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Monday, April 17, 2017

Oluwo of Iwo Oba Akanbi Flaunts His Yellow Lamborghini

The Oluwo of Iwo Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale
Akanbi Telu 1 and his Jamaican wife, Chanel
are currently in Canada with their First child,
Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi, Shared
photos of himself rocking his new Lamborghini
in Canada.
Source: Amiloaded

FBI Declares Nigerian Man Wanted in Connection with $5M Scam

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI,
has declared a Nigerian, Kelechi Declan James,
The FBI made this known on its Twitter handle
and its website on Friday.
According to the FBI, the accused has federal
criminal charges against him from an
investigation by FBI New York’s Cyber Crime
Task Force.
As alleged in a complaint sworn out of the
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of
New York, Mr. James, along with four other
co-conspirators, ran an e-mail compromise
scheme that resulted in losses of more than $5
million for their victims.
As part of scheme, the suspect and his co-
conspirators allegedly defrauded victims
across the U.S. by tricking them into wiring
money to bank accounts the victims believed
were owned by friends or business associates.
They did this in two ways: by overtaking an e-
mail account of an individual trusted by the
victim and then requesting money be wired to
a bank account; or by developing a
relationship of trust with victim like an Internet
romance and then asking the victim to wire
money, the American agency said.
As soon as the money was wired, it would be
moved from one account to another, and the
funds would be withdrawn. Mr. James’s role
in this scheme was to withdraw the money
from bank accounts, the FBI said.
“James is known to frequent the Brooklyn
neighborhoods of East New York (Crescent
Street and Loring Avenue; Vermont Street
between Blake Avenue and Dumont Avenue),
Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant (MacDougal
and Hull Streets), Crown Heights (Park Place
and Utica Avenue), Flatbush (E 29th and
Avenue D), and East Flatbush (East 51st and
Winthrop Street),” the agency said.
The FBI offered a $1,000 reward for
information that leads to his arrest.

Nigerians are Hungry because they are lazy - Sultan of Sokoto

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III,
yesterday, attributed the current economic
recession and hunger to laziness of leaders
and the people.
The Sultan made the remark during the 22nd
National Ummah Convention in Sokoto.
The convention which has as its theme:
“Agriculture: Panacea to Nigeria’s Economic
Recession”, was aimed at addressing the
cognate issues of hunger in the country.
“Much is needed from the government and the
general public to tackle hunger, as our
laziness could not aid our progress.
“Yes, there is hunger in the country, but we
have been so much lazy to tackle the issue, as
we always depend on government and other
wealthy individuals to assist us.
“Moreover, no one could solve our own
problems, but we should improve more on
agriculture, in order to tackle them and yield a
better society,” Abubakar said.
Governor Aminu Tambuwal thanked the
organisers of the convention and commended
them for their consistency in organising it
Tambuwal, who was represented by the state
Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Alhaji Mani
Maishinku, assured that the state government
was ever ready to collaborate with the Ummah
in achieving the said objectives.
“The theme of this year’s convention is
considered timely as it is in tune with the
programmes of the Federal and State
governments in agricultural development.
The Chairman of the occasion, Malam Ahmad
Bello, lauded the Federal Government,”for
defeating Boko Haram threats to security”.
“Having thus addressed the issue of insecurity
last year, it is only logical that we should, this
year, address the cognate issue of hunger in
the country.
“Our political and spiritual leaders must do
something about this, and urgently too, as it
would be a crime, a sin, and a folly, not to do
so,” Bello said

