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Friday, February 23, 2018

An Elephant Might Have Swallowed My Housing Refund - Retired Police Officer Cries Out

This is Salisu M. Dansarai, a retired Nigerian police officer who has cried out about an anomaly in the police system.

According to the former policeman, it is now five years after he left the Nigerian police force and he is yet to receive his housing refund. He jokingly inferred that an elephant may have swallowed the money.

The man’s outcry is coming on the heels of reports insinuating that a snake had swallowed N36 million from a JAMB office and that monkeys had carted away money from a farm.

Below is what he shared on his Facebook page:

“Now that animals have started swallowing money, I’m afraid whether the Elephant on the Nigeria Police logo has swallowed my NHF housing refund. Because, five years after retirement, four years after applying, nothing happened.

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