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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Psquare about to split (95% certainty) Read the details!!!

Yesterday I reported about the friction going on
between the Okoye brothers. I didn't say they'd
split, I only asked a question based on all the
things I've been hearing and Jude Okoye's
tweet. When asked yesterday, P-Square's
publicist, Bayo Adetu, said the report is
'baseless and untrue'. Unfortunately, it is not!
It's either Bayo is clueless as to what is
happening in the Okoye household at the
moment or he thinks the best thing to do for
now is to deny that there's anything going on.
I wrote that the twin brothers Peter and Paul
engaged in physical combat on Wednesday. If
this was false, Peter is a social media person, he
would have immediately denied it. He didn't!
Unfortunately P-Square fans, things are even
worse than I reported yesterday. According to
my findings, Peter Okoye wants out of P-Square
and they have even gone as far as inviting a
lawyer to divide their fortune. Continue...
Now, let me make this clear. This report is
based on what's been happening with the
brothers up until right now Saturday April 19th.
I don't know what will happen tomorrow, next
week or next year but as of right now, Peter
Okoye doesn't want anything to do with P-
Square. I'm still hoping and many others are,
that they will resolve their issues and realize
that splitting will do no one good. So hopefully,
they will resolve their issues. But I will still go
ahead and tell you guys what's happening with
the brothers as of now.
First, Peter Okoye has moved out of Squareville
mansion in Omole where he lived with his
brothers for years and now lives in Lekki Phase
1 with his wife Lola Omotayo and their children.
An industry person I spoke with, who knows
what's been going on, told me this;
"Yes they fought this week. Peter even left a
mark on Paul's left eye. But the fight wasn't
during rehearsal, which rehearsal? Peter has
refused to do anything P-Square for weeks
now. Forget that he was at his brother's
wedding, things are not good between them
right now. They were even invited to perform
at president Jonathan's wedding but they
didn't go. Peter wants out. He said Paul and
Jude are sidelining him. That if they push out
200 songs, 199 would be songs Paul did. That
people are now calling him a dancer in P-
Square. Peter is really angry. He's even the
cool and friendly one between the brothers
but he is not himself right now. And then he
accused his brother Jude of disrespecting his
wife. Peter and Jude haven't spoken in weeks.
Peter said Jude has been disrespecting Lola for
years and he was done tolerating the BS. In
fact Peter said that not only is Lola older than
Jude, but that she's also pregnant and Jude
was upsetting a pregnant woman. If you
notice Jude didn't attend their wedding last
year despite the fact that he was in Nigeria.
Jude asked Peter why he didn't marry Lola
when their mother was alive. Jude said it's his
wife that is pushing him and they will need to
pray for him. In fact nobody in the Okoye
family likes Lola and they didn't support the
marriage. The brothers are really angry at
each other. The police is even involved. This
week, either the commissioner of police or
someone from his office visited their house.
The worst part is that they have invited lawyer
to come and share property o. They want to
share everything. The lawyer was at their
house I think on Thursday. Peter said no more
P-Square joint ventures. You know they own
everything together, including a house in
Omole, Parkview and Atlanta. Except
something is done fast P-Square is about to be
finished. But I know that people have been
intervening and begging them to reconsider,
that they are the biggest musical duo in
Africa. Nobody will benefit if they split. The
power to make money is in their togetherness.
It is Jude people are begging to keep the
brothers together, but after what he tweeted
yesterday, it may truly be over for P-Square.
Jude has really tried for his brothers, for him to
give up may mean it's over for them.
He practically put his entire life on hold for his
brothers. Even sold his first car to shoot their
first video but all that is about go come to an
end like he tweeted. The only thing that can
save the situation is if by a miracle Jude and
Lola settle their differences but I don't see
that happening"
Oh dear. Hopefully, these boys will find each
other again. They are brothers, they have to.
Long live P-Square! May they never break up.
Source: Lindaikeji

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