21 Modern Dating Etiquette For Men Only

There are certain things that as a guy, you must
take notice of in your partner. Most guys are
really clueless about dating when compared to
women. Sometimes, they make many guys feel
like learners.
The simple truth is that things might go wrong
no matter what you do. It is therefore important
you look out and know what to avoid in a
relationship. I have penned down a couple of
1. If a lady misses a date you both agreed on and
doesn’t call to apologize, let her go. There is no
time to waste on one woman. If she does call to
apologize, let her be the one to request another
time so as to make it up to you. If she doesn't
show up again, forget about her. She doesn't
value your time.
2. Never let any woman disrespect you. If she
does and she refuses to apologize and change for
good, drop her. You don't want to be with
someone who tears down your self esteem or
does not know your worth.
3. Dating an indecisive lady can be frustrating.
When you find yourself with one, give her space.
You should not try to force people to make up
their mind. Let her coming to you be out of
choice and not compulsion.
4. Never try to buy a lady's affection. Trust me,
that's one path you don't want to walk. If a
woman does not like you, your expensive gifts will
not change her mind. Instead, you will end up
becoming be a “financial boyfriend” who sorts
out her needs, aka “mugu”.
5. Never beg a woman to give you a chance. If
you think she eventually gives you a chance, then
you're mistaken. She probably showed you pity.
And you know something about pity in
relationships? It does not last long.
6. If a woman uses sex as a negotiating tool,
dump her sorry ass. She is only manipulating you
and nothing more. Sex is not a favour or reward!
7. Never let a lady be sure that you are crazy
about her to the point that she feels too
confident. In fact, never affirm your love
immediately to her. Suppress that feeling to talk
about it till she has shown you all possible green
lights that she loves you.
8. If you give her a phone call twice and she
doesn't answer, do not give her a call again. It is
called desperation, and woman can smell it from
a distance. You what it does to them, remember?
Instead, just send a text.
9. Do not compare her to your ex. In the same
way, if she talks about her ex with you to the
level of comparisons, let her go ASAP. You will
never be enough for her. You don't want to spend
your energy trying to fill a shoe that was not
yours in the first place.
10. Trust your instincts. The first problem with
guys when they start feeling emotional about a
lady is that they let the feelings overwhelm their
sense of reasoning. Someone told me the other
day that he let go of his logical self to date a
woman. Huh? Do not make that mistake.
11. Never show 100% commitment to a lady. No
matter how sweet she may be, she is not yours
till you both tie the knot. Don't even assume that
she will not leave. Realize that until you both wed,
there is nothing like complete commitment.
12. Maintain an air of mystery. Never divulge too
much about yourself too soon. Keep her in
wonder of who you are.
13. Except you know how to chat with a lady and
keep the sparks on, save the conversation for
your dates. You may make use of that platform
when you have come quite a distance with her.
14. Women desire attention just like guys desire
sex. It is your own weapon. Even if she asks for
it, be frugal about it. Never let her talk you in to
giving her your complete attention. It may
backfire soon since what one gets used to can
easily be abused.
15. Do not make all the efforts in a relationship. I
for one have a policy that I will take only two
steps and wait for the lady to take at least one
step. Whosoever invests more in a relationship
gets emotional tied more than the other person.
16. Never change who you are for a woman.
Never! If you must change, let it be because you
feel the need to and not because you want to
impress a lady.
17. Never lose your voice to a woman. Do not
become a “yes man” to anything she says. It
does not get her attracted to you; instead, it
makes you look like a wimp. If there is something
you do not agree about, state your opinion. If you
think she did wrong, let her know
about it and don't keep mute about it.
18. Except you want to, never date any girl who
has more problems than you do. Chances are
that she may draw you in to all of it and you'd
soon be overwhelmed. If you must date such a
woman, be sure of what you are stepping in to.
19. If you ever find yourself with a possessive,
over-jealous or domineering lady, drop her fast.
She is not worth the stress. You will save yourself
a lot of trouble by doing so.
20. Be alert about attempts to manipulate you.
Recognize when. She is trying to get you to do
something or not. Ensure you follow the decision
of your will. Do not let the tears get to you or the
pleadings get to you. You may do otherwise if
you deem it fit to make a compromise on your
stand, but guard against manipulation.
21. If a lady ever cheats on you, there is no
remedy for it. Let her go. It is an already
established fact that women who have affairs end
up developing a bond with whosoever the other
person is. The mere fact that she cheated means
you should call it quit.
These are just a couple of essential dating
etiquette guys should know and date by.
You can add more or share your thoughts about
specific points through the comment box.

