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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Check it out! Mocheddah now own a Hairstyle (Photo)

Young and talented Nigerian Singer, Modupe
Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola, popularly known as
Mo'Cheddah in a recent interview with Punch
Nigeria, spoke about her new hair brand and
style for her latest song and the concept behind
"It does not have a name, but my stylist says
people call it the Mo'Cheddah hairstyle. She
says anytime anybody comes to her salon to
make this style, they just say they want the
Mo'Cheddah hairstyle". Mo'Cheddah said, when
she was asked about the name of her hairdo
which seems unusual.
The singer went on to explain the concept
behind it saying; "It does not hide my face. I
feel it makes me look fierce. My friend used to
make this hairstyle some years ago. I never
wore short hair, I like long hair. I decided to try
something different and when I did, I fell in love
with the style immediately. I never stopped
doing it after that. My friend still teases me till
date that I am going to pay her for copyright
However, when it was inquired from her, the
reason(s) for her long break from the music
industry, the young diva replied, "it was
deliberate. I just needed a break. I had done so
much. I had done a lot of travelling, shows,
awards, meetings, brand ambassadorship, I just
needed the break. I was in school as well and
shortly before I graduated, I was beginning to
lose it.
I needed the break to get in touch with myself
because I did not know what was going on
around me anymore. I did not even know what
class my nephew was. It seemed as if I was
rushing through life and I was not learning
anything. I just realised that if I did not take
that break, I was going to crash and I would not
be able to get up again. I took the break to clear
my mind, grow as an individual and focus on

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