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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Check out the Nasty messages Wizkid sent to his Ex Manager before firing him

It's no longer news that Wizkid has gone rogue ,
he's out of control when it comes to handling
his professional career, booking shows without
his label and his management, refusing to take
advice and honor agreements with them,
refusing to give them their share of the
proceeds, and basically carrying on like he's the
only one who has invested time and effort in his
career, are just some of the behaviors being
exhibited by this artist who is unarguably in his
Things however came to a head yesterday when
it was announced that he had fired his manager
of two years, Godwin Tom.
9jaLife can authoritatively reveal why Godwin
was fired and how.
A highly reliable source close to both parties
tells us the reason why the artiste and manager
parted ways on such a sour note is because of
MONEY! Our sources tell us that Wizkid
allegedly did not want to pay Godwin what he
As his manager, Godwin is entitled to a
percentage of any of his artiste's earnings (from
shows, endorsements, appearances, whatever),
but some show organizers would pay Wizkid
directly and he would never give Godwin his
cut. Apparently this had happened a number of
times and Godwin continued to patiently hope
for the best…until Saturday 12th April which is
when things fells apart for Godwin and Wiz!
Godwin sent Wizkid (saved as AB (Ayodeji
Balogun, Wizkid's govt name on his phone) a
text stating:
Yo Wiz following our conversation about the
party today. I think it's best we have an
understand [sic] about this. You were paid for
this gig and have blatantly refused to pay me. I
will therefore not be working today. I always do
all to ensure you are paid before any gig. I
would like for you to return the courtesy. If you
get paid I should get paid. I have as much bills
as you and this is work. Cheers bro.
Which Wizkid curtly answered with:
Bleep you Godwin. Don't bother coming to work
Keeping it classy, Gowin replied by simply
Reps for Wizkid and Godwin Tom could not be
reached for a comment.

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