Check Out Mercy Aigbe Easter Outfit to an Owanbe Party

Nollywood Actress and Queen of the Yoruba
Movie Scene, Mercy Aigbe shared pictures of her look to an owambe party.
Did she slay or not?

Jesus was always around Criminals - VP Osibanjo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Easter
Sunday said that ''Jesus had a characteristics
of being around criminals.''
Osinbajop made the claim in his Easter
sermon. “Jesus before now had shown that he
came to stand with criminals, sinners. For
instance, John 8:3 proved to us that Jesus
intervened in the case of a woman who
committed adultery; in Luke 19:5, Jesus was
seeing with Zacchaeus, a corrupt man. So
Jesus had a characteristics of being around
“He said I have come for these people.
Between the criminals was Jesus Christ; one
repenting and the other mocking. Spiritually,
Jesus stood between hell and heaven. His
cross is a cross of mediation; he is an
intercessor. All that is required is to believe in
him; acceptance of his commitment he made
on the cross,” the Vice President said.

Photos of Obasanjo Gyrating with the members of Kegite

Come and see how Baba OBJ is flexing with the members of Kegites Nigeria, Baba and his swags

Fans Blast Efe for his Wack performance at AY Live Show

Big Brother Naija 2017 winner, Efe Ejegba, who
performed his single at AY Live 2017, which was
held yesterday in Lagos, has been asked to go
find his calling by his fans, as rap music is
definitely not his one.
Efe performed his single "Halleluyah", before he
was called on stage alongside other housemates.
Some of his fans are saying he should find
something else, as music isn’t his calling, while
others say he needs to go for voice training. He
also had fans supporting his performance.

Man Steal and Sell 6 Year Old Girl for N200000 in Imo

A suspected child thief, Chibueze Nwaozuzu, has
been arrested by the Imo State Police Command
for allegedly stealing a six-year-old girl and selling
her for N200,000. The victim, Chinecherem
Anoruo, had been declared missing by the
parents, who reported the case to the police.
In the course of investigation, it was discovered
that Mr. Nwaozuzu allegedly stole the child and
sold her to one Madam Comfort Umunnakwe.
The Imo State Commissioner of Police, Chris
Ezike, said the command recovered N83,000 from
Nwaozuzu, adding that the six-year-old had been
reunited with the parents.
He said, “We received a report of a missing six-
year-old child, Chinecherem Anoruo.During
investigation, Nwaozuzu was arrested for his
alleged involvement in the crime.
“The suspect made useful statements to the
police. He stated that he stole the child and sold
her to one Comfort Umunnakwe for N200,000.
Comfort was arrested and the stolen child
recovered. The sum of N83,000, being part of the
proceeds of the sale of the child, was also
recovered from Nwaozuzu.”

Check Out Actress Rukky Sanda Easter Outfit

Ask for a stylish and sexy actress, and Rukky
Sanda will deliver anytime anyday.
The actress wished Nigerians Happy Easter, while
she slayed in her all designers outfit.
Her fan resorted to ask if they could get her bag
or her dress, as they were so in love with her

Notorious Cult Leader Killed in Ondo State (Viewer Discretion)

Multiple online reports confirm the shooting of
Gani ‘Elese’, the leader of an Owo-based cult
gang, in a gun duel with the police, at his hideout
at Jugbere Camp, a farmstead sharing boundary
with the Ondo State Forest Reserve.
Before his death, Gani was said to have claimed
responsibility for series of killings in Owo and
surrounding communities. Here is the photo of
slain cult leader below.
Multiple online reports confirm the shooting of
Gani ‘Elese’, the leader of an Owo-based cult
gang, in a gun duel with the police, at his hideout
at Jugbere Camp, a farmstead sharing boundary
with the Ondo State Forest Reserve.
Before his death, Gani was said to have claimed
responsibility for series of killings in Owo and
surrounding communities. Here is the photo of
slain cult leader below.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Glo Signs Phyno as Brand Ambassador

