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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shocking Truth Exposed

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CashUniter Interview No.1
We wanted to share with you all the words, wisdom and general awesomeness of some of our Digital Partners. These Partners have continually shown commitment, dedication and leadership when using our product, MultiSocialSuite and within the CashUnite program.
Each day this week, we're releasing interviews from each of our 5 chosen Digital Partners.
What do you think about the MultiSocialSuite platform?
The best product I have ever seen in this industry.
Why did you join CashUnite?
Seeing the possibility of real financial freedom – there's no other way to put it.
What motivates you most with the CashUnite program?
The simplicity, and the fact that anyone can do it.
What would you say to others to inspire them to get involved also?
Look at the facts. 2.4 billion people on the internet and CashUnite is positioned in front of four major converging trends:
1. The Internet 2. Home based business 3. Social media 4. The network marketing industry
What are your own personal goals with CashUnite in terms of financial targets?
One million dollars per month within three years.
Have you ever been involved in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry before?
Yes, I am a veteran with over 35 years of MLM experience.
How has your experience been so far?
Amazing and it's still very early days yet.
Do you intend to operate your CashUnite business Part-Time or Full-Time?
Full time – as part time is not an option. If you want to get wealthy you have to give it EVERYTHING you've got.
How do you intend to promote the program?
Through my database of contacts and beyond. This is such a huge area that I wouldn't be able to tell you how, you would have to come to one of my training events.
What excites you most about this opportunity?
Simplicity and it's easy to duplicate. We are not asking people to do anything different – just do what you do and get paid to connect.
What's your inspirational "Quote of The Day"?
"No matter what challenges or obstacles I face in my life - I CAN, and I will EASILY take care of them"
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