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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pregnant Woman caught with another man in Hotel (Pictures Included)

Wonders they say shall never end, is
this story of a pregnant wife who still
goes about having intimate intercourse
with her lover.
Here is the full story.
The woman in question happens to
have been seeing the man for a while.
They been having extra marital affairs
for a very long time. The husband of
the woman in question has been
hearing rumors of his wife misconduct,
but he never believed.
On that fateful day as usual his wife
and her lover, went to their normal
rendezvous which was a particular
hotel (Name withheld) to have intimate
intercourse. The husband who is
already alert, got a call from his
informant, he bursted into the hotel
and caught in pregnant married wife
with another in the very act.
The husband took pictures and
recorded some videos which he started
posting on social media.
Why do married women cheat? Same
for married men

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