One of
the Nigerian Telecommunication Industry ,
Globacom has added another premium Nigerian
musician, the “fada-fada” crooner, Azubuike
Chibuzo Nelson popularly known as Phyno to its
list of mega brand ambassadors.
Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, better known by his
stage name Phyno, is a Nigerian rapper, singer,
songwriter and record producer. He started his
musical career as a producer in 2003. He is
renowned for rapping in the Igbo language

Davido's Elder Brother Apologises For Saying His Dogs Eat Better Than Some Nigerians

The elder brother to music star, Davido, Adewale
Adeleke has come out on easter day to apologize
for the insentive comment he made about his
dogs eating better than some Nigerians.
" I wan to apologize for my comments yesterday,
they were sensitive and unbecoming. it was not
meant to but ti turned out that way, again, i am
sorry. have a happy easter sunday " he said.

How Looters are Burying Stolen Funds in Burial Ground and Forests - FG

The Federal Government says its anti
corruption agencies have been inundated with
information of how looters have resorted to
burying stolen funds in their backyards, deep
forests and burial grounds.
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji
Lai Mohammed, who disclosed this in a
statement issued on Sunday in Lagos, said the
whistle blower policy is working and has led to
the recovery of more looted funds in many
Mohammed assured in a statement signed by
his Special Adviser, Mr Segun Adeyemi, that all
the recovered looted funds were safe and
government will give full account to Nigerians.
The minister thanked Nigerians for their
enthusiasm and commitment in helping the
government to tackle corruption through
disclosure of useful leads to appropriate
government agencies.
“Since we launched the whistle blower policy,
we have received immeasurable support from
“Yes, there is monetary reward for any
information that leads to recovery of looted
funds, but from what we have seen, most of
the Nigerians who have come forward with
useful leads were driven by patriotism rather
than reward.
”Nigerians, fired by a fervid resolve to help
banish corruption from their country, have
daily inundated the offices of the appropriate
government agencies with valuable
“We have been told how looters have resorted
to burying stolen funds in their backyards, in
deep forests and even in burial grounds.
”Thanks to whistle-blowers, it is now clear that
a rapacious few have pillaged the nation’s
wealth through a vicious orgy of corrupt
practices,” he said.
The minister, however, noted that more funds
were in the possession of looters than were
available to government at all levels to meets
its obligations including paying workers’
salaries and providing social amenities.
He stressed that the government will not
abandon the policy for whatever reason, but
will continue to rejig it and make it more
effective as a tool for fighting corruption.
The minister assured that as soon as the
necessary reconciliation process and the
litigation in some of the cases were concluded,
government would give full account of the
recovered looted funds to Nigerians.
Mohammed re-assured Nigerians who have
useful information on looted funds that the
government will protect their identities and
give them their stipulated reward.

