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Monday, November 4, 2013

I have never and will never have sex - 35 year old virgin insists

Julie Sondra Decker from Tampa,
Florida, revealed that she started
describing herself as 'nonséxual' at the
age of 15 and when she became
aware of the term 'aséxual', she
changed it.
The outgoing blonde says that she's
had more offers of séx than she
'wants to count' over the years but,
'without the feelings that usually go
with that sort of thing, it's kind of
The writer, who lives alone in a two-
bedroom apartment, states that she is
not interested in dating or pursuing a
domestic partner.
'I have very close friendships but don't
want a significant other. I don't want
to find another aséxual to be
roommates with.
'As far as I can tell I'll be happy being
single my whole life.'
In a YouTube video, Miss Decker says
that as a young teenager she kissed
and cuddled both boys and girls.
But she concluded: 'I never found
anything that floated my boat.'
She says that her family were
convinced that she was a 'closet
Before she went to college her mother
even took her to the doctors because
she wasn't expressing 'normal' interest
in the opposite séx.
Given the all-clear she carried on with
her studies, graduating from the
University of Florida in 2000 with a
degree in elementary education and
She said despite there being more
awareness about aséxuality today, it
still remains largely misunderstood.
She's had male friends try and 'fix'
her by kissing her against her will and
many insist that she will 'wake up one
Since opening up about being aséxual
on the internet, via YouTube and her
blog, Miss Decker says that she's
received death threats and been told
by several commentators that she just
needs a 'good raping.'
'When people hear that you're aséxual,
some take that as a challenge,' she
told the Huffington Post.
'We are perceived as not being fully
human because séxual attraction and
séxual relationships are seen as
something alive, healthy people do.
'They think that you really want séx
but just don't know it yet. For people
who perform corrective rape, they
believe that they're just waking us up
and that we'll thank them for it later.'
Miss Decker says that aséxuality
presents itself in many forms. Some
people, while lacking séxual attraction
to any gender, may engage in purely
romantic relationships.
However, she defines herself as
'aromantic', meaning she does not
have any romantic feelings either.
Professor Bogaert, an associate
professor at Brock University in
Ontario, Canada, suggests in his book
Understanding Aséxuality, that around
one per cent of the world's population
- 70million people - are 'aséxual.
He believes that this demographic are
'under-studied' and that they can feel
excluded from our 'very séxualised

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