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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Will you win

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A Revolutionary New Way To Earn
Money From Your Social Networks!
NEW Competition starts TODAY!
Great news, the $10'000 competition is now live. Not only will you still receive the 100% commissions to INFINITY, but as a bonus, bring in just 1 new paying member into your CashUnite business and you will automatically be entered into the competition.
With prizes up to $1000 make the most of this awesome competition.
Below is how the prizes are broken down. You have till the 14th of Feburary to get your signups in to qualify.
It's really easy! Simply refer others to join our unique CashUnite Opportunity and increase your network growth with active paying members you personally refer to our social media services!
There will be 83 lucky winners who "qualify". Winners will be selected by our computer at random on 14th February 2014. Those lucky enough will receive a Cash Bonus for increasing their network, hard work and commitment.
Start building your team now and support others to grow theirs. Everyone's a Winner with CashUnite!
Here's the prizes you could win...
$1000 cash to 1 lucky winner who introduces 5 paid members over the next month
$500 cash to 2 lucky winners who introduces 3 paid members over the next month
$250 cash to 5 lucky winners who introduces 2 paid members over the next month
$100 cash to 75 lucky winners who introduces 1 paid member over the next month
Total prize giveaway $10,750
All winners will be selected randomly. Successful winners will have their story featured in the CashUnite newsletter and the official CashUnite Facebook page as recognition for your success amongst the CashUnite community!
To Your Success!,
The CashUnite Team.
Terms & Conditions:
Competition runs from 14th January 2014 until the 14th February 2014. You must personally be an active paid member in the program and directly refer paid members to be eligible to receive your bonus. Winners will be notified via our Official Facebook Page & by email on 21st February 2014. The prize money will be credited to you by CashUnite in your CashUnite E-wallet on 28th February 2014! 21 day clearance period applies. Any user found to manipulate spend or attempt to cheat the system will be suspended from the CashUnite program indefinitely and any commissions in your account will be revoked in their entirety and classed null and void.
If you haven't yet joined the CashUnite family...
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