13 Categories of People you will meet on Facebook

Facebook has been a great media in connecting
people over the years. Its simple user interface
and flexibility has made it a one-in-a-million social
media. In my many years of using facebook, I
have seen different types of users. And this is
actually the reason for writing this post.
Here are the types of people on facebook:
1. The attention seekers:
They put up controversial posts about
themselves or other people. What do you think of
someone who says "can't eat because of this one
thing". You are left wondering what that one thing
2. The wannabe
They form celebrities on facebook. Can you think
of that friend who put up picture of his fake
blings and write "Living my life, rocking my 500k
diamond chain!"
3. The 'gratefuls'
Have you ever wondered why people write "Thank
you for accepting my request?" on people's wall?
Could it be as a result of low self esteem? If need
be to appreciate them, send a message to their
inbox instead!
4. The freaking lovers
If you are single, you will just get tired of seeing
constant PDAs, rubbed in your face. These set of
people put up romantic pictures of themselves
and their boo.... 'Boo and I At the movies', 'Boo
and I buying suya', 'Boo and I in the
toilet'...Please now, stop tormenting those who
are still searching, biko!
5. The murmurers
They wont stop complaining on facebook. You
know them by these statuses; "What a terrible
boss I have!", "Men are dogs, they will never make
6. The fun-lovers
They post jokes and funny memes. You get to
know the trending funny news via their updates.
7. The Prayer warriors
They post PRAYER POINTS and write stuffs like
'don't scroll without typing AMEN'.
8. The incognito
They wont post anything, rather they take note of
everybody's posts on facebook. They know who
is engaged, and who just got their heart broken.
Because they know what they do, they would
never post information about their own lives on
facebook, so people don't stalk them too.
9. The gossip
They monitor everything that goes in their friends
life via facebook. But unlike the incognito, they
make sure they are seen. If you post a picture of
you and a baby, they say things like 'cute kid, do
you have a baby now?'. While there's no harm in
asking, the gossip asks, not because they care,
but because they want to know what's going on
in your life.
10. The ever-online
If you check facebook messenger, they are always
online. These set of people practically sleep on
Facebook. Hence, they are always chatting with
11. The 'likers'
These people always like everyone's posts. They
will surely like or comment on your posts or
pictures, they are not stingy with their likes!
12. The 'waka-pass'
They don't like or comment on anyone's post.
They just go through their Facebook page
whenever they are bored.
13. The 'inactive'
They only have a profile on Facebook, but rarely
visit the site.

5 Reasons Why You Should Write ICAN Instead Of ACCA

There have been much discussion on which
professional qualifications a person seeking a
career path in accounting and finance should
While the ACCA is an international body with
more recognition, there are certain reasons while
one may chose to write ICAN over ACCA.
I hope to shed some light why it may be better to
write ICAN instead ACCA.
1. Cost of examination .
The ACCA exams has always been more
expensive than the ICAN exams, however with the
recent increase in Dollars against naira, the fee is
even higher than ever.
Currently the average price per course is £80
oughly N35000 and you may have to write up-to
3 courses per diet if you want to finish on time.
ICAN, the maximum you'd ever pay is N70,000
and that is for the maximum number of courses
( 6 courses),other times you'd pay N40,000 to
N55000 for all your courses. So if you have a slim
budget, it may be in your advantage to write the
ICAN exams.
2. Availability of Resources
For the ACCA exams, the resources at your
disposal is someworth limited. Firstly, only few
tuition houses are accredited to prepare students
for the exams. Also, the study material has to be
purchased online and paid for in pounds, another
additional cost. For ICAN however, the resources
needed are readily available online and offline.
And there are a lot of books for purchase to
make studies easier.
3. Statutory recognition.
In Nigeria presently, only ICAN and ANAN has
been given the charter to audit reports. So despite
having the ACCA qualification, you still cannot
sign and approve financial statements unless you
are a member of ICAN, which would mean you
coming back to write the ICAN exams. I know
there are a lot of exemptions. However, isn't it
double cost if you still come back and pay for the
same ICAN exams again? The basic advantage of
ACCA is the recognition in the private sector. But
in term of statutory audit, or even public sector,
you still need ICAN to climb higher
4. Easier to pass
It is generally easier to sit for and pass ICAN. It is
common to see individuals who seat for the ICAN
exams and pass every thing in one sitting. Truth
be told, ACCA is setting the standard which ICAN
follow. So if your goal is to become a chartered
accountant as soon as possible with lesser stress
you are better of writing ICAN instead of ACCA.
5. Patriotism
We always complain our county is bad and not
progressing, yet we constantly leave our home
made things and go for foreign ones. These two
bodies are serving the same purpose. Therefore,
there's no need leaving the one of our mother
land for preference for a foreign body. It pays to
be patriotic and promote the affairs of our own
With the harmonization of accounting standard
and Nigeria adopting IFRS, there is no difference
between the two bodies. Basically they have Very
similar course outline cutting through virtually the
same area. The gap between the two bodies have
greatly been closed. Also, ICAN is an international
qualification and recognized in a lot of other
Good luck in your career

