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Monday, April 17, 2017

21 Modern Dating Etiquette For Men Only

There are certain things that as a guy, you must
take notice of in your partner. Most guys are
really clueless about dating when compared to
women. Sometimes, they make many guys feel
like learners.
The simple truth is that things might go wrong
no matter what you do. It is therefore important
you look out and know what to avoid in a
relationship. I have penned down a couple of
1. If a lady misses a date you both agreed on and
doesn’t call to apologize, let her go. There is no
time to waste on one woman. If she does call to
apologize, let her be the one to request another
time so as to make it up to you. If she doesn't
show up again, forget about her. She doesn't
value your time.
2. Never let any woman disrespect you. If she
does and she refuses to apologize and change for
good, drop her. You don't want to be with
someone who tears down your self esteem or
does not know your worth.
3. Dating an indecisive lady can be frustrating.
When you find yourself with one, give her space.
You should not try to force people to make up
their mind. Let her coming to you be out of
choice and not compulsion.
4. Never try to buy a lady's affection. Trust me,
that's one path you don't want to walk. If a
woman does not like you, your expensive gifts will
not change her mind. Instead, you will end up
becoming be a “financial boyfriend” who sorts
out her needs, aka “mugu”.
5. Never beg a woman to give you a chance. If
you think she eventually gives you a chance, then
you're mistaken. She probably showed you pity.
And you know something about pity in
relationships? It does not last long.
6. If a woman uses sex as a negotiating tool,
dump her sorry ass. She is only manipulating you
and nothing more. Sex is not a favour or reward!
7. Never let a lady be sure that you are crazy
about her to the point that she feels too
confident. In fact, never affirm your love
immediately to her. Suppress that feeling to talk
about it till she has shown you all possible green
lights that she loves you.
8. If you give her a phone call twice and she
doesn't answer, do not give her a call again. It is
called desperation, and woman can smell it from
a distance. You what it does to them, remember?
Instead, just send a text.
9. Do not compare her to your ex. In the same
way, if she talks about her ex with you to the
level of comparisons, let her go ASAP. You will
never be enough for her. You don't want to spend
your energy trying to fill a shoe that was not
yours in the first place.
10. Trust your instincts. The first problem with
guys when they start feeling emotional about a
lady is that they let the feelings overwhelm their
sense of reasoning. Someone told me the other
day that he let go of his logical self to date a
woman. Huh? Do not make that mistake.
11. Never show 100% commitment to a lady. No
matter how sweet she may be, she is not yours
till you both tie the knot. Don't even assume that
she will not leave. Realize that until you both wed,
there is nothing like complete commitment.
12. Maintain an air of mystery. Never divulge too
much about yourself too soon. Keep her in
wonder of who you are.
13. Except you know how to chat with a lady and
keep the sparks on, save the conversation for
your dates. You may make use of that platform
when you have come quite a distance with her.
14. Women desire attention just like guys desire
sex. It is your own weapon. Even if she asks for
it, be frugal about it. Never let her talk you in to
giving her your complete attention. It may
backfire soon since what one gets used to can
easily be abused.
15. Do not make all the efforts in a relationship. I
for one have a policy that I will take only two
steps and wait for the lady to take at least one
step. Whosoever invests more in a relationship
gets emotional tied more than the other person.
16. Never change who you are for a woman.
Never! If you must change, let it be because you
feel the need to and not because you want to
impress a lady.
17. Never lose your voice to a woman. Do not
become a “yes man” to anything she says. It
does not get her attracted to you; instead, it
makes you look like a wimp. If there is something
you do not agree about, state your opinion. If you
think she did wrong, let her know
about it and don't keep mute about it.
18. Except you want to, never date any girl who
has more problems than you do. Chances are
that she may draw you in to all of it and you'd
soon be overwhelmed. If you must date such a
woman, be sure of what you are stepping in to.
19. If you ever find yourself with a possessive,
over-jealous or domineering lady, drop her fast.
She is not worth the stress. You will save yourself
a lot of trouble by doing so.
20. Be alert about attempts to manipulate you.
Recognize when. She is trying to get you to do
something or not. Ensure you follow the decision
of your will. Do not let the tears get to you or the
pleadings get to you. You may do otherwise if
you deem it fit to make a compromise on your
stand, but guard against manipulation.
21. If a lady ever cheats on you, there is no
remedy for it. Let her go. It is an already
established fact that women who have affairs end
up developing a bond with whosoever the other
person is. The mere fact that she cheated means
you should call it quit.
These are just a couple of essential dating
etiquette guys should know and date by.
You can add more or share your thoughts about
specific points through the comment box.

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