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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

UniAbuja Lady attempts suicide over ASUU Strike

The ongoing strike of the Academic
Staff Union of Universities, ASUU took
a different turn on Saturday at the
Dutse-Alhaji area of Abuja when a
female student of the University of
Abuja made to hang herself in protest
of the nearly four months old
strike.The female student identified as
Jane Okoro had already hanged
herself, but fell off the ceiling while
struggling, apparently because the rope
she used was not strong enough. Jane
had sent her two younger brothers on
an errand, just a way of sending them
out of the house to be able to carry
out the abominable act, but one of
the brothers returned after 15 minutes
and saw her on the floor with a rope
tied round her neck while another rope
dangled from the ceiling fan. The 15
year old boy raised the alarm, thinking
that his sister was dead, attracting
neighbours and other onlookers into
their compound. However, it was
discovered by those who got there
first, that Jane was alive as it was
only a suicide attempt. The boy, who
was identified as Andrew had told our
correspondent that the sister was
behaving so strange throughout that
morning. He said, " She was to go to
the market with my mum, but said
she was not feeling too well. While we
were at home with her, she refused to
talk. She was always on her
Blackberry. Shortly after she had her
bath, she sent us to First-Gate
(market), but I left some money I
wanted to use to buy my personal
stuff at home, so upon return, I saw
her on the floor of our parlour. I even
thought she was dead, so I shouted."
Meanwhile, the mother who returned
from the market immediately after the
news got to her had told our
correspondent in tears that, her
daughter must have attempted to
commit suicide because of the ongoing
ASUU strike. She said, I will ask her
questions on why she wanted to do
this to us. She has been complaining
to me about this ASUU strike. She
said, at her age, she should have
been done with school, and begin to
take care of the children and I. Her
father is late. I know that only this
week, she had complained to me up
to 6 times on how frustrating this
strike has been. I know other things
may have contributed, but ASUU strike
may have contributed the most; but
for whatever reason, it was devilish
for my daughter to have attempted
suicide." She said. Asked what she
was going to do about the situation,
she said " I will take her to my Pastor
this evening. She needs prayers. We
need somebody to talk to her. God
will do the miracle for me. I didn't do
anything to anybody. I must not suffer
for nothing. She is already in her third
year in school. What would I have
done if this had happened?" Attempt
to speak with Jane failed as she could
not respond to questions from our
correspondent. The only statement she
muttered was " It was a better
option". The mother had later asked
our correspondent to leave her to
rest. She said " she will talk to you
after we see our Pastor. She will give
the testimony herself." However, a
female friend of Jane who had pleaded
not to be mentioned showed our
correspondent her recent conversation
with Jane on her Blackberry. She said
" my last chat with her was on this
very ASUU strike. See what she
posted, " I tire for these ASUU
peopleoooo" She showed our
correspondent the chat.

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