CBN To Increase Dollar Sales To BDC Operators

The Naira is expected to appreciate in the
following week, after the Central Bank of Nigeria
(CBN) says it will increase dollar sales to Bureau
De Change (BDC) operators.
Experts expressed hope that the development
would improve liquidity and also help to boost the
The local currency currently trades at 410 Naira to
a dollar on the parallel market, compared to 398
Naira it traded last week.
Following the increase in demand for dollars, the
Naira depreciated further in the parallel market as
the exchange rate rose from 407 Naira to 410
Naira per dollar.

I won't have an elaborate wedding if I could marry Tiwa again - Teebillz

Almost a year to their very public spat that nearly
saw not only the end of their marriage but also
his life, Teebillz has for the first time spoken
about how things would be different if he and
Tiwa Savage could have done it all over again.
He was speaking as a panelist at Mind the Gap X,
a love and relationship class for single, married
and divorced people organized by Pastor Wale
Adefarasin and life coach, Lanre Olusola.
‘If I have the chance of doing my marriage over
again, l will put God first and not have an
elaborate wedding,’ he said.
He went on to describe the tendency for men to
want to be in control of the relationship as wrong.
‘It’s the 21st century and as men, most of us
want to live like we are the lords of the marriage.
You’re a partner. It’s about our weaknesses, we’re
here to help each other.’
The couple, who had an extravagant traditional
wedding in 2013 before topping it up with a
destination wedding at the Armani Hotel, Dubai in
April 2014, broke hearts and the Internet last year
when Teebillz went on an Instagram rant.
In that rant, he accused Tiwa Savage of infidelity
and subsequently attempted to take his own life.
Few days later, the singer released a 45-minute
interview where she revealed that she only had
been pretending to be happy as her husband was
a drug addict and irresponsible father.
The couple have reportedly been undergoing
intense marriage counseling by Lanre Olusola.
And those counselling sessions must be working
as Tiwa and Tbillz have been seen together at
events; she was also on hand to support her
husband as he spoke at this one.

EFCC Celebrates 14th Anniversary

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim
Magu, stated in an interview session with staff to mark it’s 14th year anniversary that the
commission will always fight in ensuring that
corruption is completely wiped out in Nigeria, a
development that will ensure Nigeria retains her position in the comity of nations.
He encouraged the staff to uphold the core values of the Commission and said it was necessary to put more efforts in the ongoing fight against corruption as that is the only way succour can be brought to Nigeria. <!--more-->
We will continue to fight corruption whether
anybody likes it or not. Because, we know that,
that is the only way we can bring succor to this
country. Now that we have found ourselves in
this position, please, let us put heads together”,
Magu said.
He also encouraged that the public should furnish
him with information on how the Commission
can move forward; information on the wrong
things they are doing, in order for them to be
addressed so that the image of the Agency will
not be tarnished.
He said:
My door is completely opened. If something is
going on wrong, please come and tell me. If you
don’t want to show your face, just write a letter
to me. Information is very important. I am alone,
if you don’t tell me what is wrong, I would not
know” he said.
He added that he doesn’t want to know what is
right and that the public should state how to
correct the system itself because the system
needs correction every day.
People are complaining about corruption in the
EFCC, which is not good. We should not allow
some individuals to spoil our names here”, he
Magu who said that the efforts being made by
the Commission in fighting corruption, is fast
gaining recognition in the international
communities, charged the staff to shun the wrong
things and be part of the success story. He said it
was necessary to always remember to put the
interest of the nation first.
If you go to United States of America and the
United Kingdom, they are all awash with news
about us because of this Malabu case. So we are
succeeding. Be part of the success. Forget about
your own interest. Consider the overall interest of
this country and the interest of the nation.