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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Can You Believe He Said That

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CashUniter Interview No.2
We wanted to share with you all the words, wisdom and general awesomeness of some of our Digital Partners. These Partners have continually shown commitment, dedication and leadership when using our product, MultiSocialSuite and within the CashUnite program.
Each day this week, we're releasing interviews from each of our 5 chosen Digital Partners.
What do you think about the MultiSocialSuite platform?
MultiSocialSuite is the best platform I have seen in my 8 years online! It has everything we need to work online, so no advertising sites are needed any more - It's all about making contacts in the world by showing who you are!
Why did you join CashUnite?
To build relationships from one platform. That is what Network Marketing is all about.
What motivates you most with the CashUnite program?
The amazing people behind CashUnite that really motivate to keep focused ... And of course this unique platform MultiSocialSuite - Making money by sharing my pictures, audio or videos - It doesn't get better than this.
What would you say to others to inspire them to get involved also?
If you use social networks and you would like to make money from home, then CashUnite is the place you were looking for - Get it All in ONE place!
What are your own personal goals with CashUnite in terms of financial targets?
The highest level of team builder ... To help as many members as I can ...
Have you ever been involved in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry before?
Yes, 8 years already.
How has your experience been so far?
Most programs have or no real product or a very poor one that nobody really wants, so it's only to make money - CU has a real product, Internet service that EVERYONE needs and wants to work daily on the internet ... Big part of the people on the internet are NOT looking for a way to make money, but they need the platform to be in touch with all social networks in a short time every day ... And that is what we have with our product.
Do you intend to operate your CashUnite business Part-Time or Full-Time?
How do you intend to promote the program?
By blogging and sharing pictures, audio and videos on MultiSocialSuite - I am a Black Card member and with this membership I have the max. of possibilities to share what I want ... Then if people are interested in what I share or how I do it then they can join MY Team!
What excites you most about this opportunity?
The chances we all have to succeed - it doesn't get easier than this.
What's your inspirational "Quote of The Day"?
1. Be teachable - 2. Become a teacher - 3. Show others how to be a teacher!
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