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Friday, October 18, 2013

Uncle arrested for attempting to strangle Nephew over bad Academic Scores

Garret Wright (pictured) took
being upset over a child's poor
grades to an entirely off-the-
chart level! The Tempe, Ariz.,
man was arrested and booked on
child abuse and assault charges
Saturday for allegedly wringing
his nephew's neck over the
child's below average academic
performance, according
to WBTV.
Wright, who has denied the
charges against him, told police
he grabbed his nephew by both
arms, spun him around, and
then grabbed him about the
chest for looking at him funny.
However, the young boy, whose
age and name has not been
disclosed, reportedly confided in
a friend that Wright had choked,
punched and slapped him for
bringing home grades that were
not up to par.
The child also revealed to his
unnamed friend that Wright had
choked him so severely he could
not breathe at one point during
the alleged assault. The friend
contacted authorities after the
boy recounted the scuffle he had
with his uncle.
When police investigators arrived
on the scene, they saw evidence
of red markings on the child's
neck, right shoulder and left
eyebrow. They also noticed that
the 48-year-old Wright, who is
the child's legal guardian, reeked
of alcohol.
Police summoned Child Protective
Services who entered Wright's
home to remove the child from
the premises. The boy was
placed into the foster care
Wright, who is waiting
arraignment, remains behind

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