for a
function in abuja and he wl cal me
when dy get back. On the 21st of Oct
by 7:05pm, he sent me a msg that
the oga wants to see me tonight and I
shld get dressed b4 9pm. I tld him that
was impossible and how come his oga
wants to see me at night and he replied
that this is when he's free cos dy jst
came back frm a function. I replied that
I can't come out cos its late. he went
on about how the oga will be angry
with him, I was confused and wondered
why will the oga be angry at you
because he cldnt see me (me d one dat
needs a job) so why the emotions?.
I suspected nothing at all. On the 22nd
of Oct at 7:55:48am, he sent me an
sms( can you see oga by 9am.bcos
he's goin for a journey dis afternoon).
I called immediatly I got the sms, I
received no response and later he called
saying he was driving oga smwhr n dt
he wl cal me. later he sent me msgs
that I shld come quickly to elekahia so I
cld meet oga before he travels and that
my life will change cos he(oga) helps
people. I quickly got dressed told my
brothers I want to go and see sm1 that
wants to help me get a job. I boarded a
cab straight to elekahia and called him,
he asked me to stp after the anglican
church elekahia. when I alighted, he
came out to meet me some minutes
later that oga is in a meeting and that I
will go upstairs and wait for him. on
getting to the builidng, it was a hotel, I
asked him y here and he said this is
one of his lodge where he holds his
meetings and he is the one that
manages the places so I shldnt be
scared. we got to the reception and he
collected a key n we went upstairs, on
getting there, it was room 129, it was
like an office(never knew the next door
was a room) he asked me to order
something and I ordered for water.
Then he started saying he wanted to
discuss something with me so that I will
know how to answer oga's questions
when he comes. then he goes about
what if oga wants sex frm me, I replied
that I dnt knw cos that isn't the reason
am here. And he says he wants to tell
me how it goes, I replied that I wasn't
intrested and wanted to go home. He
asked me to stand up, I did n he said I
shld move to d room, I replied that I
wanted to leave n he forcefully pushed
me to the room. I sat on d bed there n
asked him"why are you doin this? I
trusted you that's why I came here and
now u wana force urslf on me. please
let me go I wl give you anithing you
want apart frm sex and he said 5m.
and piked up the glass cup and was like
if I dnt co-operate, he's goin to smash
ma face and he hits the glasscup on me
(it didn't break). then he threatnd that
he was goin to call his boys to come
and have turns with me and they will
make videos and pictures, he went on
bragging about all d videos he has done
with his phone. then he made a call and
asked dem to come upstairs. He is
above 6ft and well built and m jst
5"3. I was so scared, when he pulled
all his clothes and wore a condom and
that's when we startd struggling with
my clothes,den he held ma throat and
pulled my jeans he hit me so hard that I
started gasping for air and passed out,
woke up n he was still raping me
brutally. I cldnt breathe, I was crying
and begging him and he held me down
saying"I will kill you and nobdy will
question me" when he was done, he
pulled me up to the bathroom and
poured water on me,when he noticed I
was still gaspin for air, he gave me E.R
(mouth to mouth). I was in pains and I
was shaking, I cldnt utter a word n he
askd me to get dressed so he cld call a
cab for me. I managed to get dressed
and he held me so dt I wouldn't fall cos
I had difficulty walking. He put me in a
cab n dts when I asked for a police
station around and reported the case.
We went back to the hotel and he
wasn't dere animore and we gt reports
that I wasn't the first this is happening
to(the other lady destryd the door
handle of room 129 when she was
tryna escape) and that anoda lady was
also waiting for him. So now I knw m
nt his only victim and I want justice,I
want him punished and I also want other
ladies in port-harcourt to beware of dis
dude. I also munched our bbm
conversation as evidence.I want him
punished for what he did to me and
many other ladies suffering in silence

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