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Thursday, December 1, 2016

8 Things You Dont Know About Toyosi of Jenifa's Diary

Juliana Olayode, generally known as ‘Toyo baby,’ is cherished for her role in the comedy TV series, Jenifa’s Diary.

Practicing the character of Jenifa’s (Funke Akindele) close friend, Juliana didn’t expect the role when she went for the audition as there was masses.

In a chat with The Nation, the actress discusses how she got the chance to feature on the TV series and why she will not uncover her body to play a role.

1. Other than Jenifa’s Diary, she has featured in other movies
Yes. I have featured in other movies like Where Does Beauty Go, Rivers Between, Couple of Days, et cetera.

2. She is a writer
I write scripts, I have sold a couple of my scripts and kept some in my archives, hoping to produce them someday soon

3. She has vowed to stay a virgin until marriage
I revealed (about virginity) because God directed me to. Some years back, I was at Bible Study when He said He’ll open up a door for me in the entertainment industry and that when He does I should use the platform to speak about sexual purity.

4. She is a member of a ministry called ‘Mine ministry’.
Beyond many other things we do, we are strong advocates of sexual purity. We certainly have our World Virginity Day.

5. She was reluctant about going to audition for Jenifa Diary
I got a broadcast message from a friend, Temitope Dada, we call him Dabest. I usually don’t read BCs especially when lengthy but I did and my mentor encouraged me to go for it. I had been going for several auditions and they never got back to me, so a part of me didn’t want to go for the audition. Dabest also told me to test it out, so did my mum as well as some other friends.

I attended the audition and I was 527 on the list. The audition was meant to start by 10am. I was there by 8am and was surprised to see the crowd. I wanted to go back home but my mum, mentor and friends that I called, told me not to leave there without having to be auditioned. A few days later, I was called for another audition. I scaled through and was called back for yet another. It was really competitive as we had about 20 people wanting to play Toyosi at the third stage of audition. But all thanks to God who singled me out and I was picked to play the role. That’s how I found myself in Jenifa’s Diary.

6. She is also a make-up artist
I learnt makeup for the series, Jenifa’s Diary. I was informed ahead that the character would venture into makeup within the next season and Mrs Funke Akindele Bello explained to learn to help make it real.

7. Her role models
Jesus is my first role model; He is actually worthy to be emulated and I daily ask Him to teach me how to be like Him. I also have others like Mrs. Titilope Adigun, she is an amazing woman trust me when I say so. There is Genevieve Nnaji, Mrs Funke Akindele Bello, Mrs Joke Silva, Bimbo Akintola along with a couple of others that I admire.

8. She is a motivational speaker
My mentor, Mr. Timi Adigun assisted me discover my talent. I used to think no one would listen to me and that I don’t have these qualities for people to listen to me but he inspired me. He would give me responsibilities to talk about at Bible Study and in church. He gave me assignments that made me start enjoying talking to people and brought me out of my shell.

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